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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Quantitative elucidation of the elusive role of defects in polycrystalline MFI zeolite membranes on xylene separation performanceHong, Sungwon; Kim, Dongjae; Richter, Hannes; Moon, Jong-Ho; Choi, Nakwon; Nam, Jaewook; Choi, Jungkyu
2021-06Reconstruction of Muscle Fascicle-Like Tissues by Anisotropic 3D PatterningJin, Yoonhee; Jeon, Eun Je; Jeong, Sohyeon; Min, Sungjin; Choi, Yi Sun; Kim, So Hyun; Lee, Jung Seung; Shin, Jisoo; Yu, Ji Hea; Ahn, Da-Hee; Kim, Yun-Gon; Yang, Hee Seok; Kang, Taek Jin; Cho, Sung-Rae; Choi, Nakwon; Cho, Seung-Woo
2021-03Simultaneous crosslinking induces macroscopically phase-separated microgel from a homogeneous mixture of multiple polymersKurashina, Yuta; Tsuchiya, Mio; Sakai, Atsushi; Maeda, Tomoki; Heo, Yun Jung; Rossi, Filippo; Choi, Nakwon; Yanagisawa, Miho; Onoe, Hiroaki
2023-09Streamlined Specimen Purification for Rapid COVID-19 Diagnosis Using Positively Charged Polymer Thin Film-Coated Surfaces and Chamber Digital PCRChoi, Yunyoung; Song, Younseong; Cho, Younghak; Choi, Kyung-Hak; Park, Chulmin; Lee, Dong-Gun; Lee, Raeseok; Choi, Nakwon; Kang, Ji Yoon; Im, Sung Gap; Seong, Hyejeong
2023-09The Detection of Urinary Exosomal miRNAs for Cancer Diagnostics and PrognosticsKim, Junbeom; Kim, Mina; Kang, Ji Yoon; Bong, Ki Wan; Choi, Nakwon
2014-06-04Thermal Structural Transitions and Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Properties of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-7 (ZIF-7)Cai, Wanxi; Lee, Taehee; Lee, Maro; Cho, Woosuk; Han, Doug-Young; Choi, Nakwon; Yip, Alex C. K.; Choi, Jungkyu
2015-04-16Thermosensitive Structural Changes and Adsorption Properties of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 (ZIF-8)Lee, Taehee; Kim, Hyungmin; Cho, Woosuk; Han, Doug-Young; Ridwan, Muhammad; Yoon, Chang Won; Lee, Jong Suk; Choi, Nakwon; Ha, Kyoung-Su; Yip, Alex C. K.; Choi, Jungkyu
2022-07Three-Dimensional Axotomy and Regeneration on Open-Access Microfluidic PlatformBang, Seokyoung; Lee, Songhyun; Hwang, Kyeong Seob; Kim, Jongbaeg; Choi, Nakwon; Kim, Hong Nam
2020-09-11Three-tissue microphysiological system for studying inflammatory responses in gut-liver AxisJeon, Joong-won; Choi, Nakwon; Lee, Seung Hwan; Sung, Jong Hwan
2018-11-28Tightly Sealed 3D Lipid Structure Monolithically Generated on Transparent SU-8 Microwell Arrays for Biosensor ApplicationsKang, Dong-Hyun; Han, Won Bae; Choi, Nakwon; Kirn, Yong-Jun; Kim, Tae Song
2022-03Triculture Model of In Vitro BBB and its Application to Study BBB-Associated Chemosensitivity and Drug Delivery in GlioblastomaSeo, Suyeong; Nah, Seung-Yeol; Lee, Kangwon; Choi, Nakwon; Kim, Hong Nam
2022-03Tunable and scalable fabrication of block copolymer-based 3D polymorphic artificial cell membrane arrayKang, Dong-Hyun; Han, Won Bae; Hyun Il Ryu; Nam Hyuk Kim; Tae Young Kim; Choi, Nakwon; Kang, Ji Yoon; Yeon Gyu Yu; Kim, Tae Song
2021-06-07Unavoidable but minimizable microdefects in a polycrystalline zeolite membrane: its remarkable performance for wet CO2/CH4 separationJeong, Yanghwan; Lee, Minseong; Lee, Gihoon; Hong, Sungwon; Jang, Eunhee; Choi, Nakwon; Choi, Jungkyu
2024-03Understanding organotropism in cancer metastasis using microphysiological systemsKo, Jihoon; Song, Jiyoung; Lee, Yedam; Choi, Nakwon; Kim, Hong Nam
2022-06Vascularized Lung Cancer Model for Evaluating the Promoted Transport of Anticancer Drugs and Immune Cells in an Engineered Tumor MicroenvironmentKim, Dasom; Hwang, Kyeong Seob; Seo, Eun U.; Seo, Suyeong; Lee, Byung Chul; Choi, Nakwon; Choi, Jonghoon; Kim, Hong Nam
2016-05Vertically encoded tetragonal hydrogel microparticles for multiplexed detection of miRNAs associated with Alzheimer's diseaseRoh, Yoon Ho; Sim, Sang Jun; Cho, Il-Joo; Choi, Nakwon; Bong, Ki Wan
2022-06Visualization of differential GPCR crosstalk in DRD1-DRD2 heterodimer upon different dopamine levelsKim, Hyunbin; Nam, Min-Ho; Jeong, Sohyeon; Lee, Hyowon; Oh, Soo-Jin; Kim, Jeongjin; Choi, Nakwon; Seong, Jihye
2018-01WAFER-SCALE FABRICATION OF BIODEGRADABLE SILK-FIBROIN-BASED MEMRISTORSKook, Geon; jeong, so hyeon; Kim, Mikyung; Lee, Hyunjoo J.; Kim, Hyojung; Choi, Nakwon; Lee, Sungwoo
2019-01-09Wafer-Scale Multilayer Fabrication for Silk Fibroin-Based MicroelectronicsKook, Geon; Jeong, Sohyeon; Kim, So Hyun; Kim, Mi Kyung; Lee, Sungwoo; Cho, Il-Joo; Choi, Nakwon; Lee, Hyunjoo J.