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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-09A methylobacillus isolate growing only on methanol.김병홍; 김시욱; 김영민
1994-01A study on the use of an immobilized-cell acidogenic reactor for the high rate digestion of a distillery wastewater.김병홍; 고종호; 배재근
1988-09Acetone-butanol fermentation of rice straw by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation.김병홍; 권기석; 전영숙
1988-01Adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to solvents used in extractive fermentation.김병홍; 박용석; 장호남
1987-03Carbohydrate catabolism in cellulolytic strains of Cellulomonas, Pseudomonas and Nocardia.김병홍
1994-01Characteristics of municipal sewage sludge affecting the biodegradation of a plastics material under aerobic condition.서인선; 이명천; 김병홍; 신평균
1992-01Cloning and expression in Escherichia coli of cellulase genes from a mesophilic Clostridium sp.김병홍; 이정기; 윤기홍; 권기석; 김상봉
1991-01Construction of Clostridium acetobutylicum :김병홍; 윤기홍; 이정기
1984-10Control of carbon and electron flow in Clostridium acetobutylicum fermentations: Utilization of carbon monoxide to inhibit hydrogen production and to enhance butanol yields.김병홍; Para Bellow; Rathin Datta; J. G. Zeikus
1990-01Degradation of dibenzothiophene, and desulfurization of crude oil and bunker C oil by sulfate reducing bacteria.김병홍; 김해영; 김태성
1990-01Degradation of organic sulfur compounds and the reduction of dibenzothiophene to biphenyl and hydrogen sulfide by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans M6.김병홍; 김해영; 김태성
1990-04Effect of acidic fermentation product, butyrate on the protonmotive force of Clostridium acetobutylicum.김병홍; 신순영
1990-09Effects of acidic fermentation products and culture pH on the maintenance energy of Clostridium acetobutylicum.김병홍; 신순영
1993-01Effects of oxygen and salt on the growth of bifidus and anaerobic bacteria isolated from Korean traditional fermented foods.김병홍; 정은영; 이진성; 이완규; 배재근
1988-01Electron flow shift in Clostridium acetobutylicum fermentation by electrochemically introduced reducing equivalent.김병홍; 김태성
1991-01Electron flow shift in Clostridium acetobutylicum fermentation by lactate.김병홍; 권기석
1996-02Factors of municipal anaerobic digested sludge affecting the biodegradation of plastics under anaerobic condition.김병홍; 김명희; 김종민; 신평균
1985-03Fractionation of extracellular cellulase produced by Cellulomonas and reaction mechanisms of the isolated enzymes.김병홍; J. W. T. Wimpenny
1981-01Growth and the cellulolytic activity of Cellulomonas flavigena.김병홍; J. W. T. Wimpenny
1992-01Hydrogen metabolism in Clostridium acetobutylicum fermentation.김병홍; J. Gregory Zeikus
1985-01Importance of hydrogen metabolism in regulation of solventogenesis by Clostridium acetobutylicum.김병홍; J. G. Zeikus
1991-01Isolation and characterization of a dibenzothiophene degrading sulfate-reducing soil bacterium.김병홍; 김해영; 김태성
1996-01Most probable number 방법을 이용하여 측정한 중랑천 하상토양의 혐기성 세균의 수와 수질과의 상관 관계 =박두현; 최영효; 김병홍; 임시근
1992-01Relationship between the organic content and the number of sulphate-reducing bacteria in the tributaries to the Han River.김병홍; 김해영; 김태성; 김재문
1990-01Relationships between the protonmotive force and the solventogenesis of Clostridium acetobutylicum and its asporogenous mutant.김병홍; 신순영
1981-01SCP production from domestic refuse paper fractions using the cellulolytic bacterium Cellulomonas flavigena.김병홍; J. W. T. Wimpenny
1999-06Solubilization of sulfur compounds in the diesel oil by nonionic surfactants이석규; 한지원; 김병홍; 신평균; 박상권; 임종주
1988-01Solvent production by microorganisms.김병홍; Robert W. Lovitt; G.-J. Shen; J. G. Zeikus
1992-01Specificity of alcohol dehydrogenase from Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 4259.김병홍; J. Gregory Zeikus
1990-01Stability of clostidial spore in soil culture and screening for plasmids in the Clostridium strains.김병홍; 윤기홍; 이정기; 소선주; 전영숙; 권기석; J. G. Zeikus