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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Tailorable Topologies for Selectively Controlling Crystals of Expanded Prussian Blue Analogues최지원; 장개강; 이태형; 노현호; Omar K. Farha; 장호원; Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr
2011-01Thalamic ryanodine receptors are involved in controlling the tonic firing of thalamocortical neurons and inflammatory pain signal processing정은지; 김찬기; 최지원; 선민정; 신희섭
2002-09The effect of CuO-V2O5 addition on microwave dielectric properties of (Pb0.45Ca0.55)[(Fe0.5Nb0.5)0.9Sn0.1]O3 ceramicsJong-Yoon Ha; 최지원; 윤석진; Doo Jin Choi; Ki Hyun Yoon; 김현재
2003-04The effect of sintered aid CuO-Bi2O3 on microwave dielectric properties of (Pb0.45Ca0.55)[(Fe0.5Nb0.5)0.9Sn0.1]O3 ceramics하종윤; 최지원; 김현재; 윤석진; 윤기현
2006-09The molecular switch of thalamic sensory gating정은지; 이석찬; 최지원; 선민정; 이창준; 신희섭
2003-09The relationship between microstructure and quality factor for (Al,Mg,Ta)O2 microwave dielectrics최지원; 이확주; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2019-10Thermally stable high strain and piezoelectric characteristics of (Li, Na, K)(Nb, Sb)O3­CaZrO3 ceramics for piezo actuators최지원; 남산; 이규탁; 이태곤; 김선우; 채석준; 김은지; 김정석
2002-06Thickness dependence of Pb(Zr//0//.//5//2Ti//0//.//4//8)O//3 films prepared by pulsed laser depositionMin-Chul Kim; 최지원; 윤석진; Ki Hyun Yoon; 김현재
2006-12Thickness dependent ferroelectric properties of BSTO thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering하종윤; 최지원; 강종윤; S.F. Karmanenko; 최두진; 윤석진; 김현재
2006-10Thickness Dependent Properties of Nanocrystalline Sb2S3 ElectrodeVaishali Patil; Arun Patil; 최지원; 윤석진
2014-06Three-dimensional hemisphere-structured LiSn0.0125Mn1.975O4 thin-film cathodes임해나; 공우연; 윤석진; 남산; 장호원; 성영은; 하종윤; Albert V. Davydov; 최지원
2007-04Tin-substituted lithium manganese oxide thin films as a cathode for lithium batteries신동욱; 최지원; 조용수; 윤석진
2020-12Transparent SiNx thin-film anode for thin-film batteries by reactive sputtering at room temperature최지원; 이현석; 김광범
2008-12Tuning Thalamic Firing Modes Via Simultaneous Modulation of T- and L-Type Ca2+ Channels Controls Pain Sensory Gating in the Thalamus정은지; 이석찬; 최지원; 선민정; 이창준; 신희섭
2019-09Two-dimensional boron nitride as a sulfur fixer for high performance rechargeable aluminum-sulfur batteries차주환; 최지원; 장개강; Tae Hyung Lee; Rajender S. Varma; Ho Won Jang; Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr
2010-10Valveless micro-pump with dual actuator using screen printed piezoelectric thick films최지원; 송현철; 윤석진
2019-04Various cubic-based polymorphic phase boundary structures in (1-y) (Na0.5K0.5)(Nb1-xSbx)-yCaTiO3 ceramics and their piezoelectric properties최지원; 채근화; Tae-Gon Lee; Sung-Hoon Cho; Dae-Hyeon Kim; Hyun-Gyu Hwang; Ku-Tak Lee; Chang-Hyo Hong; Youn-Woo Hong; Jeong-Seog Kim; Sahn Nahm
2020-01Wafer-Scale, Conformal, and Low-Temperature Synthesis of Layered Tin Disulfides for Emerging Nonplanar and Flexible Electronics김진상; 최지원; 강종윤; 원성옥; 백승협; 김성근; 편정준; 이한솔; 이우철; 백인환; Ga-Yeon Lee; Taek-Mo Chung; Jeong Hwan Han
2009-03XPS/EXAFS study of cycleability improved LiMn2O4 thin film cathodes prepared by solution deposition신동욱; 최지원; 최원국; 조용수; 윤석진
2018-09Zn Vacancy Formation Energy and Diffusion Coefficient of CVT ZnO Crystals in the Sub-Surface Micron Region최지원; 나렌드라 싱; Lynn A. Boatner; Kelvin G. Lynn
2007-12ZnO : Prospective oxide semiconductor for optoelectronics최원국; 최지원
2010-05ZrO2-Modified LiMn2O4 Thin-Film Cathodes Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition신동욱; 최지원; 안재평; 최원국; 조용수; 윤석진
2006-06-08가열 냉각용 및 발전용 박막형 열전모듈 제조방법강종윤; 김진상; 윤석진; 정대용; 최지원
1999-11-23감쇠극을 갖는 일체형 유전체 필터강종윤; 김현재; 윤석진; 최지원
2009-03-18강유전체 박막 및 산화물이 첨가된 강유전체 박막을 포함하는 적층 구조체 및 그 제조 방법강종윤; 김진상; 윤석진; 조광환; 최지원
2011-02-01강유전체 박막의 형성방법 및 평면 구조 소자의 제조방법강민규; 강종윤; 김진상; 도영호; 오승민; 윤석진; 장호원; 최지원
2002-05-20고 품질계수를 갖는 마이크로파 유전체 세라믹 조성물강종윤; 김현재; 윤석진; 최지원; 하종윤
2010-03-30고감도 나노구조 산화물 박막 가스 센서 제조 방법강종윤; 김진상; 문희규; 윤석진; 장호원; 최지원
2011-12-12고감도 투명 가스 센서 및 그 제조방법강종윤; 김진상; 문희규; 윤석진; 장호원; 최지원
2012-05-23고밀도 실장용 박막 콘덴서, 그 제조방법 및 고밀도 실장 기판강민규; 강종윤; 김진상; 백승협; 윤석진; 최지원