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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-06A numerical simulation on room temperature measurement method for VAV system control김원년; 김서영; 강병하; 현재민
2020-06A study of the small-scale (10kg/day) hydrogen liquefier강상우; 박진수; 임현묵; 리광훈; 장세구; 이정민; 김서영
2011-06A Study on Performance of Thermoelectric Air-Cooling System in Parallel Flow강상우; 신재훈; 한훈식; 김서영
2005-01Amplification of boundary layer instability by hot wall thermal oscillation in a side heated cavity김성기; 김서영; 최영돈
2003-03An experimental measurement on transient thermal response in a PI-controlled VAV system.김서영; 문정우; 김원년
1998-01An experimental study of convective heat transfer in a channel filled with aluminium foam materials김진호; 강병하; 김서영; 이재헌
2010-06An Experimental Study on Oil Effect of CO2 in Heat Pump Outdoor Heat Exchanger이진관; 장영수; 김서영; 김용찬
2001-09An experimental study on resonance of temperature field by low-frequency oscillating wall in a side heated enclosure김성기; 김서영; 최영돈
2001-10An experimental study on the heat transfer enhancement by pulsatile flow in a triangular grooved channel권오준; 이대영; 김서영; 강병하; 김용찬
2000-11An Experimental study on the heat transfer performance enhancement by pulsatile flow in a triangular grooved channel권오준; 이대영; 김서영; 강병하; 김용찬
2002-11An experinental study on forced convection from a rectangular heated block by acoustic excitation in a channel flow문정우; 김서영; 조형희
2006-08Analysis and hazard evaluation of heat-transfer fluids for the direct contact cooling system홍주희; 이연희; 신유환; 강상우; 김영일; 김서영
2008-03Analysis of a Thermoelectric Cooling System한훈식; 김서영; 현재민
2006-09Analysis of convective thermal resistance in ducted fan-heat sinks김서영; Ralph L. Webb
2001-09Analysis of heat transfer characteristics in the thermally developing region of a porous channel by two-energy equation model이상태; 김서영; 이관수
2001-09Analysis of supply airflow control by a stratified thermal model in a VAV system김서영; 문정우; 조형희
1998-01Basic considerations in combined buoyancy-induced and forced flow in a vertical open shaft김서영; Yogesh Jaluria
2004-06CFD simulation of thermal dissipation from fan-added plate fin and offset strip fin heat sinks김원년; 김서영; 강병하
1998-01Combined buoyancy-induced and forced flow in a vertical shaft김서영; Yogesh Jaluria
2011-07Condensing Characteristics of Pin-finned Surfaces on Pool Boiling in FC-72강상우; 김서영
2005-05Convective heat dissipation from a uniformly heated block array by pulsating impinging flow김서영; 리광훈; 김귀연
1999-01Convective heat transfer from anisotropic porous fin in a plate-fin heat exchanger.백진욱; 김서영; 강병하
2001-06Cooling characteristics at hot side of the thermoelectric module for an air conditioner장혁재; 강병하; 김서영; 김석현
2004-06Cooling performance of triangular folded fin heat sinks in a duct flow지태호; 김서영; 장근선
2015-04Design and Operation of a Small-Scale Hydrogen Liquefier백종훈; 강상우; 강형묵; 나다니엘 갈소; 김서영; 오인환
2013-06Development of 1 L hr-1 scale hydrogen liquefier using Gifford-McMahon (GM) cryocooler백종훈; 강상우; 나다니엘; 장영혜; 임창무; 김서영; 오인환
2015-03Development of a 1 L/h Scale Liquid Hydrogen System나다니엘; 백종훈; 김서영; 오인환; 강상우
2014-05Development of a 1 L/hr Scale Liquid Hydrogen System강상우; 나다니엘; 백종훈; 임창무; 김서영; 오인환
2012-02Development of a 200 W Portable PEM Fuel Cell System한훈식; 김윤호; 조창환; 김서영; 현재민
2011-11Development of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System for Portable Refrigerator한훈식; 김윤호; 김서영; 강상우; 현재민