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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-01Adsorption of oxygen on the paramagnetic defect centers in aluminophosphate molecular sieves김선진; 김명훈; 홍석봉; 어용선; 최영상
2011-01Anionic Gallium-Based Metal-Organic Framework and Its Sorption and Ion-Exchange PropertiesD. Banerjee; 김선진; H. Wu; W. Xu; L. A. borkowski; J. Li; J. B. Parise
2003-10CAMERE process for methanol synthesis from CO₂ hydrogenation주오심; 정광덕; 김선진
2004-07Catalytic performance of metal oxide-loaded Ta-ilerite for vapor phase Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime김선진; 정광덕; 주오심; 김은지; 강태범
2004-12Catalytic performance of metal-substituted ZSM-5 zeolites for vapor phase Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime김선진; 박민조; 정광덕; 주오심
2008-03Cation-dependent anomalous compression of gallosilicate zeolites with CGS topology: A high-pressure synchrotron powder diffraction study이용재; 이현휘; 이동렬; 김선진; Chi-chang Kao
1991-01Chemical interactions of aluminophosphate molecular sieve with vanadium oxide.어용선; 김선진; 홍석봉; 염용화; B. W. Hwang
2005-06Comparison of Kinetics between Fe2O3/Cr2O3 and ZnAl2O4 Catalysts for Reverse-Water-Gas Shift Reaction주오심; 김선진; 정광덕
2007-05Confined water clusters in a synthetic rubidium gallosilicate with zeolite LTL topology이용재; 김선진; 안도천; 신남수
2004-08Consolidation behavior of L12 phase(Al+12.5 at.%Cu)3Zr powder with nanocrystalline structure during CIP and subsequent sintering문경일; 홍현선; 홍경태; 이경섭; 김선진
1997-01Copper(II) ionic species in CuII-exchanged K-offretite aluminosilicate and comparison with CuII-exchanged K-offretite gallosilicate determined by electron paramagnetic resonance and electron spin echo modulation spectroscopies유종성; 유장완; 이철이; 김선진; 홍석봉; Larry Kevan
1996-01Cupric ion species in Cu(II)-exchanged K-offretite gallosilicate determined by electron spin resonance and electron spin echo modulation spectroscopies.홍석봉; 김선진; 유종성; 유장환; Larry Kevan
1997-01CuⅡ location and adsorbate interaction in CuⅡ-exchanged synthetic Na-omega gallosilicate: ESR and electron spin echo modulation studies유종성; 김정연; 이철이; 김선진; 홍석봉; Larry Kevan
2007-11Dehydration-Induced Water Disordering in a Synthetic Potassium Gallosilicate Natrolite이용재; 김선진; Ivor Bull; A. J. Celestian; J. B. Parise; C. C. Kao; T. Vogt
2003-09Direct synthesis of phenol by benzene hydroxylation with Fe/ZSM-5 at low temperature(80 ℃)조성훈; 한성환; 정민석; 정광덕; 주오심; 김선진
2003-05DME synthesis from syngas on the mixed catalysts of Cu/ZnO/Al₂O₃ and ZSM-5김지현; 박민조; 김선진; 주오심; 정광덕
2004-06DME synthesis from synthesis gas on the admixed catalysts of Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 and ZSM-5김지현; 박민조; 김선진; 주오심; 정광덕
2003-06DME synthesis on the catalysts mixed with the Cu/ZnO/Al ₂ O ₃ and silica-alumino phosphate.김지현; 김선진; 정광덕; 주오심
2005-06DME Synthesis Process via Reverse-Water-Gas Shift Reaction to Mitigate CO2주오심; 김선진; 정광덕
1998-01Effect of heat treatment on the transformation characteristics and preferred orientation in TiNiCu thin plate SMA prepared by rapid solidification process권순일; 김선진; 이규환; 신명철
2004-05Effects of Mn addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of (Al+ xat.%Mn)3Ti intermetallic compounds prepared by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering장희섭; 강창원; 김양도; 홍경태; 김선진
1996-01Electron spin resonance and electron spin echo modulation studies of Cu(II)-exchanged silicoaluminophosphate type 18 molecular sieve.홍석봉; 김선진; Tomasz Wasowicz; Larry Kevan
1997-01Electron spin resonance studies of O2 adsorbed on aluminophosphate molecular sieves홍석봉; 김선진; 최영상; 어용선
1996-01EPR and electron spin echo modulation spectroscopy of Cu**II ion species in Cu**II-exchanged K-L gallosilicate.홍석봉; 유종성; Larry Kevan; 김선진
2004-01Fe Solubility in AZ91 Alloy Melts권순일; 변지영; 김선진; 심재동
1996-01Formation of paramagnetic defect centers in aluminophosphate moleular sieves.홍석봉; 김선진; 어용선
1996-01Fundamental defect centers in AlPO//4-5 and VPI-5 molecular sieves.홍석봉; 김선진; 어용선
2007-10Influence of solid acid catalyst on DME production directly from synthesis gas over the admixed catalyst of Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 and various SAPO catalysts유계상; Ji-Hyun Kim; 박민조; 김선진; 주오심; 정광덕
2001-04K5.76Ga5.76Si10.24O32ㆍ3.4H2O, a gallosilicate with the zeolite gismondine topologyAkhilesh Tripathi; John B. Parise; 김선진; 이용재; 어용선
2009-05Lithium Based Metal-Organic Framework with Exceptional StabilityD. Banerjee; 김선진; J. B. Parise