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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03List sampling for large graphsYousuf, Muhammad Irfan; Kim, Suhyun
2024-06Mixup Mask Adaptation: Bridging the gap between input saliency and representations via attention mechanism in feature mixupKang, Minsoo; Kang, Minkoo; Lee, Seong-Whan; Kim, Suhyun
2022-12Modulation of histone H3K4 dimethylation by spermidine ameliorates motor neuron survival and neuropathology in a mouse model of ALSChoi, Seung-Hye; Yousefian-Jazi, Ali; Hyeon, Seung Jae; Nguyen, Phuong Thi Thanh; Chu, Jiyeon; Kim, Sojung; Kim, Suhyun; Ryu, Hannah L.; Kowall, Neil W.; Ryu, Hoon; Lee, Junghee
2017-05Mutual Exclusion Method in Client-Side Aggregation of Cloud StorageSeo, Dongmahn; Kim, Suhyun; Song, Gyuwon
2017-01Mutual Exclusion Strategy in a Cloud-of-CloudsSeo, Dongmahn; Song, Gyuwon; Kim, Suhyun
2022-02-25NaturalInversion: Data-Free Image Synthesis Improving Real-World ConsistencyKim Yu-Jin; Park Dogyun; KIMDOHEE; Kim, Suhyun
2020-12Neuron merging: Compensating for pruned neuronsKim, Woojeong; Kim, Suhyun; Park, Mincheol; Jeon, Geonseok
2022-07Non-Targeted Metabolomics Approach Revealed Significant Changes in Metabolic Pathways in Patients with Chronic Traumatic EncephalopathyLee, Jinkyung; Kim, Suhyun; Kim, Yoon Hwan; Park, Uiyeol; Lee, Junghee; McKee, Ann C.; Kim, Kyoung Heon; Ryu, Hoon; Lee, Jeongae
2022-06Pool Compression for Undirected GraphsYousuf, Muhammad Irfan; Kim, Suhyun
2023-10Probabilistic Precision and Recall Towards Reliable Evaluation of Generative ModelsDogyun Park; Kim, Suhyun
2014-11Real-time panoramic video streaming system with overlaid interface concept for social mediaSeo, Dongmahn; Kim, Suhyun; Park, Hogun; Ko, Heedong
2008-06Rotating Register Allocation with Multiple Rotating BranchesKim, Suhyun; Moon, Soo-Mook
2015-08SaveMe: Client-Side Aggregation of Cloud StorageSong, Gyuwon; Kim, Suhyun; Seo, Dongmahn
2015-01SaveMe: User-centric Cloud SystemSong, Gyuwon; Seo, Dongmahn; Kim, Suhyun
2011-10Speech Enhancement Based on Adaptive Noise Power Estimation Using Spectral DifferenceChoi, Jae-Hun; Chang, Joon-Hyuk; Kim, Dong Kook; Kim, Suhyun
2014-01Speech-to-Text-based Life Log System for SmartphonesSeo, Dongmahn; Hong, Seung-gil; Song, Gyuwon; Kim, Suhyun
2014-01StreamMe: Me-Centric Multimedia Streaming System with Clouds, P2P and SmartphonesSeo, Dongmahn; Hong, Seung-gil; Song, Gyuwon; Kim, Suhyun
2008-04Tuning characteristics analysis of a widely tunable sampled grating distributed feedback laser diode integrated with a sampled grating distributed Bragg reflectorKim, Suhyun; Chung, Youngchul; Byun, Young Tae
2014-01User Generated Highlight System for Baseball Games with Social Media ActivitiesSeo, Dongmahn; Ko, Heedong; Park, Hogun; Kim, Suhyun
2024-05Visualizing cancer-originating acetate uptake through monocarboxylate transporter 1 in reactive astrocytes in the glioblastoma tumor microenvironmentKim, Dongwoo; Ko, Hae Young; Chung, Jee-In; Park, Yongmin Mason; Lee, Sangwon; Kim, Seon Yoo; Kim, Jisu; Chun, Joong-Hyun; Han, Kyung-Seok; Lee, Misu; Ju, Yeon Ha; Park, Sun Jun; Park, Ki Duk; Nam, Min-Ho; Kim, Se Hoon; Shim, Jin-Kyoung; Park, Youngjoo; Lim, Hyunkeong; Park, Jaekyung; Lee, Gwan-Ho; Kim, Hyunjin; Kim, Suhyun; Park, Uiyeol; Ryu, Hoon; Lee, So Yun; Park, Sunghyouk; Kang, Seok-Gu; Chang, Jong Hee; Lee, C. Justin; Yun, Mijin
2010-03Widely Tunable Coupled-ring Reflector Laser Diode Consisting of Square Ring ResonatorsKim, Suhyun; Byun, Young Tae; Kim, Doo-Gun; Dagli, Nadir; Chung, Youngchul