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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03A Remote Management for School Emergency Situations using Perception Sensor Network and Interactive RobotsChoi, JongSuk; Yun, Sang-Seok
2016-02A robot-assisted behavioral intervention system for children with autism spectrum disordersYun, Sang-Seok; Kim, Hyuksoo; Choi, JongSuk; Park, Sung-Kee
2014A Robotic Treatment Approach to promote Social Interaction Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersYun, Sang-Seok; Park, Sung-Kee; Choi, JongSuk
2015-10A simultaneous robot service scheme for Multi-usersLee, Geunjae; Choi, JongSuk; Yun, Sang-Seok; An, Kijin
2014-09Audio-Visual Integration For Human-Robot Interaction in Multi-person ScenariosQuang Nguyen; Choi, JongSuk; Yun, Sang-Seok
2014-01Design of test track for accurate calibration of two wheel differential mobile robotsJung, Changbae; Moon, Chang-bae; Jung, Daun; Choi, JongSuk; Chung, Woojin
2016Detection of Audio-based Emergency Situations using Perception Sensor NetworkQuang Nguyen; Yun, Sang-Seok; Choi, JongSuk
2018Determination of Local Goal for a Mobile Robot with Sporadic Human Commands of Tele-operationNoh, Jinhong; Choi, Taemin; Lim, Yoonseob; Choi, JongSuk
2016-04Discrimination of Humanoid Robots from Real Human in a Perception Sensor NetworkVu Anh Le; Minh Hoang Do; Yun, Sang-Seok; Choi, JongSuk
2014-11Dispensing Materials of mobile Robot cooperating with Perception Sensor NetworkAn, Kijin; Choi, JongSuk; Do Hoang, Minh; Park, JiGwan
2016Distributed Sensor Networks for Multiple Human Recognition in Indoor EnvironmentsYun, Sang-Seok; Quang Nguyen; Choi, JongSuk
2022-12-15Effects of Realistic Appearance and Consumer Gender on Pet Robot AdoptionKim, Jun San; Kang, Dahyun; Choi, JongSuk; Kwak, Sona
2016-08Guide system based users' intentions for a humanoid robotCHAE, YU JUNG; Choi, JongSuk; ChangHwan, Kim; Yun, Sang-Seok
2017-01Matching pursuit based robust acoustic event classification for surveillance systemsQuang Nguyen; Choi, JongSuk
2015Multiple human tracking on robot operation systemLe, Anh Vu; An, Kijin; Choi, JongSuk
2015-10Multiple Humans recognition of Robot aided by Perception Sensor NetworkAn, Kijin; Choi, JongSuk; Yun, Sang-Seok; Lee, Geunjae
2019-01Recognition of emergency situations using audio-visual perception sensor network for ambient assistive livingYun, Sang-Seok; NGUYEN, VAN QUANG; Choi, JongSuk
2016Robotic Behavioral Intervention to Facilitate Eye Contact and Reading Emotions of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersYun, Sang-Seok; Choi, JongSuk; Park, Sung-Kee
2018-06Robust Tracking Occluded Human in Group by Perception Sensors Network SystemAnh Vu Le; Choi, JongSuk
2016-08Selection of the Closest Sound Source for Robot Auditory Attention in Multi-source ScenariosQuang Nguyen; Choi, JongSuk
2018-03Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-care Service RobotsAhn, Ho Seok; Lim, Yoonseob; Moon, Hyungpil; Choi, JongSuk
2019-03Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-Care Service RobotsAhn, Ho Seok; Choi, JongSuk; Lim, Yoonseob; Jang, Minsu; Kwak, Sonya S.; Moon, Hyungpil
2017-07Social Skills Training for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using a Robotic Behavioral Intervention SystemYun, Sang-Seok; Choi, JongSuk; Park, Sung-Kee; Bong, Gui-Young; Yoo, HeeJeong
2016-01Sound Detection and Localization in Windy Conditions for Intelligent Outdoor Security CamerasNguyen, Quang; Shen, Guanghu; Choi, JongSuk
2020-10This or That: The Effect of Robot's Deictic Expression on User's PerceptionKang, Dahyun; Kwak, Sonya S.; Lee, Hanbyeol; Kim, Eun Ho; Choi, JongSuk