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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-06(200)-predominant growth of radio-frequency sputtered SrBi2Ta2O9 thin filmsLee, SH; Lee, JK; Yoon, KH
1998-12A molecular dynamics study on the liquid-amorphous-crystalline transition in a Lennard-Jonesian FCC system: I. Bulk crystalChang, HK; Kim, SG; Cheong, B; Kim, WM; Chung, M; Lee, TS; Lee, JK
1998-12A molecular dynamics study on the liquid-amorphous-crystalline transition in a Lennard-Jonesian FCC system: II. Nanocrystalline platesChang, HK; Kim, SG; Cheong, B; Kim, WM; Chung, M; Lee, TS; Lee, JK
2001-04-15A noble suspended type thin film resonator (STFR) using the SOI technologyKim, HH; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Lee, SH; Lee, JK; Kim, SW
1998-03A novel precursor for the sol gel and CVD methods to prepare alumina permselective membranesKim, JH; Choi, GJ; Lee, JK; Sim, SJ; Kim, YD; Cho, YS
1998-11A study of deposition rate and characterization of BN thin films prepared by CVDJin, YG; Lee, SY; Nam, YW; Lee, JK; Park, D
2001-12A study on the conduction path in undoped polycrystalline diamond filmsLee, BJ; Ahn, BT; Lee, JK; Baik, YJ
2001-01Acoustic characterization of AlN films using a high overtone bulk acoustic wave resonatorLee, SH; Kim, JH; Lee, JK; Mansfeld, GD; Alekseev, SG; Yoon, KH
2005-11Adsorption characteristics of toluene and p-xylene in a reversed-phase C-18 column for simulated moving bed chromatographyBae, YS; Im, SH; Lee, KM; Lee, JK; Lee, CH
2002-01AlN piezoelectric materials for wireless communication thin film componentsKim, JH; Lee, SH; Ahn, JH; Lee, JK
2004-07-15Amorphous and icosahedral phases in Ti-Zr-Cu-Ni-Be alloysKim, YC; Park, JM; Lee, JK; Bae, DH; Kim, WT; Kim, DH
2004-02-25An approach to enhance specificity against RNA targets using heteroconjugates of aminoglycosides and chloramphenicol (or linezolid)Lee, JK; Kwon, MY; Lee, KH; Jeong, SJ; Hyun, S; Shin, KJ; Yu, JH
2003-06-20An investigation of phosphopeptide binding to SH2 domainLee, JK; Moon, T; Chi, MW; Song, JS; Choi, YS; Yoon, CN
1999-07Bismuth composition control of SrBi2TaNbO9 thin films by heat treating Bi2O3-inserted heterostructurePark, YB; Lee, JK; Jung, HY; Park, JW
1998-06-22Built-in voltages and asymmetric polarization switching in Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin film capacitorsLee, J; Choi, CH; Park, BH; Noh, TW; Lee, JK
1996-10Catalytic SO2 oxidation in a periodically operated trickle-bed reactorLee, JK; Ferrero, S; Hudgins, RR; Silveston, PL
1997-01Characteristics of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films fabricated by the RF magnetron sputtering techniqueLee, JK; Song, TK; Jung, HJ
2004-04-13Control of wettability by anion exchange on Si/SiO2 surfacesChi, YS; Lee, JK; Lee, S; Choi, IS
2004-12-14Conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and carbon black by plasma and application of plasma carbon blackCho, W; Lee, SH; Ju, WS; Baek, Y; Lee, JK
2006-03-21Covalent modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Effect of anions on solubilityPark, MJ; Lee, JK; Lee, BS; Lee, YW; Choi, IS; Lee, SG
1997-01Crystal orientation dependencies on the ferroelectric properties of SrBi2Ta2O9, CaBi2Ta2O9 thin films fabricated by the rf magnetron sputtering techniqueLee, JK; Song, TK; Kim, TS; Jung, HJ
2004-03Deformation behavior of Ti-Zr-Ni-Cu-Be metallic glass and composite in the supercooled liquid regionBae, DH; Park, JM; Na, JH; Kim, DH; Kim, YC; Lee, JK
2004-12Deposition of SrFeO3-delta-dispersed SrMoO4 oxide thin films on Si (100) surface for spintronic applicationsKim, DY; Kim, JS; Park, BH; Lee, JK; Maeng, SY; Yoon, SJ
2006-01Design and evolution of new catalytic activity with an existing protein scaffoldPark, HS; Nam, SH; Lee, JK; Yoon, CN; Mannervik, B; Benkovic, SJ; Kim, HS
2001-05Discharge capacitance of electric double layer capacitor with electrodes made of carbon nanotubes directly deposited on SUS304 platesLee, SW; Park, DK; Lee, JK; Ju, JB; Sohn, TW
2001-07Dry etching of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films in Cl-2/NF3/O-2/Ar inductively coupled plasmasIm, YH; Park, JS; Choi, CS; Choi, RJ; Hahn, YB; Lee, SH; Lee, JK
2004-11-30EDLC characteristics of CNTs grown on nanoporous alumina templatesJung, M; Kim, HG; Lee, JK; Joo, OS; Mho, S
2005-02EDLC with UV-cured composite polymer electrolyte based on poly[(ethylene glycol) diacrylate]/poly(vinylidene fluoride)/poly(methyl methacrylate) blendsYang, CM; Cho, WI; Lee, JK; Rhee, HW; Cho, BW
1996-05Effect of additional gas on diamond deposition by DC PACVDLee, JK; Baik, YJ; Eun, KY
2004-05-20Effect of Al2O3 coating on electrochemical performance of LiCoO2 as cathode materials for secondary lithium batteriesOh, S; Lee, JK; Byun, D; Cho, WI; Cho, BW