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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08A facile one-pot hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyapatite/biochar nanocomposites: Adsorption behavior and mechanisms for the removal of copper(II) from aqueous mediaJung, Kyung-Won; Lee, Seon Yong; Choi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Young Jae
2014-09-10A novel approach for improvement of purity and porosity in diatomite (diatomaceous earth) by applying an electric fieldJung, Kyung-Won; Jang, Duksoo; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2015-09A novel approach for preparation of modified-biochar derived from marine macroalgae: Dual purpose electro-modification for improvement of surface area and metal impregnationJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Jeong, Tae-Un; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2023-12A Self-Regenerable Fiber Sloughing Its Heavy Metal Skin for Ultrahigh Separation CapabilityJung, Youngkyun; Park, Ji Su; Jung, Kyung-Won; Ko, Young Gun; Choi, Jae-Woo
2019-11Adsorption and mechanistic study for phosphate removal by rice husk-derived biochar functionalized with Mg/Al-calcined layered double hydroxides via co-pyrolysisLee, Seon Yong; Choi, Jae-Woo; Song, Kyung Guen; Choi, Keunsu; Lee, Young Jae; Jung, Kyung-Won
2016-07Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution on to pyrolyzed drinking water treatment residuals: Statistical process optimization, equilibrium, and kinetic analysisJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Kim, Kipal; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2017-11Adsorption of phosphate from aqueous solution using electrochemically modified biochar calcium-alginate beads: Batch and fixed-bed column performanceJung, Kyung-Won; Jeong, Tae-Un; Choi, Jae-Woo; Ahn, Kyu-Hong; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2017-11Adsorptive removal of anionic azo dye from aqueous solution using activated carbon derived from extracted coffee residuesJung, Kyung-Won; Choi, Brian Hyun; Hwang, Min-Jin; Choi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Chang, Jae-Soo; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2018-03Aluminum carboxylate-based metal organic frameworks for effective adsorption of anionic azo dyes from aqueous mediaJung, Kyung-Won; Choi, Brian Hyun; Dao, Chau Minh; Lee, Young Jae; Choi, Jae-Woo; Ahn, Kyu-Hong; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2015-01Application and optimization of electric field-assisted ultrasonication for disintegration of waste activated sludge using response surface methodology with a Box-Behnken designJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Cha, Min-Jung; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2014-05Application of a novel enzymatic pretreatment using crude hydrolytic extracellular enzyme solution to microalgal biomass for dark fermentative hydrogen productionYun, Yeo-Myeong; Kim, Dong-Hoon; Oh, You-Kwan; Shin, Hang-Sik; Jung, Kyung-Won
2015-01Application of an electric field for pretreatment of a feedstock (Laminaria japonica) for dark fermentative hydrogen productionJeong, Da-Young; Cho, Si-Kyung; Shin, Hang-Sik; Jung, Kyung-Won
2017-11-09Biogranules applied in environmental engineeringMilferstedt, Kim; Hamelin, Jerome; Park, Chul; Jung, Jinyoung; Hwang, Yuhoon; Cho, Si-Kyung; Jung, Kyung-Won; Kim, Dong-Hoon
2016-07Characteristics of biochar derived from marine macroalgae and fabrication of granular biochar by entrapment in calcium-alginate beads for phosphate removal from aqueous solutionJung, Kyung-Won; Jeong, Tae-Un; Kang, Ho-Jeong; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2015-05-26Combining fluidized metal-impregnated granular activated carbon in three-dimensional electrocoagulation system: Feasibility and optimization test of color and COD removal from real cotton textile wastewaterJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Park, Dae-Seon; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2016-10-01Comprehensive reuse of drinking water treatment residuals in coagulation and adsorption processesJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Park, Dae-Seon; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2021-07Controlling the Structural Robustness of Zirconium-Based Metal Organic Frameworks for Efficient Adsorption on Tetracycline AntibioticsKim, Hee-Gon; Choi, Keunsu; Lee, Kibong; Lee, Soonjae; Jung, Kyung-Won; Choi, Jae-Woo
2015-09Decolorization of Acid Orange 7 by an electric field-assisted modified orifice plate hydrodynamic cavitation system: Optimization of operational parametersJung, Kyung-Won; Park, Dae-Seon; Hwang, Min-Jin; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2014-09Development of a novel electric field-assisted modified hydrodynamic cavitation system for disintegration of waste activated sludgeJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Yun, Yeo-Myeong; Cha, Min-Jung; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2017-03Direct Application of Sodium Alginate Solution via Dripping Technique for Effective Copper Removal and Recovery from Aqueous SolutionJung, Kyung-Won; Chau, Dao Minh; Choi, Brian Hyun; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2016-07Dual purpose recovered coagulant from drinking water treatment residuals for adjustment of initial pH and coagulation aid in electrocoagulation processJung, Kyung-Won; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2013-09Effect of temperature on continuous fermentative hydrogen production from Laminaria japonica by anaerobic mixed culturesShi, Xueqing; Kim, Dong-Hoon; Shin, Hang-Sik; Jung, Kyung-Won
2015-08Elucidating a synergistic effect of food waste addition on the enhanced anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludgeYun, Yeo-Myeong; Cho, Si-Kyung; Kim, Hyun-Woo; Jung, Kyung-Won; Shin, Hang-Sik; Kim, Dong-Hoon
2014-04Enhanced anaerobic digestion of livestock waste by ultrasonication: A tool for ammonia removal and solubilizationCho, Si-Kyung; Lee, Mo-Kwon; Kim, Dong-Hoon; Yun, Yeo-Myeong; Jung, Kyung-Won; Shin, Hang-Sik; Oh, Sae-Eun
2015-11Enhanced decolorization efficiency of acid orange 7 by electric field granular-activated carbon combined system and its statistical optimization by response surface methodologyJung, Kyung-Won; Park, Dae-Sun; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2016-07-25Entrapment of powdered drinking water treatment residues in calcium-alginate beads for fluoride removal from actual industrial wastewaterJung, Kyung-Won; Hwang, Min-Jin; Jeong, Tae-Un; Chau, Dao Minh; Kim, Kipal; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2016-11Fabrication of granular activated carbons derived from spent coffee grounds by entrapment in calcium alginate beads for adsorption of acid orange 7 and methylene blueJung, Kyung-Won; Choi, Brian Hyun; Hwang, Min-Jin; Jeong, Tae-Un; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2016-01Fabrication of porosity-enhanced MgO/biochar for removal of phosphate from aqueous solution: Application of a novel combined electrochemical modification methodJung, Kyung-Won; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2017-12Facile one-pot synthesis of imidazole-functionalized poly-(vinylbenzyl chloride) and its study on the applicability of synthetic dye removal from aqueous systemChoi, Brian Hyun; Jung, Kyung-Won; Choi, Jae-Woo; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Lee, Young Jae; Ahn, Kyu-Hong
2016-11Facile synthesis of magnetic biochar/Fe3O4 nanocomposites using electro-magnetization technique and its application on the removal of acid orange 7 from aqueous mediaJung, Kyung-Won; Choi, Brian Hyun; Jeong, Tae-Un; Ahn, Kyu-Hong