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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-04A comparison of Pycnogenol(R) and bark extracts from Pinus thunbergii and Pinus densiflora: Extractability, antioxidant activity and proanthocyanidin composition김상민; 강석우; 전제승; 엄병헌
2018-04A standardized extract of Rhynchosia volubilis Lour. exerts a protective effect on benzalkonium chloride-induced mouse dry eye model오상록; 정상훈; 강석우; 정제형; 강태겸; 김경아; 이충현; 양승재; 김태진
2010-08Absolute configuration-dependent epoxide formation from cis- and trans-isoflavan-4-ol stereoisomers by biphenyl dioxygenase of Pseudomonas pseudoalcaigenes strain KF707서지영; 강수일; 원동호; 김미향; 유지영; 강석우; 엄병헌; 판철호; 안중훈; 정유훈; Robert A. Kanaly; 허호길
2011-03Absolute configuration-dependent epoxide formation from isoflavan-4-ol stereoisomers by biphenyl dioxygenase of Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes strain KF707서지영; 강수일; 원동호; 김미향; 류지영; 강석우; 엄병헌; 판철호; 안중훈; 정유훈; Robert A. Kanaly; 한재홍; 허호길
2014-04Aceriphyllum rossii Extract and Its Active Compounds, Quercetin and Kaempferol Inhibit IgE-mediated Mast Cell Activation and Passive Cutaneous Anaphylaxis김명석; 임수지; 강석우; 엄병헌; 노주원
2013-03Analysis of Carotenoids in 25 Indigenous Korean Coral Extracts김상민; 강석우; 이은아; 서은경; 송준임; 판철호
2014-12Analysis of the Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activities of Soybean Extracts from Different Regions and CultivarsJung-Hwan Nam; 강석우; Su-Young Hong; Su-Jeong Kim; Young-Ik Jin; Hyun-Sam Kim; Young-Ho Yoon; Jin-Cheol Jeong; 판철호; 엄병헌; 노주원; Hyun-Choong Ok
2016-05Anthocyanin-rich Rhynchosia nulubilis extracts protect photoreceptor cell against MNU-induced retinal degeneration김태진; 김경아; 강석우; 강규동; 김수아; 권만재; 정상훈
2016-05Anti-inflammatory effects of Diospyros kaki in Mouse Dry Eye Model김경아; 양승재; 김태진; 강석우; 정상훈
2008-05Antiinflammatory Activity of Angelica Dahurica and Rapid Identification of Active Constituents by LC-NMR/MS강석우; 김철영; 송대근; 판철호; 엄병헌
2010-08Antioxidant compound from the brown alga Eisenia bicyclis김상민; 전제승; 강석우; 엄병헌
2017-09Beneficial effects of black bean (Rhynchosia volubilis) on ocular surface damage induced by benzalkonium chloride in mouse model of dry eye정상훈; 강석우; 강태겸; 김경아; 이충현; 양승재; 김태진
2012-06Composition Analysis and Antioxidant Activity of Ojuk (Phyllostachys nigra Munro) Leaf Tea and Shoot Tea김상민; 전제승; 강석우; 김우리; 이기덕; 엄병헌
2012-06Content of Antioxidative Caffeoylquinic Acid Derivatives in Field- Grown Ligularis fischeri (Ledeb.) Turcz and Responses to Sunlight김상민; 전제승; 강석우; 정유진; 리린나; 엄병헌
2013-06Determination of major phlorotannins in Eisenia bicyclis using hydrophilic interaction chromatography: Seasonal variation and extraction characteristics김상민; 강석우; 전제승; 정유진; 김우리; 김철영; 엄병헌
2016-01Diospyros kaki Extract Inhibits Alkali Burn-Induced Corneal NeovascularizationYang Sung Jae; Jo Hyoung; 김경아; 안홍열; 강석우; 정상훈
2012-08Edible seaweed, Eisenia bicyclis, protects retinal ganglion cells death caused by oxidative stress김경아; 김상민; 강석우; 전상일; 엄병헌; 정상훈
2010-04Effect of Pressurized Liquids on Extraction of Antioxidants from Chlorella vulgaris차광현; 강석우; 김철영; 엄병헌; 나예림; 판철호
2014-09Evaluating the in vitro bioaccessibility of isoflavones (aglycones, non-conjugated glucosides, and conjugated glucosides) from different soy products under simulated gastrointestinal digestion강석우; 이은하; 차광현; 엄병헌; 판철호
2010-03Extraction Conditions of Radical Scavenging Caffeoylquinic Acids from Gomchui (Ligularia fischeri) Tea김상민; 강석우; 엄병헌
2010-12Fast identification of flanonoids in the roots of Sophora flavescens by on-flow LC-NMR김수진; 김상민; 김민철; 강석우; 엄병헌
2012-08Fucoxanthin as a Major Carotenoid in Isochrysis aff. galbana: Characterization of Extraction for Commercial Application김상민; 강석우; 권오남; 정동화; 판철호
2013-07Functional implication of β-carotene hydroxylases in soybean nodulationYun Kyoung Kim; Sunghan Kim; Ji Hyun Um; Kyunga Kim; Sun Kang Choi; 엄병헌; 강석우; Jee Woong Kim; Shinichi Takaichi; Seok Bo Song; Choon Hwan Lee; Ho Seung Kim; Ki Woo Kim; Kyoung Hee Nam; Suk Ha Lee; Yul Ho Kim; Hyang Mi Park; Sun Hwa Ha; Desh Pal S. Verma; Choong Ill Cheon
2011-09Inhibitory effect of ursolic acid derivatives on recombinant human aldose reductase이은하; Popov S.A.; 이주영; Shpatov A.V.; Kukina T.P.; 강석우; 판철호; 엄병헌; 정상훈
2008-09Isolation and fast identification of flavonoids in Sophora Radix by using prep-HPLC and LC-NMR/MS김수진; 김민철; 강석우; 엄병헌
2009-04LC-NMR-MS on Natural Products Research강석우; 엄병헌
2008-09LC-NMR/MS on natural products research강석우; 엄병헌
2010-08LC/MS/NMR analysis of isomeric caffeoylquinic acids from Gomchui tea (Ligularia fischeri var. spiciformis)강석우; 김상민; 엄병헌
2015-09Leaves of Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) Ameliorate N-Methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU)-Induced Retinal Degeneration in Mice김경아; 강석우; 안홍열; 송영우; Sung Jae Yang; 정상훈
2013-02Lipophilic Extracts from Needles and Defoliated Twigs of Pinus pumila from Two Different PopulationsAlexander V. Shpatov; Sergey A. Popov; Olga I. Salnikova; Emma N. Shmidt; 강석우; 김상민; 엄병헌