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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004High-throughput cell manipulation using ultrasound fieldsKim, DH; Haake, A; Sun, Y; Neild, AP; Ihm, JE; Dual, J; Hubbell, JA; Ju, BK; Nelson, BJ
1997-12-15Impact of surface properties on the dielectric breakdown for polycrystalline and multilayered BaTiO3 thin filmsOh, JH; Lee, YH; Ju, BK; Shin, DK; Park, CY; Oh, MH
2005-07-01Improvement of field emission from printed carbon nanotubes by a critical bias fieldLee, HJ; Moon, SI; Kim, JK; Lee, YD; Nahm, S; Yoo, JE; Han, JH; Lee, YH; Hwang, SW; Ju, BK
2006-04Improvement of field-emission properties of screen printed carbon nanotube films via argon plasma treatmentLee, JA; Lee, JW; Yoon, DS; Paek, KK; Lee, YH; Ju, BK
2000-07-01Interface controlled conduction in a blue-light emitting SrS : Cu, Cl electroluminescent phosphorLee, YH; Shin, KS; Park, JH; Ju, BK; Oh, MH
1998-12-04Lateral force microscopy investigations of the crystallization of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin filmsLee, KB; Ju, BK
2003-05Lateral growth of aligned mutilwalled carbon nanotubes under electric fieldJang, YT; Ahn, JH; Ju, BK; Lee, YH
2000-03-10Light-emitting devices using micromachined Si-tip mirror arraysLee, YH; Lee, SJ; Ju, BK; Oh, MH
1999-07-01Long-term conduction behavior of white-light emitting ZnS-based phosphor filmsLee, YH; Kim, YS; Ju, BK; Sung, MY; Oh, MH
2005-08Low-temperature silicon wafer-scale thermocompression bonding using electroplated gold layers in hermetic packagingPark, GS; Kim, YK; Paek, KK; Kim, JS; Lee, JH; Ju, BK
2005-06Manipulation of cells using an ultrasonic pressure fieldHaake, A; Neild, A; Kim, DH; Ihm, JE; Sun, Y; Dual, J; Ju, BK
2006-05-01Material characteristics of metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of Bi2Te3 films on GaAs substratesJung, YC; Kim, JH; Suh, SH; Ju, BK; Kim, JS
2001-03Microtunneling sensors for vacuum level evaluation of field emission display devicesPark, HW; Ju, BK; Park, YK; Lee, DJ; Lee, YH; Kim, CJ; Park, JH; Oh, MH
2005-07Multiwall carbon nanotube gas sensor fabricated using thermomechanical structureCho, WS; Moon, SI; Lee, YD; Lee, YH; Park, JH; Ju, BK
2001-07New plasma display panel packaging technology using electrostatic bonding methodLee, DJ; Jeong, JW; Kim, YC; Lee, YH; Ju, BK; Cho, TS; Choi, EH; Jang, J
1999-01Novel bonding technology for hermetically sealed silicon micropackageLee, DJ; Ju, BK; Choi, WB; Jeong, JW; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Lee, KB; Oh, MH
2003-02Observation of field-induced electron emission in porous polycrystalline silicon nano-structured diodeLee, JW; Kim, H; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Jang, J
1999-01Preparation of N-doped hydrogen-free diamondlike carbon and its application to field emittersMoon, JH; Chung, SJ; Han, FJ; Jang, J; Jung, JH; Ju, BK; Oh, MH
2001-04-04Realization of gated field emitters for electrophotonic applications using carbon nanotube line emitters directly grown into submicrometer holesLee, YH; Jang, YT; Kim, DH; Ahn, JH; Ju, BK
1999-05Roughness of ZnS : Pr,Ce/Ta2O5 interface and its effects on electrical performance of alternating current thin-film electroluminescent devicesLee, YH; Kim, YS; Ju, BK; Oh, MH
1999Self-generated light emitting device using micromachined Si mirror arraysJu, BK; Lee, YH; Oh, MH
1999-01Silicon-to-indium tin oxide coated glass bonding for packaging of field emission arrays fabricated on silicon waferChoi, WB; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Oh, MH; Lee, NY; Sung, MY
2003-06Simple approach to fabricate microgated nanotubes emitter with a sidewall protectorJang, YT; Choi, CH; Ju, BK; Ahn, JH; Lee, YH
2003-02Structure and morphology of vacuum-evaporated pentacene as a function of the substrate temperatureChang, JW; Kim, H; Kim, JK; Ju, BK; Jang, J; Lee, YH
2002-11Substrate temperature effect on the formation of PtRhOx thin filmsLee, K; Lee, KH; Ju, BK
2003-05Suppression of leakage current via formation of a sidewall protector in the microgated carbon nanotube emitterJang, YT; Choi, CH; Ju, BK; Ahn, JH; Lee, YH
2006-03-23Synthesis of double-walled carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapor deposition and their field emission propertiesLee, YD; Lee, HJ; Han, JH; Yoo, JE; Lee, YH; Kirn, JK; Nahm, S; Ju, BK
2002-01The analysis of oxygen plasma pretreatment for improving anodic bondingChoi, SW; Choi, WB; Lee, YH; Ju, BK; Sung, MY; Kim, BH
2004-05-03The vacuum packaging of a flat lamp using thermally grown carbon nano tubesLee, DJ; Moon, SI; Lee, YH; Yoo, JE; Park, JH; Jang, J; Ju, BK
2004-05Thin AC-PDP vacuum in-line sealing using direct-joint packaging methodLee, DJ; Moon, SI; Lee, YH; Ju, BK