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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-013D-Printed Sugar Scaffold for High-Precision and Highly Sensitive Active and Passive Wearable Sensors권석준; Dong Hae Ho; Panuk Hong; Joong Tark Han; Sang-Youn Kim; Jeong Ho Cho
2020-03A Multi­Functional Highly Efficient Upconversion Luminescent Film with an Array of Dielectric Microbeads Decorated with Metal Nanoparticles권석준; 장호성; 강구민; 신동훈; 안인환; 여선주; 정기남; 김병훈; 남민우; 고두현
2016-09A Plasmonic Platform with Disordered Array of Metal Nanoparticles for Three-Order Enhanced Upconversion Luminescence and Highly Sensitive Near-Infrared Photodetector한일기; 권석준; 장호성; 박준서; 고형덕; 정기남; 이기용; 주홍렬
2018-11A Plesiohedral Cellular Network of Graphene Bubbles for Ultralight, Strong, and Superelastic Materials권석준; 여선주; 오민준; 전현민; 이민환; 배중건; 김예슬; 박경진; 이승우; 이대연; 원병묵; 이원보; 유필진
2020-08Adaptive self-healing electronic epineurium for chronic bidirectional neural interfaces김진석; 김유찬; 권석준; 윤인찬; 한형섭; 이효진; 서현선; 송강일; 김승회; 성두환; 유기준; 손동희
2014-04Com putational Study on the Cluster Form ation of Colloidal Dispersion of Janus Nanoparticles권석준; 박재관; T. Alan Hatton
2014-11Computational Study on Assembly of Colloidal Nanoparticles using Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation권석준; 박재관
2013-11Computational Study on Cluster Formation of Colloidal Nanoparticles: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation and Rate Theory Modeling on Scaling Behaviors of Clusters권석준; T. Alan Hatton
2006-04Dewetting of a sol-gel-derived thin film권석준; 박재관
2008-02Dynamic Instability of a Sol-Gel-Derived Thin Film권석준; 박재관
2007-08Dynamic instability of a sol-gel-derived thin film and its application to the wet-chemical growth of nanorods권석준; 박재관
2007-03Dynamic instability of a sol-gel-derived thin film: Dewetting and dynamics권석준; 박재관
2007-09Evolution of the morphology of the ZnS nanostructures최영진; 권석준; 김동완; 최경진; 남 산; 박재관
2017-01Fabrication of enzyme-based coatings on intact multi-walled carbon nanotubes as highly effective electrodes in biofuel cells김병찬; 이인선; 권석준; 위영호; 권기영; 전철민; 안효진; 정희태; Su Ha; Jonathan S. Dordick; 김중배
2006-03Formation of self-organized anisotropic polymer structures by confined dynamic instability권석준
2006-11Gas Sensor Based on the Network of SnO2 Semiconducting Nanowires최영진; 박경수; 박재환; 권석준; 박정현; 박재관
2014-11Germanium microflower-on-nanostem as a high-performance lithium ion battery electrode이광희; 권석준; 박경수; 강진구; 박재관; Sungjun Lee; Jae-Chan Kim; Hyun-Woo Shim; Dong-Wan Kim
2007-11Growth of SnO2-In2O3 Hetero Nanostructures권석준; 황인성; 김동완; 최영진; 박재관
2020-05High Capacity Adsorption―Dominated Potassium and Sodium Ion Storage in Activated Crumpled Graphene권석준; 이병용; 김명진; 김선경; Jagjit Nanda; 장희동; David Mitlin; 이승우
2007-10Highly Conductive Coaxial SnO2-In2O3 Heterostructured Nanowires for Li Ion Battery Electrodes김동완; 황인성; 권석준; 강해용; 박경수; 최영진; 최경진; 박재관
2015-12II-VI족 다성분계 고용체 반도체 나노구조체 연구동향권석준
2018-12Long-distance transmission of broadband nearinfrared light guided by a semi-disordered 2D array of metal nanoparticles한일기; 권석준; 이관일; 여선주; 김정제; 김형욱; 정기남; 장원석; 김영동
2017-01Long-term efficient organic photovoltaics based on quaternary bulk heterojunctions한일기; 권석준; 허가현; 남민우; 차민정; 이현희; 이규태; 유재홍; 고두현
2005-01Morphological dynamics of swelling-induced surface patterns in metal-capped polymer bilayer권석준; 박재관; 이상훈
2016-05Multi-Functional Transparent Luminescent Configuration for Advanced Photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준; 남민우; 권현근; 권순홍; 차민정; 이성환; 박상필; 정다운; 이규태; 이한주; 도영락; 김상진; 김경식; Richard Friend; 고두현
2016-02Multi-functional transparent luminescent configuration for advanced photovoltaics한일기; 한준수; 권석준; 이승환; 권현근; 권순홍; 차민정; 박상필; 정다운; 이규태; 이한주; 남민우; 도영락; 김상인; 김경식; Richard H. Friend; 고두현
2020-12Nanoturf Hierarchical thermo-membrane for solar-vapor generator권석준; 김종욱; 강승지; 이소리; 옥제형; 김용재; 노승훈; 홍해린; 김정규; 채희엽; 김태일
2017-03Nitrogen-doped graphene-wrapped iron nanofragments for high-performance oxygen reduction electrocatalysts이상수; 권석준; 손정곤; 김진영; 김나영; 박희영; 이장열; 신동윤; 임동희; 봉기완
2018-07On-Demand Drug Release from Gold Nanoturf for a Thermo- and Chemotherapeutic Esophageal Stent정영미; 권석준; 이지연; 김태희; 황교연; 이소리; 김종욱; 고경범; 박병학; 홍해린; 유기준; 채희엽; 김태일
2005-09Patterned growth of ZnO nanorods by micromolding of sol-gel-derived seed layer권석준; 박재환; 박재관