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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-04Temperature Dependences of Piezoelectric and Linear Electrooptic Properties of Rhombohedral 0.67Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3?.33PbTiO3 Single Crystal Oriented in <111> Direction송현철; 하종윤; 김진상; 윤석진; 정대용
2018-10Texture-induced reduction in electrical resistivity of p-type (Bi,Sb)2Te3 by a hot extrusion백승협; 김성근; 이병현; 민봉기; 임상순; 정성진; 김가령; 이종수; 김진상; 원성옥
2006-12The effect of ammonium sulfide treatment on interfacial properties in ZnS/HgCdTe heterostructure정용철; 윤석진; 서상희; 김진상
2012-06The Effect of Annealing in Controlled Vapor Pressure on the Thermoelectric Properties of RF-Sputtered Bi2Te3 Film김효정; 임주혁; 최원철; 박찬; 김진상
2013-12The Effect of Grain Size and Density on the Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3-PbTe Compounds윤세진; 권오정; 안승현; 김재열; 구현; 배성환; 조준영; 김진상; 박찬
2011-03The effect of microstructure on the thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3-PbTe alloy권오정; 박종로; 임주혁; 구현; 김재열; 유현우; 배성환; 김진상; 박찬
2012-08The effect of substrate on the thermoelectric properties of rf sputtered Bi2Te3 film김효정; 유현우; 최원철; 박찬; 김영환; 김성일; 김진상
2004-06The effect of ZnO homo-buffer layer on ZnO thin films grwon on c-Al2O3(0001) by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy정연식; 노영수; 김진상; 최원국
1998-01The growth of arsenic doped p-HgCdTe using metal organic vapour phase epitaxy송종형; 박만장; 김제원; 김진상; 서상희
2001-12The Interfacial Characteristics of Anodic Sulfides Films on HgCdTe김용식; 안세영; 전용우; 김선웅; 박만장; 김진상; 서상희
2007-06The role of surface adsorbates in the MOCVD growth Bi2Te3 films on sapphire substrates권성도; 김정훈; 정대용; 윤석진; 주병권; 김진상
2004-09The role of surface adsorbates on electrical properties of MOVPE grown HgCdTe onto (001) GaAs Substrates김진상; 김영환; 김병국; 제해준
2007-12The selective detection of C2H5OH using SnO2-ZnO thin film gas sensors prepared by combinatorial solution depositionKi-Won Kim; Pyeong-Seok Cho; Sun-Jung Kim; Jong-Heun Lee; 강종윤; 김진상; 윤석진
2003-01The use of an electron cyclotron resonance plasma to fabrication a photovoltaic HgCdTe diode for MWIR detection안세영; 이상훈; 서상희; 김진상
2016-04Thermal stability of 2DEG at amorphous LaAlO3/crystalline SrTiO3 heterointerfaces김진상; 강종윤; 장혜정; 백승협; 문선영; 문천우; 김태민; 최헌진; 장호원
2006-03Thermocompression bonding for wafer level hermetic packaging of RF-MEMS devices박길수; 서상원; 최우범; 김진상; 남산; 이종흔; 주병권
2011-05Thermoelectric properties and texture evaluation of Ca3Co4O9 prepared by a cost-effective multisheet cofiring technique권오정; 조욱; 고경은; 김재열; 배성환; 구현; 정성민; 김진상; 박찬
2011-04Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3 Films Grown by Modified MOCVD with Substrate Temperatures유현우; 권오정; 김광천; 최원철; 박찬; 김진상
2012-04Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3-In2Se3 Composite Thin Films Prepared by Co-Sputtering김광천; 최원철; 김현재; 여호기; 김진상; 박찬
2012-04Thermoelectric Properties of Bi2Te3-PbTe Pseudo Binary Near the Eutectic Composition정규호; 장호원; 강종윤; 유명재; 최원철; 김진상
2014-06Thermoelectric Properties of Highly Deformed and Subsequently Annealed p-Type (Bi0.25Sb0.75)2Te3 Alloys정성진; 김성근; 박형호; 현도빈; 백승협; 김진상
2012-06Thermoelectric Properties of Indium-Selenium Nanocomposites Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering임주혁; 박형호; 장호원; 유명재; 백동수; 백승협; 김진상
2009-06Thermoelectric properties of La(1-x)MxCoO3 (M=Sr, Ca강민규; 조광환; 강종윤; 김진상; 김상식; 윤석진
2014-02Thermoelectric Properties of n-Type Bi2Te3/PbSe0.5Te0.5 Segmented Thermoelectric Material윤세진; 조준영; 구현; 배성환; 안승현; 김귀랑; 김진상; 박찬
2014-01Thermoelectric properties of P-type Sb2Te3 thick film processed by a screen-printing technique and a subsequent annealing process김선진; 위주형; 김진상; 김경수; 조병진
2015-06Thermoelectric Properties of Sn-Doped Bi0.4Sb1.6Te3 Thin Films김광천; 권범진; 김현재; 백승협; 박찬; 김성근; 김진상
2014-06Thermopower Enhancement of Bi2Te3 Films by Doping I Ions김광천; 백승협; 현도빈; 김성근; 김진상
2015-12Thickness-dependent electrocaloric effect in Pb0.9La0.1Zr0.65Ti0.35O3 films grown by sol-gel process노임준; 권범진; 백승협; 김성근; 김진상; 강종윤
2012-06Three-Dimensional Bi2Te3 Nanocrystallites Embedded in 2D Bi2Te3 Films Grown by MOCVD유현우; 백승협; 김효정; 여호기; 박찬; 김진상
2013-01Tunable conductivity at LaAlO3/SrxCa12xTiO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) heterointerfaces문선영; 김대홍; 장혜정; 최종권; 강종윤; 최헌진; 홍성현; 백승협; 김진상; 장호원