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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05-31Design and Control of Fully Handheld Microsurgical Robot for Active Tremor CancellationKim, Eunchan; Choi, Ingu; Yang, Sungwook
2014-06Design of endoscopic micro-robotic end effectors: safety and performance evaluation based on physical intestinal tissue damage characteristicsKim, Young-Tae; Kim, Dae-Eun; Yang, Sungwook; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2019-03Development of Wearable Motion Capture System Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Measuring Arm MotionJang, Minsu; Kim, Jun Sik; Kim, Jinseok; Urn, Soong Ho; Yang, Sungwook; Kang, Kyurnin
2007-10Establishment of a fabrication method for a long-term actuated hybrid cell robotKim, Jinseok; Park, Jungyul; Yang, Sungwook; Baek, Jeongeun; Kim, Byungkyu; Lee, Sang Ho; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Chun, Kukjin; Park, Sukho
2021-10Evaluation of Applied Force During Nasopharyngeal Swab Sampling Using Handheld Sensorized InstrumentPark, Chaewon; Choi, Ingu; Roh, Juhyeong; Lim, So Yun; Kim, Sung-Han; Lee, Jongwon; Yang, Sungwook
2011-02-15Feedback controlled piezo-motor microdrive for accurate electrode positioning in chronic single unit recording in behaving miceYang, Sungwook; Cho, Jeiwon; Lee, Semin; Park, Kitae; Kim, Jinseok; Huh, Yeowool; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Shin, Hee-Sup
2022-08Fiber-Bragg-grating based Force Sensor with Dual Structure for Minimally Invasive SurgeryLee, Jeongwon; Yang, Sungwook
2010Highly-Accurate, Implantable Micromanipulator for Single Neuron RecordingsYang, Sungwook; Lee, Semin; Park, Kitae; Kim, Jinseok; Cho, Jeiwon; Shin, Hee-Sup; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2023-01Honeycomb Artifact Removal Using Convolutional Neural Network for Fiber Bundle ImagingKim, Eunchan; Kim, Seonghoon; Choi, Myunghwan; Seo, Taewon; Yang, Sungwook
2022-01In Vivo Cellular-Level 3D Imaging of Peripheral Nerves Using a Dual-Focusing Technique for Intra-Neural Interface ImplantationLee min woo; Jang, Namseon; Choi, Nara; Yang, Sungwook; Jeong, Jinwoo; Nam, Hyeong Soo; Oh, Sang-Rok; Kim, Keehoon; Hwang, Donghyun
2019-10-02Internal-Flow-Mediated, Tunable 1D Cassie-to-Wenzel Wetting Transition on Superhydrophobic Microcavity Surfaces during EvaporationPendyala, Prashant; Kim, Hong Nam; Grewal, Harpreet S.; Chae, Uikyu; Yang, Sungwook; Cho, Il-Joo; Song, Simon; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2009-10Microtribological Properties of Topographically-modified Polymeric Surfaces with Different PitchesPham, Duc Cuong; Na, Kyounghwan; Yang, Sungwook; Kim, Jinseok; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2010-01Nanotribological properties of silicon nano-pillars coated by a Z-DOL lubricating filmPham, Duc Cuong; Na, Kyunghwan; Yang, Sungwook; Kim, Jinseok; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2008-06New Finite Element Method Modeling for contractile Forces of Cardiomyocytes on Hybrid Biopolymer MicrocantileversNa, Kyounghwan; Kim, Jinseok; Yang, Sungwook; Yoon, Young Mee; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2020-07One-step Implantation of a 3D Neural Microelectrode ArrayYim, Sehyuk; Jeong, Jinwoo; Ihn, Yongsuk; Hwang, Donghyun; Yang, Sungwook; Oh, Sang-Rok; Kim, Keehoon
2020-11Prediction of Voluntary Motion Using Decomposition-and-Ensemble Framework With Deep Neural NetworksYoon, Dokyoon; Kim, Eunchan; Choi, Ingu; Han, Sung Won; Yang, Sungwook
2008-08-07Quantitative evaluation of cardiomyocyte contractility in a 3D microenvironmentKim, Jinseok; Park, Jungyul; Na, Kyounghwan; Yang, Sungwook; Baek, Jeongeun; Yoon, Euisung; Choi, Sungsik; Lee, Sangho; Chun, Kukjin; Park, Jongoh; Park, Sukho
2023-07Real-Time Endomicroscopic Image Mosaicking with an EKF-based Sensor Fusion ApproachKim, Jin; Lee, Hyesung; Oh, Sang-Rok; Yang, Sungwook
2021-08Soft Robotic Palm With Tunable Stiffness Using Dual-Layered Particle Jamming MechanismLee, Jeongwon; Kim, Jaehee; Park, Sungwoo; Hwang, Donghyun; Yang, Sungwook
2018-07Techniques for robot-aided intraocular surgery using monocular visionYang, Sungwook; Martel, Joseph N.; Lobes, Louis A., Jr.; Riviere, Cameron N.
2019-02-04Ultra-high curvature sensors for multi-bend structures using fiber Bragg gratingsJang, Minsu; Kim, Jun Sik; Um, Soong Ho; Yang, Sungwook; Kim, Jinseok