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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-113-D Reconstruction Using a Touch Sensor for Mouse Stereotactic Surgery in Unstructured Environment김신정; 김기훈; 이성온; 유범재; 오상록
2016-0664-Channel Double-Layered Sieve Electrode with Increased Porosity for Improved Axon Regeneration and High Spatial Resolution오상록; 김진석; 윤인찬; 김기훈; 정진우; 정우현; 김옥철; 추준욱; 박종웅
2014-11A Control Method of Power-Assisted Robot for Upper Limb Considering Intention-based Motion by Using sEMG Signal이재민; 김민규; 고현규; 김기훈
2017-12A Control Method to Minimize Muscle Energy for Power Assistant Robotic Systems under Unknown External Perturbation김기훈; 김민규; Jaemin Lee
2011-09A Fast Classification System for Decoding of Human Hand Configurations Using Multi-Channel sEMG Signals박명수; 김기훈; 오상록
2016-06A feasibility test of underactuated robotic prosthetic fingers actuated by shape memory alloy김기훈; 김민규; 황동현; 이재민
2017-07A Handheld Device for Magnetically Inserting a Neural Interface into a Peripheral Nervous System오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우
2019-05A Miniature Suction-gripper with Passive and Active Microneedle Arrays to Manipulate Peripheral Nerves오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선
1999-02A new all-fiber bidirectional optical cross-connect with tunable fiber Bragg gratings김기훈; 권서원; 박진우; 이상배; 최상삼
2018-07A Pilot Study on the Novel Non-invasive Nerve-Holder with Negative-pressure Suctions오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 임병규; Hyun Gi Jung; Yong Seok Ihn; Jinwoo Jeong
2014-11A preliminary analysis of analysis window size and voting size with a time delay for a robust real-time sEMG pattern recognition김민규; 이재민; 고현규; 김기훈
2016-06A Preliminary Study on the Method for Stable and Reliable Implantation of Neural Interfaces into Peripheral Nervous System오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 인용석; Seonhong Hwang
2015-09A Robust Control Method of Multi-DOF Power-Assistant Robots for Unknown External Perturbation using sEMG Signals이재민; 김민규; 김기훈
2020-04A Tele-operated Microsurgical Forceps-Driver with a Variable Stiffness Haptic Feedback Master Device오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우; 김기훈
1998-05Active demultiplexing optical cross-connect(OXC) node architecture using grating control김기훈; 권서원; 이상배; 박진우
2018-06An Experimental Study on the Insertion of Neural Interfaces into Peripheral Nerve Using a Piezoelectric Vibrator오상록; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 정진우; 인용석; 임병규
2016-12Analysis of glycerol with isolation of endogenous interferences using "dilute and shoot”strategy and high-resolution mass spectrometry in human urine for antidoping testing권오승; 이강미; 김호준; 이재익; 손정현; 박주형; 김기훈; 민호필; 성창민; 김용석
2013-07Analytical Modeling of Disk-Type Piezoelectric Variable Friction Tactile Displays손권중; 김민규; 김기훈
2020-11Astrocytes Control Sensory Acuity via Tonic Inhibition in the Thalamus이재익; 박기덕; 이현범; 김기훈; 이승은; 우준성; 최지원; 오주은; 이정무; 신정임; 고우현; 박용민; Hankyul Kwak; Sangwoo Kim; Kiyeong Song; Elliot H. Lee; Jin Young Bae; Go Eun Ha; Sunpil Kim; Jiesi Feng; Yoo Sung Kim; Dongsu Lee; Taehwang Son; Soon Woo Kwon; Bo-Eun Yoon; Yulong Li; Yong Chul Bae; 이창준; Eunji Cheong
2018-05Compact Modular Cycloidal Motor with Embedded Shape Memory Alloy Wires김기훈; 황동현; 인용석
2019-08Comprehensive analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in human serum and comparison of different mass spectrometric ionization approaches김기훈; 이주은; 오한빈; 임호섭
2003-10CO₂-free hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane over carbon blacksEun Kyoung Lee; 김기훈; 김명환; 한귀영; 이병권; 윤기준
2009-10Description of Instantaneous Restriction Space for Multi-DOFs Bilateral Teleoperation Systems Using Position Sensors in Unstructured Environments김기훈; 정완균; M. Cenk Cavusoglu
2013-05Design Issues for the Fixation Part of a Hand Exoskeleton엄태웅; 홍만복; 김기훈
2017-03Development and validation for rapid non-target screening in doping control urine samples권오승; 손정현; 김기훈; 민호필; 성창민; 한보영; 박주형; 유재욱
2019-10Development and Validation of the Simultaneous Analytical Method of Urinary Metals and Metalloids for the National Biomonitoring Programs이재익; 김기훈; 임호섭; 양민호; 조용민; 차상원; 한상범
2012-11Development of a 10-DOF Robotic System for Upper-Limb Power Assistance홍만복; 김신정; 김기훈
2018-06Development of a multi­functional concurrent assay using weak cation­exchange solid­phase extraction (WCX­SPE) and reconstitution with a diluted sample aliquot for anti­doping analysis권오승; 이재익; 손정현; 김기훈; 민호필; 전미진; 김용석; 문명희
2017-02Development of a screening method for multi-class prohibited substances by hybrid sample preparation and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in doping control권오승; 이강미; 김호준; 이재익; 박주형; 김기훈; 민호필; 성창민; 김용석
2019-09Development of a Surgical-Forceps Driver with an Embedded High-precision Tiny Force Sensor Module오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우