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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Depth Resolution in 3-D imageSon, Jung-Young; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Chun-Hea; Chernyshov, Oleksii O.; Son, Wook-Ho
2013-05Depth resolution in three-dimensional imagesSon, Jung-Young; Chernyshov, Oleksii; Lee, Chun-Hae; Park, Min-Chul; Yano, Sumio
2008Design of 3D mobile phones and application for visual communicationPark, Min-Chul; Son, Jung-Young
1999-04Dichromated gelatine as a material of optical elementLee, Hyuk-Soo; Cho, Dong-Hyun; Choi, Yong-Jin; Son, Jung-Young; Seung-Han, P
2019Emulation of three-dimensional vision in plants in the red/far-red region by artificial photosynthesisKang, Ji-Hoon; Kim, Minjeong; Jung, Hyejin; Kim, DaeYeon; Hwang, Yun Jeong; Park, Jinwoo; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Yano, Sumio; Son, Jung-Young; Kim, Myungha; Park, Min-Chul
2008-12-22Evaluation of the monocular depth cue in 3D displaysKim, Sung-Kyu; Kim, Dong-Wook; Kwon, Yong Moo; Son, Jung-Young
2009-02Expansion of the Illumination and Reconstruction Areas in Reflection-Type Digital Holography Microscope SystemChoi, Kyu-Hwan; Son, Jung-Young; Jang, Won-Gun; Kim, Sung-Kyu
2016-06-27Fringe periods of color moires in contact-type 3-D displaysLee, Hyoung; Kim, Sung-Kyu; Sohn, Kwanghoon; Son, Jung-Young; Chernyshov, Oleksii O.
2014-07Generation of Binary Hologram Preserving the 3D Information티보르펄티에; Son, Jung-Young; Park, Min-Chul; Kim, Taegeun
2017-04Generation of binary holograms with a Kinect sensor for a high speed color holographic displayLeportier, Thibault; Son, Jung-Young; Yano, Sumio; Park, Min-Chul
2017-07Holographic and Light Field Displays: What are the differences?Son, Jung-Young; Lee, Hyoung; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Byeon, Jina
1999-01Holographic video system using Fourier transform method adapted to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional data calculationKim, Sung-Kyu; Shestak, Sergei A.; Son, Jung-Young; Lim, Tong-Kun
2010-08Image Light Distribution in the Multiview 3-D Imaging SystemSon, Jung-Young; Vashpanov, Yuriy; Kim, Moon-Seok; Park, Min-Chul; Kim, Jai-Soon
2008-09Image mixing in multiview three-dimensional imaging systemsSaveljev, Vladimir V.; Son, Jung-Young; Kim, Shin-Hwan; Kim, Dae-Sik; Park, Min-Chul; Song, Yoon-Chul
-Integration of Microscopic Holograms based on View CompensationLEE HO DONG; Park, Min Chul; Son, Jung-Young
2011Interactive 3D Simulator for Autostereoscopic Display SystemsPark, Min-Chul; Lee, Ho-Dong; Son, Jung-Young
2014-05Interactive Holographic DisplaySon, Jung-Young; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Park, Min-Chul; Chernyshov, Olexii O.; Kim, Jin-Woong
2016-07Light fields from digital hologram displaysSon, Jung-Young; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Park, Min-Chul
-Light Intensity Simulation in Real Space by Viewing Locations for Autostereoscopic Display DesignCho Jung-gyn; Lee, Kwang-Hoon; Dong-Su Lee; Park, Min-Chul; Son, Jung-Young; Ju, Byeong-Kwon
2005-12Moire Minimization Condition in Three-Dimensional Image DisplaysSaveljev, Vladimir V.; Son, Jung-Young; Javidi, Bahram; Kim, Sung-Kyu; Kim, Dae-Sik
2011-12Moire reduction by a diffuser in a multiview 3-D imaging systemSon, Jung-Young; Lee, Beom Ryeol; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Hyoung
2007-02Multiview image acquisition and display by pupil segmentationSon, Jung-Young; Shestak, Sergei A.; Kim, Jae-Soon; Kim, Sung-Kyu
2006-12Multiview Image Acquisition and ProjectionSon, Jung-Young; Saveljev, Vladimir V.; Kim, Jai-Soon; Kwack, Kae-Dal; Kim, Sung-Kyu
2017-04Multiview image acquisition based on an aperture sharingSon, Jung-Young; Lee, Hyoung; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Kim, Jung
2015-04Noise Reduction in Holographic Reconstruction by Combining Two Spatial Light ModulatorsLeportier, Thibault; Son, Jung-Young; Park, Min-Chul
2006-06-20Pixel patterns for voxels in a contact-type three-dimensional imaging system for full-parallax image displaySon, Jung-Young; Saveljev, Vladmir V.; Javidi, Bahram; Kim, Dae-Sik; Park, Min-Chul
2015-06Properties of DMDs for holographic displaysPark, Min-Chul; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Son, Jung-Young; Chernyshov, Oleksii
2016-04Resolution of electro-holographic imageSon, Jung-Young; Chernyshov, Oleksii; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Lee, Hyoung
2018-07Slanted color moires in 3-D displays: How to simulate them?Son, Jung-Young; Kim, Jung; Yano, Sumio; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Beom-Ryeol; Lee, Hyoung
2007-03Stereoscopic image distortion in radial camera and projector configurationsSon, Jung-Young; Gruts, Yuri N.; Kwack, Kae-Dal; Cha, Kyung-Hun; Kim, Sung-Kyu