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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01Simulation of a screw compressor considering leakage and superheat.안영산; 이대영; 김영일; 남임우; 김용찬
2005-04Simultaneous Measurement of Fluid Velocity and Particle Velocity in a Particle-Containing Fluid Flow김동욱; 이대영; 이윤표
2009-09Simultaneous measurement of particle and fluid velocities in particle-laden flowsD. X. Jin; 이대영
2008-12Small-Capacity Solar Cooling System by Desiccant Cooling Technology이대영
2005-09Solid Desiccant and Desiccant Rotor이대영; 박문수
2012-11Sorption characteristics of a novel polymeric desiccant이주현; 이대영
2010-03Spreading Performance of Superhydrophilic Fiber Network김성진; 문명운; 이광렬; 장영수; 이대영; 김호영
2008-10Study of heat and mass transfer in absorptive evaporative coolingM. G. Kim; S. K. Ko; W. K. Kang; 이대영; J. Y. Shin
2008-07Study on the Counterflow Regenerative Evaporative Cooler with Finned Channels최봉수; 홍희기; 이대영
2006-08Subminiature Cool Pad Applying Sorption Cooling Effect이대영; 황용신
2005-06Subminiature Cool Pad Applying Sorption Cooling Effect황용신; 이대영
1991-01System development for the design of gasoline engine ECU.이대영; 김응서; 박경석; 고상근; 노승탁
2005-02The Operation Characteristics and Cost Analysis of an Ice Thermal Storage System안영환; 강병하; 김석현; 이대영
2010-09The role of fluid inertia on streamwise velocity and vorticity pattern in curved microfluidic channels전명석; 임진명; 이대영
2004-02Theoretical Analysis on the Heat and Mass Transfer in a Sorption Cool Pad황용신; 이대영; 박봉철
1995-01Theoretical analysis on the heat transfer by an oscillating flow in a circular pipe.이대영; 조관식; 노승탁
2001-09Theoretical assessment of the cooling performance of an evaporative cooler송찬호; 이대영; 노승탁
2009-10Theoretical derivation of the optimum rotation speed of a desiccant rotor이대영; 송귀은
2008-06Theoretical Determination of Optimum Rotating Speed of Desiccant Rotor송귀은; 이대영
2014-06Toward a Solution to the Snapping Problem in a Concentric-Tube Continuum Robot: Grooved Tubes with Anisotropy김지석; 이대영; 김계리; 강성철; 조규진
2001-03Transient heat transfer in porous media under oscillating flow condition변수영; 이대영; 노승탁
2000-10Transient heat transfer in porous media under oscillating flow condition변수영; 이대영; 노승탁
2006-11Transient thermal behavior of porous media under oscillating flow condition변수영; 노승탁; 신지영; 손영석; 이대영
1996-01Unsteady heat transfer of an oscillatory flow in a circular tube.이대영; 박상진; 노승탁
2015-01Water Sorption and Hindered Diffusion with Different Chain Stiffness of Superabsorbent Polymer전명석; 이대영
2015-03Wicking and flooding of liquids on vertical porous sheets김성진; 최진우; 문명운; 이광렬; 장영수; 이대영; 김호영
2013-05-28간접증발식 액체 냉각기용 열교환기이대영
1997-01건물공조용 빙축열 냉방시스템의 최적 운전기법이대영; 정성훈; 강병하
2011-04-05고분자 현열 로터이대영
2014-07-21고분자 현열 로터이대영