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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06-30Phospholipase C-beta 3 mediates the thrombin-induced Ca2+ response in glial cellsHwang, JI; Shin, KJ; Oh, YS; Choi, JW; Lee, ZW; Kim, D; Ha, KS; Shin, HS; Ryu, SH; Suh, PG
2005-04-15Properties of piezoelectric actuator on silicon membrane, prepared by screen printing methodKim, SJ; Kang, CY; Choi, JW; Kim, DY; Sung, MY; Kim, HJ; Yoon, SJ
1998-07Prototype microactuators driven by magnetostrictive thin filmsLim, SH; Han, SH; Kim, HJ; Choi, YS; Choi, JW; Ahn, CH
2004Realization of all-optical full adder using cross-gain modulationKim, JH; Kim, SH; Son, CW; Ok, SH; Kim, SJ; Choi, JW; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2004-03Reduction of COD and color of acid and reactive dyestuff wastewater using ozoneChoi, JW; Song, HK; Lee, W; Koo, KK; Han, C; Na, BK
2003-02Spectral response change in a quantum well infrared photodetector by using quantum well intermixingShin, JC; Choi, WJ; Han, IK; Park, YJ; Lee, JI; Kim, HJ; Choi, JW; Kim, EK
2003-04-10Structural characteristics of new high-Q (1-x)(Al1/2Ta1/2)O-2-x(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O-2 (0.2 < x < 1.0)Choi, JW; Ha, JY; Kang, CY; Yoon, SJ; Kim, HJ; Yoon, KH
2004-02-29Synthesis gas production via dielectric barrier discharge over Ni/gamma-Al2O3 catalystSong, HK; Choi, JW; Yue, SH; Lee, H; Na, BK
2003-04-10The effect of sintered aid CuO-Bi2O3 on microwave dielectric properties of (Pb0.45Ca0.55)[(Fe0.5Nb0.5)(0.9)Sn-0.1]O-3 ceramicsHa, JY; Choi, JW; Kim, HJ; Yoon, SJ; Yoon, KH
2003-09The relationship between microstructure and quality factor for (Al,Mg,Ta)O-2 microwave dielectricsChoi, JW; Lee, HJ; Yoon, SJ; Kim, HJ; Yoon, KH
2002-06Thickness dependence of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O-3 films prepared by pulsed laser depositionKim, MC; Choi, JW; Yoon, SJ; Yoon, KH; Kim, HJ
2006-03Treatment Of CCl4 and CHCl3 emission in a gliding-arc plasmaIndarto, A; Choi, JW; Lee, H; Song, HK