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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-09-07Lanthanide triflate-catalyzed three component synthesis of alpha-amino phosphonates in ionic liquids. A catalyst reactivity and reusability studyLee, SG; Park, JH; Kang, J; Lee, JK
1999-03Large area deposition of thick diamond film by direct-current PACVDBaik, YJ; Lee, JK; Lee, WS; Eun, KY
1999-12Low temperature processing of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films by low pressure and ozone annealing treatmentPark, D; Lee, JK; Jung, HJ; Park, JW
2001-03Measurements of thermal diffusivity for thin slabs by a converging thermal wave techniqueJoo, Y; Park, H; Chae, HB; Lee, JK; Baik, YJ
2003-07Microstructure and growth kinetics of the Mo5Si3 and Mo3Si layers in MoSi2/Mo diffusion coupleYoon, JK; Lee, JK; Lee, KH; Byun, JY; Kim, GH; Hong, KT
1998-05Microstructure-dependent ferroelectric properties of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films fabricated by radio frequency magnetron sputteringCho, KJ; Lee, JK; Jung, HJ; Park, JW
2002-05-20Microwave-assisted Kabachnik-Fields reaction in ionic liquidLee, SG; Lee, JK; Song, CE; Kim, DC
1996-01-10Modification of 12-molybdophosphoric acid catalyst by blending with polysulfone and its catalytic activity for 2-propanol conversion reactionLee, JK; Song, IK; Lee, WY; Kim, JJ
2000-01-20Molecular networks via coordination polymerization. Synthesis and characterization of 2-D polymeric cobalt(II) compounds containing 3,3 '-dipyridyl ether seriesJung, OS; Kim, YJ; Lee, YA; Lee, JK; Yoo, KH
2003-10Morphology dependence of cathodoluminescence spectra of CVD diamond filmKanda, H; Watanabe, K; Eun, KY; Lee, JK
2002-03Novel 1,4-diphosphanes with imidazolidin-2-one backbones as chiral ligands: Highly enantioselective Rh-catalyzed hydrogenation of enamidesLee, SG; Zhang, YJ; Song, CE; Lee, JK; Choi, JH
2000-12-01One-pot synthesis of C-2-symmetric N,N '-diaryl bis(oxazolidin-2-ones) as precursors for N,N '-diaryl 2,3-diamino-1,4-butanediolsLee, S; Lim, CW; Lee, JK; Jung, OS; Lee, YA
2004-04Oxidation of CVD diamond powdersLee, JK; Anderson, MW; Gray, FA; John, P; Lee, JY; Baik, YJ; Eun, KY
2000-07Phase development of radio-frequency magnetron sputter-deposited Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 (90/10) thin filmsLee, JK; Park, D; Cheong, DS; Park, JW; Park, CS
2000-04-03Photocatalytic TiO2 deposition by chemical vapor depositionByun, D; Jin, Y; Kim, B; Lee, JK; Park, D
2001-02Plasma chemistries for dry etching of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin filmsPark, JS; Im, YH; Choi, RJ; Hahn, YB; Choi, CS; Lee, SH; Lee, JK
2003-10Precipitation of stable icosahedral phase in Ti-based amorphous alloysKim, YC; Park, JM; Lee, JK; Kim, WT; Kim, DH
1997-01Preparation of ethyl (R)-3-hydroxy-4-chlorobutyrate by selective reduction of (R)-4-(trichloromethyl)-oxetan-2-one: Key intermediate to (R)-carnitine and (R)-4-amino-3-hydroxybutyric acidSong, CE; Lee, JK; Kim, IO; Choi, JH
2003-12-15Pretreatment of stainless steel substrate surface for the growth of carbon nanotubes by PECVDPark, D; Kim, YH; Lee, JK
2001-03Properties of diamond films deposited by multi-cathode direct current plasma assisted CVD methodLee, JK; Baik, YJ; Eui, KY; Park, JW
2003-09QSAR analysis of SH2-binding phosphopeptides: Using interaction energies and cross-correlation coefficientsMoon, T; Song, JS; Lee, JK; Yoon, CN
2005-03Reactions of amines with CVD diamond nanopowdersLee, JK; Anderson, MW; Gray, FA; John, P; Lee, JY
1998-02Reactive ion etching of Pt thin films for fabrication of microcapacitorKim, KS; Lee, JM; Shin, JC; Lee, JK; Kim, HJ
2003-07-01Relationship between residual stress and structural properties of AlN films deposited by r.f. reactive sputteringLee, SH; Yoon, KH; Cheong, DS; Lee, JK
1998-01Remediation of petroleum-contaminated soils by fluidized thermal desorptionLee, JK; Park, D; Kim, BU; Dong, JI; Lee, S
2005-09Reproducible resistive switching in nonstoichiometric nickel oxide films grown by rf reactive sputtering for resistive random access memory applicationsPark, JW; Park, JW; Kim, DY; Lee, JK
2005-09Resistive switching behavior of Cr-doped SrZrO3 perovskite thin films for random access memory applicationsYang, MK; Kim, DY; Park, JW; Lee, JK
1998-01Role of abnormal grain growth on the ferroelectric properties of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films fabricated by RF magnetron sputteringBae, C; Lee, JK; Lee, SH; Park, YB; Jung, HJ
2003-10-13Role of nanometer-scale quasicrystals in improving the mechanical behavior of Ti-based bulk metallic glassesKim, YC; Na, JH; Park, JM; Kim, DH; Lee, JK; Kim, WT
2005-01Self-lubricating composite coating on air foil bearing shaft by Hollow Cathode Plasma JetYang, MK; Yang, HS; Park, JK; Ryu, K; Lee, YB; Lee, JK