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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-04L 모양 나노 선에서의 자기장 유도 자벽 이동 분석윤정범; 이재철; 유천열; 최석봉; 신경호; 정명화
2011-03Long-Range Domain Wall Tension in Pt/Co/Pt Films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy문경웅; 이재철; 이숭근; 이강수; 신경호; 최석봉
2015-11Low-temperature synthesis of (TiC+Al2O3)/Al alloy composites based on dopant-assisted combustion이병현; 손성국; 이정무; 이재철
2007-12L자 모양의 Py-wire에서의 domain wall motion윤정범; 박승영; 조영훈; 정명화; 유천열; 이재철; 신경호; 최석봉
2000-11Macroscopic heat transfer model in electric arc spray forming of low carbon steel ring석현광; 이재철; P.S. Grant; 이호인
2000-11Material properties of the short fiber reinforced Al alloy composite I : Effect of the sintering temperature하용식; 김도향; 김성철; 이호인; 이재철
2000-11Material properties of the short fiber reinforced Al alloy composite II : Effect of the interfacial reaction석현광; 하용식; 이호인; 이재철
1997-01Measurement of dynamic elastic constants and their applications이재철; 김영만; 이호인
1997-01Measurements of Al concentration in the primary Si crystals from the Rheocast Al-15.5 wt% Si alloy김긍호; 이정일; 이재철; 이호인
2001-06Mechanical properties of the Al-25Si-X composite and its fracture mechanisms석현광; 서진유; 이호인; 이재철
1994-10Mechanical working of 6061-Al alloy composite reinforced with (Al//2O//3)//p.이재철
2010-02Medium-range Orders in Amorphous Alloys and Their Role on the Plasticity: A Molecular Dynamics Viewpoint Study이창면; 이미림; 이광렬; 강경한; 이병주; 이재철
1997-04Mesurement of Young,s modulus using the dynamic sonic resonance method and its applications이재철; 김영만; 이호인
2001-05Methodologies to design the interfaces in SiC/Al composites이재철
1996-01Methodologies to observe and characterize interfacial reaction products in (Al//2O//3)//p/Al and SiC//p/Al composites-using SEM,XRD,TEM.이재철; 이호인; 이정일
2001-06Methodology to design the interfaces in SiC/Al composites이재철; 안재평; Zhongliang Shi; 심재혁; 이호인
1996-01Microstructural evolution of primary crystals in rheocast Al-Si alloys.신돈수; 이정일; 이재철; 이호인
1998-10Microstructural evolutions in hypereutectic Al-Si alloy during spray forming and extrusion김상균; 석현광; 이재철; 이호인; 신돈수; 나형용
2002-09Microstructural evolutions of the Al strip prepared by cold rolling and continuous equal channel angular pressing이재철; 석현광; 서진유
2010-05Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Twin-Roll Strip-Cast Al-5.5Mg-0.02Ti Alloy Sheet천부현; 한준현; 김형욱; 이재철
1997-04Microstructures and interfacial phenomena of semi-solid formed SiCp/2014 Al composites박성배; 김도훈; 이재철; 이호인
2000-09Modification of the interface in SiC/Al composites이재철; 안재평; Zhongliang Shi; 김영만; 이호인
2010-10Nanoindentation analysis of time-dependent deformation in as-cast and annealed Cu-Zr bulk metallic glass유병길; 오준학; 김용재; 박경원; 이재철; 장재일
2011-01Networked interpenetrating connections of icosahedra: Effects on shear transformations in metallic glass이미림; 이창면; 이광렬; Evan Ma; 이재철
2008-10NiFe 자성나노선의 폭방향으로 균일하지 않은 자화상태의 측정문경웅; 이재철; 신경호; 최석봉
1996-01Observation of 3-dimensional interfacial morphologies in SiCp/Al composites.이재철; 이호인; 이정일
1996-01Observation of interfacial reaction products in SiC//p/Al composites and their characterizations.이재철; 이정일; 이호인
1998-06Optimization of initial process parameter in spray forming (I) : control of the initial melt temperature이재철; 석현광; 신돈수; 이호인
2004-01Orientation Rotation Behaviors in Aluminum Alloys during Dissimilar Channel Angular Pressing한준현; 서진유; 오규환; 이재철
2017-03Origin of High Coulombic Loss During Sodiation in Na-Sn Battery안재평; 변영운; 최용석; 이재철