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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-09A Field Application Case of Direct Ice Slurry Transporting System for district cooling유호선; 이상훈; 이윤표
2010-03A field application case of the direct ice slurry transporting system for district cooling유호선; 이상훈; 이윤표
2007-04Activation of NMDA receptors increases proliferation and differentiation of hippocampal neural progenitor cells주재열; 김병우; 이정식, et al
2008-01Adsorption Isotherms of 2-deoxyuridine(dUrd) and 2-deoxycytidine(dCyd) by Static Method이광진; 이상훈; 노경호, et al
2012-07Assessment of collagen-induced arthritis using cyanine 5.5 conjugated with hydrophobically modified glycol chitosan nanoparticles: correlation with 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography data차지현; 이상훈; 이신우, et al
2010-07Autonomous Navigation of KUVE (KIST Unmanned Vehicle Electric)전창묵; 서승범; 이상훈, et al
2011-06Bezier Curve-Based Path Planning for Autonomous Navigation in Intersection이상훈; 전창묵; 강성철
2011-05Bezier Curve-Based Path Planning for Robust Waypoint Navigation of Unmanned Ground Vehicle이상훈; 전창묵; 권태범, et al
2009-08Boil-Off Gas Reliquefaction System for LNG Carriers with BOG-BOG Heat Exchange이윤표; 신유환; 이상훈, et al
1996-01Characteristics of the plasma-induced GaAs nitride layer and its application for the selective area growth.김성일; 민석기; 김은규, et al
2008-12Continuous Ice Slurry Production and Control of Ice Packing Factor in a Pipe for the district cooling권재성; 이윤표; 이상훈, et al
2007-05Controlled Formation of nanoscale Wrinkling Patterns on Polymers using Focused Ion Beam문명운; 이상훈; 선정윤, et al
2012-09Distribution and abundance of Spirochaetes in full-scale anaerobic digesters이상훈; 강현진; 이영행, et al
2013-10Distribution and abundance ofSpirochaetesin full-scale anaerobic digesters이상훈; 박정훈; 강현진, et al
2004-09Effects of a Chitosan Scaffold Containing TGF-β1 Encapsulated Chitosan Microspheres on In Vitro Chondrocyte Culture이종은; 김성은; 권익찬, et al
2004-08Effects of the controlled-released TGF-β1 from chitosan microspheres on chondrocytes cultured in a collagen/chitosan/glycosaminoglycan scaffold이종은; 김고은; 권익찬, et al
2007-09Evolution Mechanism of Wrinkled Hard Skin on Polymer Substrates Induced by Focused Ion Beam Irradiation문명운; 이상훈; 선정윤, et al
2006-11Extraction of Caffeine from Korean Green Tea Leaves by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide김완주; 이상훈; 김재덕, et al
2001-02Fabrication of phase-shifted fiber bragg gratings using frequency doubled Ar-ion laser정수진; 이상훈; 류성권, et al
2015-08Focusing Surface Plasmon Polaritons through a Disordered Nanohole Structure서은성; 안준모; 최원준, et al
1998-07Growth and optical properties of Ce:Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 crystal fibers황석환; 이철우; 이상훈, et al
2006-10Growth of 1-D single crystalline InN nanowires and their defects변윤기; 한경섭; 이상훈, et al
2019-10Highly Sensitive Biomolecule Sensing Exploiting Graphene Assisted THz Resonators서민아; 이상훈
2009-08Hydrophilic Electrospun Polyurethane Nanofiber Matrices for hMSC Culture in a Microfluidic Cell Chip이광호; 권구한; 신수정, et al
2011-07Ice Slurry Making Characteristics of the Horizontal Screw Type Ice Slurry Maker이상훈; 유호선; 신유환, et al
2009-06Ice slurry transporting and branching characteristics for the district cooling이상훈; 유호선; 이윤표, et al
2007-08LNG Boil-Off GAS Reliquefaction System for LNG Carriers이상훈; 유호선; 진영욱, et al
2001-04Measurement of biological activity in pharmaceutic wastewater by using respirometer이영락; 이기용; 임지훈, et al
2007-02Mechanochemical synthesis of TiN/TiB2/Ti-silicide nanocomposite powders and their thermal stability김지우; 정희석; 이상훈, et al
2004-01Micropatterning of Diacetylenic Liposomes on Glass Surfaces심희용; 이상훈; 안동준, et al