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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01Heat transfer analysis on the heat exchanger of a stirling cycle machine.이대영; 조관식; 강병하; 노승탁
1995-01Heat transfer by oscillating flow in a circular pipe with a sinusoidal wall temperature distribution이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1998-06Heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a laminar oscillating pipe flow이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
1997-01Heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a laminar oscillating pipe flow이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
2017-01In-depth analysis of the performance of hybrid desiccant cooling system incorporated with an electric heat pump이대영; 최선; 황원백
2009-02Influence of flow channel design on the flow pressure drop and the performance of direct methanol fuel cells황용신; 차석원; 최훈; 이대영; 김서영
2000-10Influence of the hydraulic boundary layer on the convective heat transfer in porous media이대영; 진재식; 강병하
1999-01Influence of the hydraulic boundary layer on the convective heat transfer in porous media.진재식; 이대영
2006-05Investigation on the cooling characteristics of a regenerative evaporative water cooler최봉수; 홍희기; 이대영
2011-08Liquid spreading on superhydrophilic micropillar arrays김성진; 문명운; 이광렬; 이대영; 장영수; 김호영
2006-07Load management of district heating and cooling이대영; 박윤철; 오명도; 김용열; 장승찬
2017-10Low-temperature regeneration of novel polymeric adsorbent on decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) removal for cost-effective purification of biogases from siloxane정종수; 이대영; 정현덕
1999-01Maximum cold energy practically chargeable in an ice-on-coil thermal storage system.이대영; 강병하
2006-04Measurement of Particle-Fluid Velocities of a Particle Containing Fluid Flow in a Grooved ChannelDong-Xu Jin; 이대영; 이윤표
2013-10Mechanical Characteristic Tuning of Nitinol Tube using Laser Patterning이대영; 김지석; 김계리; 강성철; 조규진
2015-07Model based derivation of characteristic parameters for the dehumidification performance of a desiccant wheel강형묵; 이대영
2018-12Modelling of an adsorption chiller with adsorbent-coated heat exchangers: Feasibility of a polymer-water adsorption chiller이대영; Dong-Seon Kim; Young-Soo Chang
2011-04Modelling of the heat and mass transfer in a liquid desiccant dehumidifier with extended surface장영수; 이대영
2002-01Momentum boundary layer and its influence on the convective heat transfer in porous media이대영; Jin, J. S.; Kang, B.H.
2007-08Numerical study on the oscillating flow effect in a cathode channel of fuel cells권치호; 이대영
2000-05On the local thermal equilibrium in microchannel heat sinks김성진; 김덕종; 이대영
2006-05Optimal configuration for a compact regenerative evaporative cooler최봉수; 홍희기; 이대영
1998-11Optimal design optimal operation of the ice storage system이대영
2009-04Optimization of desiccant wheel speed and area ratio of regeneration to dehumidification as a function of regeneration temperatureJae Dong Chung; 이대영; Seok Mann Yoon
2007-07Optimization of the area ratio of regeneration to dehumidification and rotor speed on the condition of low regeneration temperature정재동; 이대영; 윤석만
2001-07Optimum design of a compact heat exchanger with foam metal insertion이대영; 진재식; 강병하
2007-06Optimum Rotating Speed of Desiccant Rotor송귀은; 이대영
2005-06Particle-Fluid Velocities and Fouling in a Grooved Channel FlowJin, Dong-Xu; 이대영; 이윤표
1998-10Performance improvement of a screw-compressor-type chiller이대영