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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12Chalcogenization derived band-gap grading in solution processed CuInxGa1-x(Se,S)2 thin film solar cells박세진; 전효상; 조진우; 황윤정; 박경수; 심형섭; 송재규; 조윤애; 김동욱; 김지현; 민병권
2012-10Characterization of chemical composition in airborne particulate matter 2.5신찬영; 송미; 박경수; 박현미; Jung H; 류재천
2009-05Chemical analysis center이연희; 이강봉; 박현미; 안희철; 박경수; 차주환; 원성옥; 이기수; 임원철; 남윤식; 백승우
2012-11Chemical Analysis of Water and Organic-Soluble Extract of PM2.5신찬영; 송미; 박경수; 박현미; Jung H; 류재천
1996-01Comparisons in pharmacokinetic profiles of new platinum coordination complexes, KBP31705-C127 and KBP30603-901 with cisplatin and carboplatin.정인숙; 이주선; 허수정; 김진숙; 진창배; 김동현; 김명수; 박경수; 손연수; 백형기; 조양하; 박종세
2009-08Construction of Analytical Data Base for Korean car paints by trace analytical methods박현미; 박경수; 이연희; 이강봉
2008-11Correlation between Image sticking and impurities in Liquid Crystal and Polyimide alignment film for TFT-LCD김윤성; 최영락; 김정숙; 박경수
2012-08Correlation of methylmercury with total mercury in fishes from Korean retails박현미; 오민석; 정민지; 이선화; 박경수
1997-01Defection of dimer of Rhodamine 6G perchlorate doped in Ormosil김구대; 이동아; 문지웅; 박경수
2019-05Design and Fabrication of Transformable Head Structures for Endoscopic Catheters강성철; 박경수; 김계리; 김천우; 최성화; 권성일; Sara Van Kalker; Seok Chang Ryu
2016-03Design of a novel theranostic nanomedicine: synthesis and physicochemical properties of a biocompatible polyphosphazene?platinum(II) conjugate박경수; 이경은; Prakash G Avaji; Jung Hyun Park; Hyun Jeong Lee; Yong Joo Jun; Soo-Jin Choi; Hwa Jeong Lee; Youn Soo Sohn
2017-07Design of theranostic nanomedicine (II): synthesis and physicochemical properties of a biocompatible polyphosphazene?docetaxel conjugate박경수; 이경은; Yong Joo Jun; Jung Hyun Park; Prakash G Avaji; Hwa Jeong Lee; Youn Soo Sohn
1998-04Determination of germanium in spring waters by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry박경수; 송승연; 심의섭; 김선태
2007-05Determination of Inorganic Elements in Stamp Ink박경수; 이혜진; 김수진; 이선진; 이윤미; 이연희; 이강봉
2012-10Determination of Methylmercury in Common Dolphin living in the Southern East Sea of Korea오민석; 정민지; 이선화; Meehye Kim; YoonSeok Choi; 박경수; 박현미
2014-06Determination of Mineral Elements in Milk Products by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission SpectrometryNaeem Jkan; 최지연; 노은영; 황인민; Girum Habte; Murad Ali Khan; 박경수; 김경수
2006-11Determination of the heavy metals in herb medicines조인희; 임옥경; 고희준; 한은정; 박경수; 김연제
2000-08Determination of total arsenic in drinking water by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry임유리; 박경수; 윤양희; 김선태; 정진호
2015-02Determination of Toxic Heavy Metal Levels in Commonly Consumed Species of Shrimp and Shellfish Using ICP-MS/OESGirum Habte; Ji Yeon Choi; Eun Yeong Nho; Sang Yeol Oh; Naeem Khan; Hoon Choi; 박경수; Kyong Su Kim
2014-10Determination of toxic heavy metals in Echinodermata and Chordata species from South Korea최지연; Girum Habte; Naeem Khan; 노은영; 홍준호; 최훈; 박경수; 김경수
2016-01Determination of Toxic Metals in Cephalopods From South Korea노은영; 칸 나임; 최지연; 김재성; 박경수; 김경수
2008-11Direct Determination of trace elements in organic solvent soluble Alq3(tris-8-hydroxyquinoline Aluminium) by GF-AAS박경수; 김정숙; 최영락; 김윤성
2018-08Effect of dietary patterns on the blood/urine concentration of the selected toxic metals (Cd, Hg, Pb) in Korean children표희수; 박경수; Pankaj Joshi; Sung-Ok Kwon; YeonJin Kim; Jung-Sook Oh; Jeongseon Kim; Se-Young Oh; Ji-Ae Lim; Byung-Sun Choi; Yu-Mi Kim; Sang-Yong Eom; Young-Seob Hong; Seok-Joon Sohn; Ho Kim; Mina Ha; Jung-Duck Park; Ho-Jang Kwon; Sang-Ah Lee; Byoung-Wook Yoo; Bom Kim
2007-09Effect of oxygen in the synthesis of ZnO nanowires박경수; 최영진; 박재관; 강교성; 임동건; 박재환
2019-07Effect of Pt introduced on Ru-based electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution activity and stability박경수; 민병권; 황윤정; 오형석; 이유리; 이웅희; 이재경; 최창혁
2005-11Effects and Optimum Conditions of Pre-Reductant in the Analysis of Inorganic Arsenic by Hydride Generation-Atomic Absorption Spectrometry송명진; 박경수; 김영만; 이원
2010-01Effects of Repeated Seafood Consumption on Urinary Excretion of Arsenic Species by Volunteers최병선; 최성진; 김동원; Mingai Huang; 김나영; 박경수; Choong-Yong Kim; 이효민; Young-Na Yum; Eui-Sik Han; Tae-Seok Kang; Il-Je Yu; 박정덕
2010-04Effects of surface passivation on gate hysteresis of Si nanowire field-effect transistor허정훈; 박경수; 김규태; 최경진; 박재관
2009-05Electrical properties of Ti/Al ohmic contacts to sulfur-passivated N-face n-type GaN for vertical-structure light-emitting diodes전세연; 성태연; 김현수; 박경수; 박재관; 남궁곤
2017-06Elemental Analysis of Crustaceans by Inductively Coupled Plasma?Mass Spectrometry and Direct Mercury Analysis박경수; Nargis Jamila; In Min Hwang; Yu Min Park; Ga Hyun Lee; Ji Yeon Choi; Naeem Khan; Min Ja Cho; Kyong Su Kim