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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Measurement of Environmentally Influenced Variations in Anthocyanin Accumulations in Brassica rapa subsp. Chinensis (Bok Choy) Using Hyperspectral Imaging김재헌; 김준식; 김형석; 박수현; 유지혜; 김효석; 정영철
2020-08Measurement of Hazardous Air Pollutants in Industrial Complex Using Mobile Measurement System with SIFT-MS이승복; 윤승진; 조강희; 김형석; 송건범; 정주영
2016-05Mesoporous MoS2 as a Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Exhibiting Pseudocapacitive Li and Na­Ion Charge Storage김형석; John B Cook; Yan Yan; Jesse S. Ko; Shauna Robbennolt; Bruce Dunn; Sarah H. Tolbert
2013-10Methyl jasmonate and 1-methylcyclopropene treatment effects on quinone reductase inducing activity and post-harvest quality of broccoli구강모; 최정희; 김형석; Mosbah M. Kushad; Elizabeth H. Jeffery; John A. Juvik
2016-06Motion Recognition-Based 3D Pedestrian Navigation System Using Smartphone이석; 김재헌; 이택진; 김철기; 김형석; 신범주; 기창돈
2010-11Multi-Sensor System for Air Quality Monitoring in Building and Surroundings오성균; 변영태; 이석; 김형석
2010-11Multilayered graphene efficiently formed by mechanical exfoliation for nonlinear saturable absorbers in fiber mode-locked lasers장유민; 김형석; 이주한; 송용원
2021-03Multiple effects of Mg1-xNixO coating on P2-type Na0.67Ni0.33Mn0.67O2 to generate highly stable cathodes for sodium-ion batteries정경윤; 김형석; 김성철; 김형우; 박재호; 최원창; 변동진
2017-01Na2Ti3O7 Nanoplatelets and Nanosheets Derived from a Modified Exfoliation Process for Use as a High-Capacity Sodium-Ion Negative Electrode김형석; Jesse S Ko; Vicky V.T. Doan-Nguyen; Guillaume A. Muller; Andrew C. Serino; Paul S. Weiss; Bruce S. Dunn
2017-01Nanoporous tin with a granular hierarchical ligament morphology as a highly stable Li-ion battery anode김형석; John B. Cook; Eric Detsi; Yijin Liu; Yu-Lun Liang; Xavier Petrissans; Bruce Dunn; Sarah H. Tolbert
2011-03Nonlinearity-preserved graphene/PVAc composite in optical deposition for fiber mode-locked lasers김형석; 조준현; 장성연; 송용원
2021-11Nutrient Dosing Framework for an Emission-Free Urban Hydroponic Production Tae In Ahn, Jai-Eok Park, Je Hyeong Jung, Sang이주영; 유지혜; 김형석; 김상민; 정제형; 박재억; 안태인
2018-03Nutrient removal from hydroponic wastewater by a microbial consortium and a culture of Paracercomonas saepenatans노주원; 김형석; 이주연; Arifur Rahman; Juliana Behrens; 함박눈; 윤성택; Hossain Azam; 권만재
2010-12Optical deposition of graphene/polymer composite for nonlinear laser pulsation김형석; 송용원
2021-01Optimization of antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory activities and ganoderic acid content of differentially dried Ganoderma lucidum using response surface methodology이택성; 노주원; 김형석; 김진철; 박수현; 김호연; 조좌영; 누루딘 빈 사디크; 류다혜; 이보경; Muhammad Hamayun
2019-12Optimization of synthesis conditions of high-tap density FeVO4 hollow microspheres via spray pyrolysis for lithium-ion batteries나인욱; 김형석; 파이잔 가니; 아시프 라자; 경대승; 임종주
2014-11Optimization of the surface light source with multi-color LEDs for plant factory이택성; 변석주; 김형석; 노주원
2017-04Oxygen vacancies enhance pseudocapacitive charge storage properties of MoO3-x김형석; John B. Cook; Hao Lin; Jesse S Ko; Sarah H. Tolbert; Vidvuds Ozolins; Bruce Dunn
2011-03Passive mode-locker incorporating physically exfoliated graphene for fiber ring laser장유민; 김형석; 이주한; 송용원
2012-11Pattern Recognition for Selective Odor Detection with Gas Sensor Arrays김은경; 이석; 김재헌; 김철기; 변영태; 김형석; 이택진
2021-09Phenolic constituents isolated from Senna tora sprouts and their neuroprotective effects against glutamate-induced oxidative stress in HT22 and R28 cells권학철; 박진수; 김형석; 이재욱; 권재영; 박웅비; 이정환; 황호성; 바스카; 류승목; 이동호; 장대식
2010-12Physically exfoliated graphene thin film for passive pulsation on fiber ring laser장유민; 김형석; 이주한; 송용원
2019-02Polydopamine-derived N-doped carbon-wrapped Na3V2(PO4)3 cathode with superior rate capability and cycling stability for sodium-ion batteries최원창; 김형석; 김형우; 임효준; 김기재; 변동진
2020-07Pre-coating strategy for highly stable Ni-rich layered oxides cathodes for lithium-ion batteries김형석; 김형우; 장지혜; 변동진; 최원창
2017-01Pseudocapacitive Charge Storage in Thick Composite MoS2 Nanocrystal-Based Electrodes김형석; John B. Cook; Terri C. Lin; Chun-Han Lai; Bruce Dunn; Sarah H. Tolbert
2008-08Quasi-Hierarchical Routing Algorithm for ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 Networks김연수; 이은주; 김봉수; 김형석
2019-12Selective TiO2 Nanolayer Coating by Polydopamine Modification for Highly Stable Ni-Rich Layered Oxides김형석; 김형우; 장지혜; 변동진; 최원창
2016-02Stable Inheritance of an Integrated Transgene and Its Expression in Phenylethylisothiocyanate-Enriched Transgenic Chinese cabbage김형석; 박지현; 이기호; 유재경; 박영두
2010-01Stochastic Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks김형석; 이석; 김남훈
2003-05Structural optical properties of InAs/GaAs quantum dots grown by atomic layer MBE and its application to 1.13 um laser diodes송진동; 박영민; 신재철; 허두창; 배형철; 임재구; 박용주; 최원준; 한일기; 조운조; 이정일; 김형석; 박찬경