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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-08Barbituric acid-based NLO chromophores for photorefractive materials장웅상; 박기홍; 김재경; 이철주; 김낙중
1995-01Characteristics of heterojunction consisting of plasma polymerized thiophene and n-type silicon김낙중; 신동호; 이신두; 이기풍; 박수영; 최동훈
1991-01Charge transfer complexes of poly[4-phenyl-2,6-(p-phenoxy)-quinoline] with electron acceptors and their photoconductivity.김낙중; 김유중; 김경아; 박수영
1999-09Development of organic NLO materials for optical information technology김낙중
1994-01Dipole moment derivatives of hydrogen cyanide.김낙중; 김관
1999-09Efficient photorefractive system based on carbazole substituted poly(siloxane)유동식; 문현식; 신동호; 문인규; 장웅상; 김낙중
1998-01Electro-optic fluorinated polymide with benzoxazole-based chromophores박기홍; 송상엽; 곽미경; 연경미; 이철주; 김낙중
1998-01Electro-optic polyimide with tricyanovinyl group as an electron acceptor박기홍; 곽미경; 임종태; 이용석; 이철주; 김낙중
1999-01Electro-optical properties of thermally stable self-crosslinkable copolymer with glycidyl methacrylate unitsTaek Seung Lee; 이재완; 최동훈; 박수영; 김낙중
1995-01Enhancement of optical nonlinearity in a guest-host system by nematic ordering김낙중; 박병주; 엄상영; 이신두; 최동훈; 박수영
2000-11Highly efficient photorefractive system based on carbazole-substituted poly(siloxane)문인규; 유동식; 문현식; 신동호; 장웅상; 전현애; 김낙중
1997-06Itaconate copolymer bearing the second-order nonlinear optical chromophores in both side chains송상엽; 최동훈; 임선진; 장웅상; 김낙중
1990-01Mechanism and kinetics of organosilicon plasma polymerization김낙중; 박수영
1999-08Molecular design of organic materials for photonic applications김낙중; 송상엽; 박기홍
1993-01N-p-nitrophenyl poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) 의 합성 .김낙중; 김홍범; 김동현; 이재웅; 송상엽
1997-02N-phenylmaleimide polymers for second-order nonlinear optics장지영; 김태자; 한만정; 최동훈; 김낙중
1993-01New field-effect transistor using semiconducting plasma-polymerized films김낙중; 이기풍; 박수영; 송석규
1996-01Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores II. synthesis of polyurethanes with good thermal stability.박기홍; 장웅상; 임선진; 송상엽; 최동훈; 김낙중
1999-01Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores III. Synthesis and characterization of self-crosslinkable glycidyl methacrylate copolymers.박기홍; 곽미경; 장웅상; 이철주; 김낙중
1999-01Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores IV. synthesis of maleimide-styrene and maleimide-methacrylate copolymers.박기홍; 임종태; 송상엽; 곽미경; 이철주; 김낙중
1999-01Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores V. linear and crosslinked polyurethanes using nitrothiophene and nitrophenol as electron acceptors.박기홍; 임종태; 송상엽; 이용석; 이철주; 김낙중
1996-01Nonlinear optical polymers with novel benzoxazole chromophores. 1. PMMA copolymers with good thermal and temporal stability.박기홍; 장웅상; 임선진; 김낙중
1999-01Nonlinear optical properties of organic polymers with heterocyclic π -conjugated structure.김낙중; 송상엽; 박기홍
1997-06Nonlinear optical properties of poled films of side-chain polymers임무종; 신동호; 문종원; 이신두; 박기홍; 김낙중
2000-11Novel chromophores for highly efficient photorefractive materials장웅상; 유동식; 문현식; 문인규; 신동호; 주인수; 이은; 김낙중
1996-01Optimal synthetic design of second-order nonlinear optical material with good temporal stability.최동훈; 송상엽; 장웅상; 김낙중
1999-08Organic materials for nonlinear optical applications김낙중
1996-01Organically modified sol-gel materials for second-order nonlinear optics최동훈; 임선진; 장웅상; 김낙중
1993-01Photoconductivity and photovoltaic effect of charge-transfer complex of poly[4-phenyl]-2,6-(p-phenoxy)-quinoline and 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinine김낙중; 최동훈; 이은주; 김경아; 박수영
1992-01Photoconductivity and photovoltaic property of poly[4-phenoxy-2,6-(p-phenoxy)-quiniline] and 2,4,7-trinitod-9-fluorenone charge transfer complex.김낙중; 김유중; 이은주; 최동훈; 박수영