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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10Sb:SnO2@TiO2 Heteroepitaxial Branched Nanoarchitectures for Li ion battery electrodes박상백; 서승덕; 이상욱; 서세원; 박경수; 이찬우; 김동완; 홍국선
1994-01Simultaneous analysis of triazines and phenoxy alkanoic acids by GC/MS.박송자; 김연제; 표희수; 박경수; 박종세
2000-04Simultaneuous determination of As(III) and As(V) in disused mine tailing samples by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry김선태; 임유리; 박경수; 정진호
2011-08Sn-induced low-temperature growth of Ge nanowire electrodes with a large lithium storage capacity고영대; 강진구; 이광희; 박재관; 박경수; Yun-Ho Jin; Dong-Wan Kim
2005-01Speciation of Six Arsenic Compounds in Korean Seafood Samples by HPLC-ICP-MS박경수; 김정숙; 이효민; 표희수; 김선태; 이강봉
2001-12Studies on the retention behavior of some thiazolylazo derivatives in reversed phase liquid chromatographyWon Lee; Mi-Kyoung Kim; Eun-Kyung Kim; 박경수; Young-Sang Kim
2010-06STUDY FOR METAL POLLUTANTS ANALYTICAL METHODS OF KOREAN FOOD CODE I박경수; Seo Joo EE; 이윤미; 이혜진; Young Mi Yang; 이지연; 김재훈; 최훈; Sung-Kug Park; Meehye Kim; Myung Sil Hwang; Ki Kyung Jung; Hyo-Min Lee
2013-10Study of Characteristics and Distribution of Methyl Mercury in Shark and whale오민석; 황인주; 손석연; 박경수; 박현미
2021-05Study of the Transition Pattern of Heavy Metal Absorption in a Rice-Related Matrix박경수; 최성화; 이유리; 최은미
2005-11Study on analysis of heavy metal in foods CRM박경수; 전명윤; 김연제; 팽기정
2003-12Study on the Pretreatment of Seafood for the Determination of Total Arsenic using Wet Ashing Method김선태; 박경수
2010-11Synthesis and Photoelectrochemical Properties of TiO2/ITO core-sheath Nanowire-based Photoelectrodes김대현; 박경수; 최영진; 최헌진; 박재관
2006-03Synthesis and PPAR-γ ligand-binding activity of the new series of 2'-hydroxychalcone and thiazolidinedione derivatives정상훈; 박수영; 박영미; 이홍규; 박경수; 신국현; Ohuchi Kazuo; 신현경; 금삼록; 임순성
2014-11Synthesis and properties of a new micellar polyphosphazene-platinum(II) conjugate drugPrakash G. Avaji; 주혜인; 박정현; 박경수; 전영주; 이화정; 손연수
2006-09Synthesis and Their growth Mechanism in the Semiconducting Nanosheets박경수; 최영진; 박정현; 권석준; 박재환; 박재관
2011-01Synthesis of TiO2/ITO Nanostructure Photoelectrodes and Their Application for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells김대현; 박경수; 최영진; 최헌진; 박재관
2010-11Synthesis of ZnO-CdSe Core-shell Nanostructures and Their Photocatalytic Performances최영진; 주필중; 박경수; 박재관
2010-03Synthesis of ZnxCd1-xSe (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) alloyed nanowires for variable-wavelength photodetectors윤여준; 박경수; 허정훈; 박재관; 남산; 최경진
2012-06The Association of Heavy Metal of Blood and Serum in the Alzheimer's Diseases이지연; 김재훈; 최달웅; 이동우; 박준현; 윤혜정; 표희수; 권호장; 박경수
2011-08The effect of the concentration and oxidation state of Sn on the structural and electrical properties of indium tin oxide nanowires박경수; 최영진; 강진구; Yun-Mo Sung; 박재관
2002-10The matrix effect of biological concomitant element on the signal intensity of Ge, As, and Se in inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry박경수; 김선태; 김영만; 김연제; 이원
2009-04The Monitoring of some heavy metals in oriental herbal medicines and their intake rates임옥경; 한은정; 정재연; 박경수; 강인호; 강신정; 김연제
2008-12The monitoring of some heavy metals in oriental mineral medicines한은정; 정재연; 박경수; 강인호; 강신정; 김연제
2007-05The monitoring of some heavy metals in oriental mineral medicines한은정; 고희준; 강인호; 박경수; 백선영; 임옥경; 정진영; 전명윤; 김연제
2007-08The role of carbon species for the signal enhancement of Ge, As, and Se in ICP/MS박경수; 이강봉
2011-11The study of concentrations of lead, cadmium and mercury in blood and urine온지원; 정다영; 천현미; 박경수; 이상원; 표희수
2012-05Three-dimensional hierarchical self-supported multi-walled carbon nanotubes/tin(IV) disulfide nanosheets heterostructure electrodes for high power Li ion batteries강진구; 이광희; 박경수; 김상옥; 이성준; 김동완; 박재관
2009-08Top-gate 실리콘 나노선 트랜지스터의 제작 및 특성평가허정훈; 박경수; 김대현; 김규태; 최경진; 박재관
2008-09Toxicity Screening of Single Dose of Inorganic and Organic Arsenics on Hematological and Serum Biochemical Parameters in Male Cynomolgus Monkeys김충용; 한강현; 허정두; Han, Eui-Sik; Yum, Young-Na; Lee, Jin-Young; 박경수; Im, Ruth; Choi, Seong-Jin; 박정덕
2010-02Tripodal amphiphiles tunable for self-assembly to polymersomes전용주; 박민경; Vithal B. Jadhav; 송주희; 채송화; 이화정; 박경수; 정병문; 최진호; 손연수