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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-02Reactive ion etching of Pt thin films for fabrication of microcapacitor김권석; 이종명; 신주철; 이전국; 김형준
2019-06Reinterpretation of single-wall carbon nanotubes by Raman spectroscopy이전국; 문동주; 이재갑; 박예슬; K. P. S. S. Hembram; 류란; 장병진; 이우영; 이상길; 김진규; 김용일
2003-03Relationship between residual stress and structural properties of AlN films deposited by r.f. reactive sputtering이시형; 윤기현; 정덕수; 이전국
2001-01Relaxor behavior of MgO dispersed-Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 (90/10) nanocomposite thin films박동균; 이전국; 정덕수; 박종완
2005-09Reproducible resistive switching in nonstoichiometric nickel oxide films grown by rf reactive sputtering for resistive random access memory applications박재완; 박종완; 김달영; 이전국
2005-09Resisive switching behavior of Cr-doped SrZrO3 Perovskite thin films for random access memory applications양민규; 김달영; 박재완; 이전국
2014-12Resistance switching mode transformation in SrRuO3/Cr-doped SrZrO3/Pt frameworks via a thermally activated Ti out-diffusion process조영철; 정규호; 김종민; 우현석; 한재석; 김형상; 홍진표; 이전국; 임형식
2011-08Resistance switching of heteroepitaxial Cr-doped SrZrO3 thin films양민규; 박재완; 이전국
2012-04Resistive Switching Behavior in Ti/MnO2/Pt Structure for Nonvolatile Memory Devices이전국; 양민규; 최선영
2010-05Resistive Switching Behavior of Cr-Doped SrZrO3 Perovskite Thin Films by Oxygen Pressure Change양민규; 박재완; 이전국
2006-06Resistive switching characteristics and set-voltage dependence of low-resistance state in sputter-deposited SrZrO3:Cr memory films박재완; 정규호; 양민규; 이전국; 김달영; 박종완
2010-08Resistive switching characteristics of TiN/MnO2/Pt memory devices양민규; 박재완; 고태국; 이전국
2009-11Resistive switching of oxide semiconducting thin films for nonvolatile memory devices양민규; 고태국; 이전국
2010-06Resistive Switching Properties of Cr-Doped SrZrO3 Thin Film on Si Substrate양민규; 고태국; 박재완; 이전국
2008-10Resistive switching using a hetero junction structure consisting of transition metal oxide양민규; 고태국; 이전국
2002-04RF MEMS 박막형 고주파 부품이전국
1998-01Role of abnormal grain growth on the ferroelectric properties of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films fabricated by R.F. magnetron sputtering배철휘; 이전국; 이시형; 박윤백; 정형진
2003-04Role of AlN piezoelectric crystal orientation in solidly mounted film bulk acoustic wave resonators이시형; 강성철; 한상철; 주병권; 윤기현; 이전국
1999-12Role of Sb substitution for Bi site in SrBi2Ta2O9 thin film김주형; 이전국; 김용태; 채희권
2000-09Role of the Bi2O3 in SrBi2TaNbO9/Bi2O3/SrBi2TaNbO9 heterostructure and low temperature annealing property박윤백; 장세명; 김주형; 이전국; 박종완
1991-01Selectively absorbing properties of sol gel dip coated indium tin oxide thin films on a glass pane.이전국; 정형진; D.H. Lee; H.H. Lee
2005-01Self-lubricating composite coating on air foil bearing shaft by hollow cathode plasma jet양민규; 양효승; 박종구; 류근; 이용복; 이전국
2007-11Set Power Dependency on the Resistive Switching in Cr-doped SrZrO3 Thin Films for Nonvolatile Memory Devices박재완; 정규호; 양민규; 박종완; 이전국
2008-08Set voltage improvement of resistive switching in MnOx using oxygen annealing양민규; 박재완; 고태국; 이전국
2009-01Sliding wear of silicon carbide modified by etching with chlorine at various temperaturesChoi, H. -J.; Bae, H. -T; 이전국; Na, B. -C; McNallan, M. J.; Lim, D. -S.
2002-04SOI 웨이퍼를 이용한 압전박막 공진기의 설계 및 제작김인태; 박윤권; 이시형; 이윤희; 이전국; 김남수; 주병권
2004-05SrFeO3 nanoparticles-dispersed SrMoO4 insulating thin films deposited from Sr2FeMoO6 target in oxygen atmosphere김달영; 김진수; 박배호; 이전국; 김장희; 이제현; 장준연; 김희중; 김인영; 박윤
1998-12Structural and electrical properties of excess PbO doped Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 thin films using rf magnetron sputtering method김태송; 김동주; 이전국; 정형진
1996-12Structural and ferroelectric properties of the c-axis oriented SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films deposited by the radio-frequency magnetron sputtering송태권; 이전국; 정형진
1996-01Structural and ferroelectric properties of the R.F. magnetron sputtered SBTO thin films이전국; 정형진; T.S. Kim; T.K. Song