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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-0321세기 Robot 사회 창조를 위한 기술전략 : 나노핸들링 로봇기술김덕호
2001-04A biological man-machine interface for teleoperation김근영; 김덕호; 정연구; 김경환; 박종오
2006-01A biomimetic undulatory tadpole robot using ionic polymer-metal composite actuators김병규; 김덕호; 정재훈; 박종오
2001-06A dexterous teleoperation system for micro parts handling김덕호; 김경환; 김근영; 박종오
2006-04A Flexible Microassembly System based on Hybrid Manipulation Scheme for Manufacturing Photonics Components김병규; 강현재; 김덕호; 박종오
2013-07A Method for Compensating the Joule-Heating Effects in Current-Induced Domain Wall Motion김덕호; 문경웅; 유상철; 민병철; 신경호; 최석봉
2001-04A micro manipulation system based on teleoperation techniques김덕호; 김근영; 김경환
1999-01A study on the road load estimation for shift control of automatic transmission김덕호; 신병관; 이경수; 이교일
1999-01A study on the shift control of an automatic transmission using the estimated speed and acceleration signals김덕호; 허재웅; 신병관; 이교일
2006-01A superelastic alloy microgripper with embedded electromagnetic actuators and piezoelectric force sensors: a numerical and experimental study김덕호; 이문구; 김병규; 선유
2004-10A Superelastic Alloy Microgripper with Embedded Electromagnetic Actuators and Piezoelectric Sensors김덕호; 이문구; 김병규; 심재홍
2001-11Adaptive compensation control of vehicle automatic transmissions for smooth shift transients based on intelligent supervisor김덕호; 한진오; 신병관; 이교일
2000-07Adaptive learning shift control for smooth shift transients of vehicle automatic transmissions신병관; 김덕호; 한진오; 이교일
2000-06Adaptive learning shift control for smooth shift transients of vehicle automatic transmissions신병관; 김덕호; 한진오; 이교일
2004-04Advanced Controller Design and Implementation of a Sensorized Microgripper for Micromanipulation박정렬; 김상민; 김덕호; 김병규; 권상주; 박종오; 이교일
2004-11AFM-Based Identification of the Dynamic Properties of Globular Proteins김덕호; 박정렬; 김병규; 홍금식
2013-12Asymmetric magnetic domain-wall motion by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction제숭근; 김덕호; 유상철; 민병철; 이경진; 최석봉
2003-10Autonomous biomanipulation factory for manipulating individual embryo cells김병규; 김덕호; 박정렬; 김영호; 권상주; 강현재; 정승환
2018-04Basic Principles and Recent Progress of Magnetization Dynamics김덕호; 김상훈; 김준서; 문경웅; 이기석; 최석봉; 김갑진
2019-07Bulk Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Amorphous Ferrimagnetic Alloys김덕호; 김대연; 이경진; 고혜원; Mitsutaka Haruta; 고경춘; 박현종; Tomoe Nishimura; Takaya Okuno; Yuushou Hirata; Yasuhiro Futakawa; Hiroki Yoshikawa; 함우승; 김상훈; Hiroki Kurata; Arata Tsukamoto; Yoichi Shiota; Takahiro Moriyama; 최석봉; Teruo Ono
2006-08Capillarity-assisted fabrication of nanostructures using a less permeable mold for nanotribological applications서갑양; 정훈의; 김덕호; 이르빈드 싱; 윤의성
2003-06Cellular force measurement for force feedback-based biomanipulation김덕호; 김병규; 윤석; 강현재
2004-04Cellular Force Measurement for Force Reflected Biomanipulation김덕호; 김병규; 윤석; 권상주
2003-12Cellular Force Sensing for Force Feedback-Based Biological Cell Injection김덕호; 김병규; 윤석; 강현재
2018-01Chirality-induced antisymmetry in magnetic domain wall speed민병철; 김덕호; 박용근; 김대윤; 박민호; 김주성; 남윤석; 제숭근; 최혁철; 최석봉
2002-10Compact 3-DOF mobile microrobot for mirco/nano manipulation system김태성; 박정렬; 김덕호; 이교일
2005-09Comparative Quantification of Contractile Force of Cardiac Muscle Using a Micro-mechanical Cell Force Measurement System류석창; 김병규; 김덕호; 박석호
2005-08Contractile Force Measurements of Cardiac Myocytes Using a Micro-manipulation System박석호; 류석창; 김덕호; 김병규
2021-01Control of the Half­Skyrmion Hall Effect and Its Application to Adder?Subtractor김덕호; 양승모; 문경웅; 김창수; 신정훈; 홍진표; 김세권; 황찬용
2018-06Correlation between Compensation Temperatures of Magnetization and Angular Momentum in GdFeCo Ferrimagnets김덕호; 김대연; Yuushou Hirata; Takaya Okuno; Tomoe Nishimura; Yasuhiro Futakawa; Hiroki Yoshikawa; Arata Tsukamoto; 김갑진; 최석봉; Teruo Ono