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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-07A new approach to quantification of metamorphism using ultra-small and small angle neutron scatteringANOVITZ, L.M.; Lynn, G.W.; Cole, D.R.; Rother, G.; Allard, L.F.; Hamilton, W.A.; Porcar, L.; 김만호
2009-12A new approach to quantification of metamorphism using ultra-small and small angle neutron scatteringLawrence M. Anovitz; Gary W. Lynn; David R. Cole; Gernot Rother; Lawrence F. Allard; William A. Hamilton; Lionel Porcar; 김만호
2008-02A Study on the Nanometer to Micrometer Structure of Porous Vycor Using Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering (USANS) and SANS김만호
2013-05A USANS-SANS Study on Pt Nanoparticles Dispersed on Different Types of γ Alumina Powders and Their Reactivities김상훈; 김만호; 하헌필; 변지영; 한수경
2014-11A USANS-SANS Study on the Correlation between the Shape of Gamma Alumina and Catalytic Activity김만호; 김상훈; 한수경; 하헌필; 변지영
2015-02Allylimidazolium salt based antibacterial polymer coatings produced by thiol?ene photocuring김미리내; 송치만; 한동근; 안광덕; 황승상; 안동준; 김만호
2013-09Analysis of Natural Dyes in Archaeological Textiles using TOF-SIMS and other Analytical Techniques이지혜; 김만호; 이강봉; Elsa van Elslande; Philippe Walter; 이연희
2014-11Analysis of natural dyes in archeological textiles using TOF-SIMS and other analytical techniques이지혜; 김만호; 이강봉; Elsa van Elslande; Philippe Walter; 이연희
2018-12Application of spirobiindane-based microporous poly(ether sulfone)s as polymeric binder on solid alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells김형준; 장종현; 김만호; 헨켄스마이어디억; 유성종; 김진영; 이소영; 채지언; 최지은; 한준영; 이원희; 이영무; 성영은
2015-12Characterization of traditional Korean Lacquers using surface analytical techniques이지혜; 김민정; 김만호; 도정만; 한호규; 이연희
2015-12Characterization of traditional Korean lacquers using surface analytical techniques한호규; 도정만; 이연희; 김만호; 이지혜; 김민정
2011-01Concept and Progress of KIST-USANS at HANARO Cold Neutron Guide CG4B김만호; 채근화; 유병용; 홍경태
2009-03Correlation between Structure and Vapor Sorption in Semi-crystalline Polymers: One Dimensional Nano-swelling Measured using iVSANS김만호; Glinka, Charles J.
2009-04Correlation between Structure and Vapor Sorption in Semicrystalline Linear Polyethylene: One Dimensional Nano-Swelling Measured Using in Situ Vapor Sorption Small Angle Neutron Scattering (iVSANS)김만호; Glinka, Charles J.
2013-03Design of Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering (KIST-USANS) at HANARO Cold Neutron Guide, CG4B김만호
2012-03Enhanced cationic photocuring of epoxides with styrene oxide as a reactive diluent안광덕; 김만호
2016-05Facile preparation of a long-term durable nanoand micro-structured polymer blend membrane for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell김형준; 장종현; 김만호; 헨켄스마이어디억; 유성종; 김진영; 이소영; 김보현; 최지은; 이혜진; 권연혜; 김화용
2004-10Human neural stem cell transplantation reduces spontaneous recurrent seizures following pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus in adult rats추곤; 김만호; 정건화; 전대종; Lee Soon-Tae; Kim Juhyun; Jeong Sang-Wuk; Kim Seung Up; Lee Sang Kun; 신희섭; Roh Jae-Kyu
2016-03Hydrogen-induced decomposition of Cu-Zr binary amorphous metallic alloys쥴리앙 파도누우보; 서진유; 한수경; 심철휘; 김긍호; 김만호; Eric Fleury; 조영환
2008-07IN-SITU VAPOR SORPTION APPARATUS FOR SMALL ANGLE neutron/x-ray scattering and its applications김만호
2008-06In-situ Vapor Sorption SANS/USANS Measurement of Polyelectrolyte Proton Exchange Membrane김만호
2019-04Introduction of KIST-USANS Instrument at HANARO Cold Neutron Facility and Its Possible Application to Magnetic Materials김만호
2008-08Introduction to Neutron Characterization김만호
2012-10Light, X-ray, and Neutron Small Angle Scattering김만호
2019-03Macro-scale structural homogeneity and mass density of bulk metallic glasses revealed by their rough surfaces and ultra-small angle neutron scattering (KIST-USANS)서진유; 김만호; 홍경태; Eric Fleury
2011-01Motion control and data acquisition system in KIST-USANS유병용; 채근화; 홍경태; 김만호
2008-05Na+/Ca2+ exchanger 2 is neuroprotective by exporting Ca2+ during a transient focal cerebral ischemia in the mouse전대종; Kon Chu; Keun-Hwa Jung; 김만호; 윤병우; 이창준; 오우택; 신희섭
2018-10Panax ginseng as an adjuvant treatment for Alzheimer’s disease임혜원; 김현중; 정석원; 김석영; 조익현; 김형춘; 김만호; 나승열
2013-05Photocurable Antibacterial Polymer Coatings with Large structure in Micrometer김미리내; 안동준; 송치만; 한동근; 안광덕; 김만호
2010-10SANS & USANS study on the structures of pore walls of porous materials김만호; 도정만; 채근화; 유병용