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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-053D facial feature extraction and global motion recovery using multi-modal information김상훈; 김형곤
2010-04A comparative studies on Li(Ni0.8Co0.15Al0.05)O2 and ZrO2-coated Li(Ni0.8Co0.15Al0.05)O2 cathode materials during cycling using Synchrotron based In Situ X-Ray Diffraction Technique김상훈; 윤원섭; 조병원; 정경윤
2018-01A Hierarchically Porous Carbon Fabric for Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors이수연; 문명운; 김상훈; 허가현; 전승렬; 윤선미; 조성원; Jiao Yuan; Aiying Wang
2019-03A high-performance supercapacitor based on polyaniline-nanoporous gold변지영; 김상훈; 이건우; 신형준
2015-11A microreactor with metallic catalyst support for hydrogen production by partial oxidation of dimethyl ether김도형; 김상훈; 변지영
2010-03A novel seamless elastic scaffold for vascular tissue engineering김상헌; 정은나; 김상훈; 정영미; 김영하; 김수현
2017-11A Specific Groove Pattern Can Effectively Induce Osteoblast Differentiation김상훈; 전호정; 쭝 히에우 쩐; 김창수; 김진희; 김보경; 박영석; 김홍균; 김상집; 심지현; 신현무; 김광훈; 백용주; 이기준; 김해영; 윤태진; 김윤상; 김항래
2010-06A Structural Study on Li(Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2)O2 during Charging/Discharging using Synchrotron based In Situ X-Ray Diffraction Technique김상훈; 윤원섭; 정경윤
2012-09A study on FeCrAl foam as effective catalyst support under thermal and mechanical stresses김도형; 유병용; 차필령; 변지영; 윤우영; 김상훈
2009-11A Study on the Cycle Performance Improvement of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 by ZrO2 coating김상훈; 윤원섭; 정경윤
2009-08A Study on the Electrochemical and Thermal Behavior of Li2MnSiO4 using Synchrotron Based X-ray Techniques신호철; 김상훈; 임원빈; 조원일; 윤원섭; 조병원; 정경윤
2013-05A USANS-SANS Study on Pt Nanoparticles Dispersed on Different Types of γ Alumina Powders and Their Reactivities김상훈; 김만호; 하헌필; 변지영; 한수경
2014-11A USANS-SANS Study on the Correlation between the Shape of Gamma Alumina and Catalytic Activity김만호; 김상훈; 한수경; 하헌필; 변지영
2016-09Activation of Peroxymonosulfate by Surface-Loaded Noble Metal Nanoparticles for Oxidative Degradation of Organic Compounds김상훈; 안용윤; 윤은태; 서지원; 이창하; 김재홍; 이재상
2017-03All Biomass and UV Protective Composite Composed of Compatibilized Lignin and Poly (Lactic-acid)김수현; 김용준; 서종환; 서희원; 선한나; 김상훈; 박인경; 이용관; 김광진; 남재도
2017-10An electro-Fenton system using magnetite coated metallic foams as cathode for dye degradation변지영; 김상훈; 메이 티 도
2018-02An Electro-Fenton System Using Magnetite Coated One-body Catalyst as an Electrode김상훈; 최윤정; 주재백
2021-01An electro-Fenton system with magnetite coated stainless steel mesh as cathode변지영; 김상훈; 김종식; 최윤정
2007-07Application of a new tubular scaffold for blood vessel tissue engineering김상헌; 정은나; 김상훈; 박인수; 김동익; 김수현
2007-09Application of an elastic fibrous scaffold for blood vessel reconstruction김상헌; 정은나; 김상훈; 박인수; 김동익; 김수현
2020-10Application of biochar in advanced oxidation processes: supportive, adsorptive, and catalytic role김상훈; Faheem; Jiangkun Du; Muhammad Azher Hassan; Sana Irshad; Jianguo Bao
2013-08Arc plasma deposition of nanoparticles for catalytic applications정영은; 하헌필; 변지영; 김상훈
2014-01Arc plasma deposition of Pd seeding for Cu electroless deposition황주연; 윤우영; 변지영; 김상훈
2013-04Arc Plasma deposition of Pd seeding for Cu electroless deposition황주연; 윤우영; 변지영; 김상훈
2018-04Basic Principles and Recent Progress of Magnetization Dynamics김덕호; 김상훈; 김준서; 문경웅; 이기석; 최석봉; 김갑진
2007-05Bioengineering of Blood Vessel using Elastic Fibrous Scaffold김수현; 정은나; 김상헌; 김동익; 김상훈; 박인수; Martin W. King
2019-07Bulk Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Amorphous Ferrimagnetic Alloys김덕호; 김대연; 이경진; 고혜원; Mitsutaka Haruta; 고경춘; 박현종; Tomoe Nishimura; Takaya Okuno; Yuushou Hirata; Yasuhiro Futakawa; Hiroki Yoshikawa; 함우승; 김상훈; Hiroki Kurata; Arata Tsukamoto; Yoichi Shiota; Takahiro Moriyama; 최석봉; Teruo Ono
2013-10Carbon dioxide reforming of methane over mesoporous Ni/SiO2김대한; 심종기; 이재영; 서현욱; 정명근; 김영독; 김상훈
2013-01Carbon dioxide reforming of methane to synthesis gas over a TiO2-Ni inverse catalyst서현욱; 심종기; 김광대; 김영독; 임동찬; 김상훈
2021-01Catalytic & adsorption reactions in chemical ProcessEs (CARPE)김상훈; 이재영; 최창혁