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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-052DEG를 이용한 산화물 전자빔 나노 패터닝 제어장혜정; 백승협; 문선영; 이광엽; 김진연; 김도향; 장호원
2011-113D reconstruction of anode in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell using FIB-SEM김강철; 김혜령; 이종호; 손지원; 김도향; 장혜정
2012-103D structural analysis of LSC-GDC composite cathode with different powder process김강철; 김혜령; 이종호; 손지원; 김도향; 장혜정
2004-07A development of Ti-based bulk metallic glass김유찬; 김원태; 김도향
1990-09A study on the formation of the quasicrystals in rapidly solidified Al-Li Alloys.김도향; 이호인; B. Cantor
1991-08A study on the microstructural characteristics of rapidly solidified Al-Fe alloys(I): solidification microstructure and phase analysis.김도향; 이호인
1991-09A study on the microstructural characteristics of rapidly solidified Al-Fe alloys(Ⅱ): quasicrystalline and related crystalline phase.김도향; 이호인
1991-12A study on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the Mg-xLi-1Al(x=4,9,16) alloys.김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
1992-01A study on the wettability of the Al-Li / SiC interface김기배; 김도향; 이호인
1991-12A transmission electron microscopic study on the microstructural characteristics of the Mg-Li-Al alloys.김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
2021-05Activation of Ti-Fe-Cr alloys containing identical AB2 fractions조영환; 서진유; 심재혁; 이영수; 홍지현; 무함마드 파이살; 이상인; 김하영; 김한진; 정지윤; 김도향
2013-04Al-Ni-Co-Y계 비정질 합금의 점도 및 열적 안정성 연구나민영; 임가람; 박성현; 김강철; 장혜정; 김원태; 김도향
2004-07Amorphous and icosahedral phases in Ti-Zr-Cu-Ni-Be alloys김유찬; 박진만; 이진규; 배동현; 김원태; 김도향
2009-05Application of spinodal decomposition to produce metallic glass matrix composite with simultaneous improvement of strength and plasticity김민욱; 안재평; 석현광; 에릭플러리; 장혜정; 김도향; 차필령; 김유찬
2019-08Atomic and Electronic Reconstruction at the a-LAO/STO Interface by e-beam Induced Crystallization장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽; 김신익; 한경탁; 김영민; 김도향
2019-02Atomic-scale crystal patterning in the oxide film by the electron beam irradiation장혜정; 백승협; 김신익; 이광엽; 한경탁; 김영민; 김도향
2002-08Comparative study of the tribological behavior of thermal sprayed quasicrystalline coating layersEric Fleury; 김유찬; Jae-Soo Kim; 김도향; 김원태; 안효석; 이상목
2018-09Controlling Atomic Scale Epitaxial Crystallization by an Interfacial Conductivity of the Insulating Oxides under an Electron Beam장혜정; 백승협; 이광엽; 문선영; 김진연; 김도향; 장호원
2006-04Corrosion behaviour of Ni-Zr-Ti-Si-Sn amorphous plasma spray coating자야마니; D.J.Sordelet; 김도향; 김유찬; 에릭플러리
2015-11Crystallization behavior of amorphous LaAlO3 at an interface with SrTiO3 under electron beam irradiation이광엽; 김진연; 문선영; 백승협; 김도향; 장혜정
2008-10Crystallization behaviors and kinetics of Cu-Zr-Ag amorphous alloys이진주; 김도향; 홍성민; 권오집; 에릭플러리
2007-03Crystallization kinetics of the Cu43Zr43Al7Ag7 amorphous alloy박상옥; 이재철; 김유찬; 에릭플러리; 성도수; 김도향
2004-03Cu-based metallic glass matrix composites with high ductility김유찬; 김도향; 이재철
2009-04Cu-Zr-Ag 합금의 NEXAFS를 이용한 구조분석이진주; 김도향; 권오집; 에릭플러리
2015-04Dark-field Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging Technique to Visualize the Local Structure of Two-dimensional MAterial나민영; 이승모; 김도향; 장혜정
1997-04Decomposition behavior of secondary solidification phase during heat treatment of squeeze cast Al-Cu-Si김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
1997-12Decomposition behavior of secondary solidification phase during heat treatment of squeeze cast Al-Cu-Si-Mg김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
1997-10Decomposition behavior secondary solidification phase in squeeze cast Al-Cu-Mg(-Ag-Zn) alloys김유찬; 김도향; 한요섭; 이호인
2004-03Deformation behavior of Ti-Zr-Ni-Cu-Be metallic glass and composite in the supercooled liquid region배동현; 박진만; 나종현; 김도향; 김유찬; 이진규
2012-03Dependency of the corrosion properties of in-situ Ti-based BMG matrix composites with the volume fraction of crystalline phaseMukta Rani Debnath; 김도향; 에릭플러리