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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-11PC based VR(virtual reality) interface system박민철; 김권필; 우덕하
1996-01Percolation of carriers through low potential channels in thick Al//xGa//1//-//xAs (x<0.35) barriers.강광남; 우덕하; D. S. Kim; H. S. Ko; Y. M. Kim; S. J. Rhee; S. C. Hong; Y. H. Yee; W. S. Kim; J. C. Woo; H. J. Choi; J. Ihm
1997-11Performance characteristics of CBE - grwon InGaAs/InGaAsP MQW RWG laser diode with dry etching technique박경현; 엄창섭; 한일기; 우덕하; 김선호; 최상삼
1995-01Photonic control of DC and microwave characteristics in AlGaAs/GaAs/InGaAs double heterostructure pseudomorphic HEMT's.김회종; 우덕하; 한일기; 최원준; 이정일; 강광남; S. J. Kim; D. M. Kim; H. Chung; S. I. Kim; S. H. Kim; K. Cho
2001-05Photonic gates for optical signal processing이석; 강병권; 김재헌; 변영태; 우덕하
2006-07Photonic Integration of InGaAs/InGaAsP Laser Using Ion Implantation Induced Quantum Well Intermixing최경선; 변영태; 송종한; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 전영민; 박진우
2003-01Photonics logic gates based on SOA이석; 김재헌; 변영태; 전영민; 우덕하; 김선호
2012-02Photonics Technologies for EUV Lithography전영민; 박민철; 김재헌; 이석; 우덕하; 김용태; 조운조; 김영환
2006-11PL characteristic and fabrication of photonic crystal structure on GaAs Substrate using nanoporous alumina정미; 백제현; 이석; 전영민; 변영태; 김선호; 우덕하; 모선일; 김근주
2000-02PL spectra of disorderd InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum wells이종창; 최원준; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 최상삼
2013-05Plasmonic properties and LSPR application of noble metal nanodot array정미; 김승규; 김재헌; 이석; 변영태; 전영민; 김선호; 우덕하
2004-07Polarization dependence of P-p-n-N GaAs/AlGaAs Phase Modulator at 1.55 μm변영태; 김성진; 우덕하
1996-10Probing optical-phonon propagation in GaAs/Al//xGa//1//-//xAs quantum-well samples via their nonequilibrium population.P.Y. Yu; Zhenpeng Su; 김대식; J.S. Khim; Y.S. Lim; Y.H. Yee; Y.H. Cho; J.S. Lee; J.H. Lee; J.S. Chang; 최병두; 우덕하; E.J. Shin; D. Kim; K. Arya; J.J. Song
2008-05Pulse-Amplitude Equalization of Rational-Harmonically Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser Using Polarization-Maintaining Laser Resonator김선호; 변영태; 우덕하; 전영민; 이석
2003-10Pulse-amplitude equalization of rational-harmonically mode-locked fiber ring laser with polarization-maintaining laser resonator.전영민; 이유승; 김재헌; 변영태; 우덕하
2006-09Pulse-amplitude equalization using a polarization-maintaining laser resonator전영민; 변영태; 우덕하
2002-07Pulsewidth-variable mode-locked semiconductor fiber ring laser using XGM by injecting double control pulses.최경선; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 서동선
2004-10Quantum dot modulator with the highest modulation efficiency이석; 옥성해; 손창완; 문연태; 우덕하; 변영태; 김선호; 최영완
1997-05Quantum well disordering of low temperature grown GaAs capped multiple quantum well with SiO//2 capping layer최원준; 한상민; I. Shah; 최석근; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 강광남
2006-08Realisation of all-optical multi-functional logic gates using semiconductor optical amplifiers손창완; 김상헌; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 윤태훈
2006-01Realization of all-optical basic logic gates using cross gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiers김상헌; 김재헌; 이종석; 손창완; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호
2011-11Realization of All-Optical Circular Shift Register Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers이지석; 임재문; 이주한; 이혁재; 이택진; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 전영민; 김재헌
2012-05Realization of All-Optical Circular Shift Register Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers이지석; 이혁재; 이택진; 이석; 우덕하; 전영민; 김재헌
2004-11Realization of All-Optical Full Adder Using Cross-Gain Modulation김재헌; 김상헌; 손창완; 옥성해; 김성진; 최재원; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호
2006-10Realization of all-optical half adder using XGM in semiconductor optical amplifiers without additional input beams김상헌; 김재헌; 손창완; 김근철; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호
2006-07Realization of All-Optical multi-functional logic gates by Using cross gain modulation of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers손창완; 김상헌; 이종석; 전영민; 변영태; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 윤태훈
2005-07Realization of all-optical NAND gate using cross gain modulation in semiconductor optical amplifiers김상헌; 김재헌; 변영태; 전영민; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호
2007-01Realization of All-Optical XOR, NOR, and NAND Gates in Single Format by Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers손창완; 김상헌; 전영민; 변영태; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 윤태훈
2005-10Realization of High-Speed All-Optical OR Gate using Cross-Gain Modulation변영태; 최경선; 전영민; 우덕하; 이석; 김선호
2012-10Recent Advances on All-Optical Logic Gates and Their Future Trends (Invited Talk)김재헌; 김철기; 이택진; 김선호; 우덕하; 이석