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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03Heat dissipation of underlying multilayered graphene layers grown on Cu?Ni alloys for high-performance interconnects배수강; 박미나; 정민희; 노호균; 김동영; 이현정; 김태욱; 이상현
2014-08Hierarchically porous aminosilica monolith as a CO2 adsorbent고영건; 이현정; 김재용; 최웅수
2019-07High-Performance Transparent Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode with Patchable Transparent Electrodes이현정; 김선호; Jungwoo Kim; Daekyung Kim; Bongsung Kim; Heeyeop Chae; Byungil Hwang
2021-04Highly Sensitive On-Skin Temperature Sensors Based on Biocompatible Hydrogels with Thermoresponsive Transparency and Resistivity이현정; 정영미; 김선호; 박태현; 박성진; 박상운; 이준석; 유승건
2007-11Hollow Structured TiO2 Electrode for Quasi-solid Dye-sensitized Solar Cells양수철; 곽은식; 양대진; 김일두; 김준경; 이현정
2008-02Hollow TiO2 Hemispheres Obtained by Colloidal Templating for Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells양수철; 양대진; 김준경; 홍재민; 김호기; 김일두; 이현정
2015-02Hydrodynamic assembly of conductive nanomesh of single-walled carbon nanotubes using biological glue이기영; 변혜현; 장차운; 최지현; 최인석; 정영인하; 김웅; 장준연; 이현정
2018-10Hydrodynamic Layer-By-Layer Assembly of Transferable Enzymatic Conductive Nano-Networks for Enzyme-Sticker-Based Contact-Printing of Electrochemical Biosensors이현정; 이기영; 강태형; 이승우; 이승구
2019-06Hydrogel-Templated Transfer-Printing of Conductive Nanonetworks for Wearabke Sensors on Topographic Flexible Substrates이현정; 임정아; 이기영; 강태형; 장호찬; 김순우; 문지희; 최동원
2009-06Improved Mechanical Strength of Partially Sulfonated Polystyrene-poly (dimethylsiloxane) Block Copolymer Proton Exchange Membranes by Nanoscale Sequestration of Thermally Crosslinked Silicone이원목; 길승철; 이현정; 김혜경
2005-06Improvement of the spin transfer induced switching effect by copper and ruthenium buffer layer뉴엔티호앙옌; 이현정; 주성중; 정명화; 신경호
2013-10In-Situ Polymerization Nanocomposite of Boron Doped Graphene/Polyimide: Its Physical Properties Study하유미; 이현정; 정용채
2013-10Incorporation of Boron doped Graphene into a Polyurethane Nanocomposites정용채; 하유미; 이현정; 김융암; 모리노부 엔도
2017-02Influence of amine- and sulfonate-functional groups on electrorheological behavior of polyacrylonitrile dispersed suspension최웅수; 김충현; 도태구; 전영상; 이현정; 고영건
2020-11Influence of carbon binder on the decomposition and rejuvenation of NCM711 cathodes composites with argyrodite electrolyte in all-solid-state batteries안재평; 김혜령; 김홍규; 이예빈; 이규준; 이현정
2007-12Inverse giant magnetoresistance due to spin-dependent bulk scattering in Fe1-xCrx/Cu/CoNgoc Anh Nguyen Thi; Hoang Yen Nguyen Thi; 이현정; 주성중; 신경호
2009-11Inverted polymer solar cells using titanium oxide nanoparticles as an electron transporting layer정원석; 이현정; 이원목; 이도권; 고민재; 박남규; 주병권; 김경곤
2006-04Investigation on nylon 6 nanocomposites made reactive extrusion process박승우; 김준경; 이상수; 박민; 이현정; 임순호
2006-09Lateral size effects on domain structure in epitaxial PbTiO3 thin films이길호; 이현정; 박왕현; 김용관; 백성기
2008-11Length Characterization of Multi-walled CNT by Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation (CHDF)박혜진; 노한나; 박민; 박기홍; 장지영; 이현정
2009-06Light Light harvesting effect of colloid-templeated TiO2 electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells이현정; 김민아; 서영곤; 이원목; 김우년
2014-10Line-patterning of polyaniline coated MWCNT on stepped substrates using DC electric field고영건; 도태구; 오현철; 이현정; 한흥구; 김충현; 최웅수
2007-03Longitudinal resistance on a serial magnetic barrier device주성중; 홍진기; 이긍원; 정구열; K.H. Kim; S.U. Kim; 이현정; 신경호; 이병찬
2012-03M13 Phage-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes As Nanoprobes for Second Near-Infrared Window Fluorescence Imaging of Targeted Tumors이현정; Debadyuti Ghosh; 함문호; Jifa Qi; Paul Barone; Michael S. Strano; Angela M. Belcher
2009-10Macroporous photoelectrodes for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell이현정
2007-02Magnetization reversal of ferromagnetic nanoparticles under inhomogeneous magnetic field장준연; 이현정; 구현철; V. L. Mironov; B. A. Gribkov; A. A. Fraerman; S. A. Gusev; S. N. Vdovichev
2010-10Membrane separation system for SF6 recovery from waste SF6 gases이현정; 이민우; 최재우; 이현경; 이상협
2021-11MEMS Electrode Integrated Microfluidic Pump Lens for Diagnosis Chronic Diseases김진석; 이현정; 송용원; 박형달; 조현; 박정렬
2008-12Mesoporous photoelectrode for Dye-sensitized Solar Cell이현정
2014-10Metabolic engineering of Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942 to photosynthetically produce acetone좌준원; 이현정; 엄영순; 심상준; 우한민