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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11(1) 스크롤 팽창기 성능특성에 관한 실험적 연구우종한; 박태우; 송원빈; 김광호
2015-06(1) 압력비 변화에 따른 스크롤팽창기 성능특성 실험곽철우; 송원빈; 김태균; 김주영; 김광호
2015-03(1) 염화칼슘이 함침된 펄라이트를 이용한 화학축열에 대한 실험적 연구정한솔; 김학성; 황경엽; 김광호
2015-06(1) 염화칼슘이 함침된 펄라이트의 습공기 공급량에 따른 반응경향성에 대한 실험적 연구김학성; 변우현; 정한솔; 황경엽; 김광호
2003-07-083절 링크를 이용한 날개 구동 장치김광호; 박지형; 이광락
2019-10A new P2-type layered oxide cathode with superior full-cell performances for K-ion batteries정훈기; 황장연; 김종순; 유태연; 김재국; 김광호; 선양국
1992-01A numerical simulation of flows in an engine cooling passage.조원국; 허남건; 윤성영; 김광호
1993-01A numerical simulation of flows in an engine cooling passage.김광호; 허남건; 조원국; 윤성영
1992-01A numerical study of forced convection heat transfer in spiral tubes with square cross-section.김광호; 허남건; 윤성영
1992-01A numerical study on 3-dimensional flow field around a vehicle.김광호; 허남건; 윤성영; 조원국
1993-01A numerical study on flows in a rotating serpentine passage.김광호; 허남건; 조원국; 윤성영
1992-04A numerical study on laminar flows in spiral tubes with rectangular cross-section.김광호; 윤성영; 허남건
2005-12A Study on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Flapping Motion김윤주; 오현택; 정진택; 최항철; 김광호
1991-01A study on cross type heat exchanger using element method.김광호; 정형호; 신흥태; 이춘식
1998-02A study on flow characteristics of axial flow fan with 3 different hub-tip ratios김광호; 김창수; 양철수
2005-03A Study on Performance Characteristics of a Small IFR Turbine with 2-D Rotor김준선; 최항철; 김광호; 주원구
2005-08A Study on Rotational Effect on Flapping Wing Motion김윤주; 최항철; 김광호
1994-01A study on the development of general purpose program for the analysis of 3-D fluid flow by using a general non-orthogonal grid system.김광호; 허남건; 조원국; 윤성영
1994-01A study on the effect of cooling air flow on aerodynamic drag of ahmed's body.김광호; 안이기; 정형호
2002-09A study on the flow characteristics of an axial flow fan by unsteady pressure measurement강창식; 신유환; 김광호; 이두열
2006-11A study on the neural thermocouple arrays probe김광호; 이승훈; 임영근; 이병철; 박정호; 문성욱
2002-08A study on the unsteady flow phenomena in an axial flow fan김광호; 신유환; 강창식
2009-12Aerodynamic Design and Estimation of a Centrifugal Multi-Blade Fan for Ventilation박준건; 강경준; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정재구; 김정환
2010-05Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of Propane Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor for LNG Plant박주훈; 이원석; 강경준; 신유환; 이윤표; 김광호; 정진택
2009-12Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Analysis of R134a Centrifugal Compressor for Ice Storage System박주훈; 강경준; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정진택; 김종성
2011-08Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Study of a Propane-Refrigerant Centrifugal Compressor for LNG Plant박주훈; 이원석; 신유환; 김광호; 이윤표; 정진택
1995-01Aerodynamic design and performance analysis of low pressure turbine of aeroderivative gas turbine engine.김광호; 김동섭
2010-12Aerodynamic Performance of Multi-blade Fan According to Different Shape of Impeller Shroud Side이호호; 최항철; 이원석; 정재구; 이윤표; 김광호; 정진택
2020-11Alkaline sulfonation and thermomechanical pulping pretreatment of softwood chips and pellets to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis김창수; 김광호; Jie Wu; Richard Chandra; Masatsugu Takada; Pablo Del Rio; Li-yang Liu; Scott Renneckar; Jack Saddler
1998-06An experimental study on flow field of axial flow fan김광호; 김창수