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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12Characterization of desiccant wheels with alternative materials at low regeneration temperaturesStephan White; Mark Goldsworthy; Roger Reece; Thorsten Spillmann; Abdullah Gorur; 이대영
2016-12Characterization of macrophage-activating polysaccharide isoloated from fermented brown rice신명숙; 이대영; 신광순
1999-01Comparative analysis of jet impingement and microchannel cooling for high heat flux applications이대영; Kambiz Vafai
1999-01Comparative analysis of the minimum capacity of an ice-on-coil thermal storage system for various operation strategies이대영; 정성훈; 강병하
2013-10Comparison of configurations for a compact regenerative evaporative cooler이주현; BongSu Choi; 이대영
2004-02Conceptual Development of a Subminiature Cool Pad Applying Sorption Cooling Effect황용신; 이대영; 김우승
2011-06Contributions of system components and operating conditions to the performance of desiccant cooling systemsJae Dong Chung; 이대영
2000-01Control strategy for economic operation of an ice-storage system considering cooling load variation정성훈; 이대영; 강병하; 김우승
2003-04Cooling enhancement in an air-cooled finned heat exchanger by thin water film송찬호; 이대영; 노승탁
2003-03Cooling Enhancement in an Air-Cooled Finned Heat Exchanger by Thin Water Film EvaporationChan Ho Song; 이대영; Sung Tak Ro
2004-03Cooling Enhancement Potential of an Air-Cooled Condenser by Evaporative Cooling이대영; 백영진; 김영일
2008-07Cooling Performance of a Counterflow Regenerative Evaporative Cooler with Finned Channels문현기; 이대영
2004-06Cycle Simulation of a Desiccant Cooling System with a Regenerative Evaporative Cooler이재완; 이대영; 강병하
2008-09Dehumidification and regeneration of a polymeric desiccant심지영; 송귀은; 이대영
2005-07Derivation and Analysis of Dimensionless Parameters Dominating the Dehumidification Characteristics of a Desiccant Rotor이길봉; 김민수; 이대영
2008-10Desiccant cooling system with a regenerative evaporative cooler이대영
2008-10Desiccant evaporative cooling system with low-temperature heat source권치호; 윤석만; 이대영
1998-01Design criterion on a compact heat exchanger with porous media insertion이대영
2006-06Design of pin-fin structure in a channel considering the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics신지영; 손영석; 이대영
1999-01Design procedure for a compact heat exchanger with poroud media insertion.진재식; 이대영; 남평우
2011-12Design, fabrication and testing of a compact regenerative cooler with finned channels이주현; 이대영
1998-01Determination of the minimum capacity of the ice storage system according to the various operation strategies이대영; 강병하
2006-08Development of a compact regenerative evaporative cooler송귀은; 이대영
2004-09Development of a Linearized Model and Verification of the Exact Solution for the Analysis of a Desiccant Dehumidifier이길봉; 이대영; 김민수
2011-12Development of a simple analytical model for deisccant wheel-I. Approximate solution of the governing equations김동선; 최영돈; 이대영
2006-09District cooling method for apartment houses by desiccant cooling technology이대영
2010-03Drop spreading on superhydrophilic microdecorated surface김성진; 문명운; 이광렬; 장영수; 이대영; 김호영
2008-06Effect of Cathode Gasket Thickness to Performance of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells최훈; 황용신; 이대영; 김서영; 차석원
2007-08Effect of desiccant and channel geometrics on the performance of desiccant rotor정재동; 이대영; 윤석만
2009-06Effect of desiccant isotherm on the performance of desiccant wheel정재동; 이대영