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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09Are the organic templates responsible for optical and magnetic response of MgO nanoparticle?채근화; 원성옥; 김소희; 강희경; 씽 지텐드라; 이익재
2018-09Atomic scale investigation of MgO growth on fused silica using angle dependent NEXAFS measurements채근화; 원성옥; 김소희; 씽 지텐드라; 이익재
2011-02Can all the steroids be simultaneously ionized and analyzed by LC-MS/MS?김소희; 이강미; 김호준; 신상미; 차은주; 이지은; 진창배; 권오승; 이재익
2021-11Competitive nucleation and growth behavior in Li-Se batteries김소희; 엄지윤; Aihua Jin; 김미현; 유승호
2007-08Confirmation method development for anti-estrogenic agents and steroid using TSQ and LTQ-orbitrap강민정; 황용희; 박정민; 김소희; 김동현
2020-06Correlating the Size and Cation Inversion Factor in Context of Magnetic and Optical behavior of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles임원철; 채근화; 김소희; 씽 바르샤; Jitendra Pal Singh; Jae Yeon Park; Hemaunt Kumar; Y. H. Kim; Sangsul Lee
2016-04Covalency, hybridization and valence state effects in nano- and micro-sized ZnFe2O4임원철; 채근화; 원성옥; 김소희; Jitendra Pal Singh; Ik-Jae Lee
2012-11Determination of oxysterols in human serum by liquid chromatography-silver coordination ion spray/tandem mass spectrometry(LC-AG+CIS/MS/MS)차은주; 김소희; 김희원; 김호준; 손정현; 권오승; 이재익
2013-11Development and optimization of novel gas chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for steroids analysis차은주; 김소희; 김희원; 류이슬; 최보경; 김호준; 이재익
2014-03Development and validation of liquid chromatography-silver ion coordination ionspray tandem mass spectrometric method for the simultaneous analysis of steroids in human urine김소희; 차은주; 이강미; 김호준; 권오승; 이재익
2006-04Effects of enzyme inducers and inhibitors on the pharmacokinetics of intravenous ipriflavone in rats정혜진; 최영희; 이명걸; 김소희
2015-02Interfacing technology between gas chromatography and electrospray mass spectrometry차은주; 김소희; 김희원; 김호준; 이강미; 이재익
2013-11LC-Ag+CIS/MS/MS and LC-ESI/MS/MS for analysis of anabolic androgenic steroids김소희; 차은주; 김희원; 류이슬; 최보경; 김호준; 이재익
2010-08LC-MS/MS method for the detection of the abuse of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) in doping control황윤아; 김소희; 신상미; 유혜원; 이상원; 권오승; 이재익
2011-08Liquid chromatography-silver ion coordination ion spray tandem mass spectrometry (LC-Ag+CIS/MS/MS)황윤아; 김호준; 김소희; 이강미; 이재익
2018-06Local electronic structure investigation of the sol-gel processed calcium hydroxide material임원철; 채근화; 원성옥; 김소희; 씽 지텐드라
2018-05Mechanistic insights of the interaction among the energetic oxygen ions with nanosized ZnFe2O4: XAS-XMCD investigations임원철; 채근화; 원성옥; 김소희; 씽 지텐드라; 아디티아 샤르마; 카우어발짓; Sanjeev Gautam; Ramesh Chandra Srivastava; Navdeep Goyal; H.-J. Lin; J. M. Chen; K. Asokan; D. Kanjilal; Ik-Jae Lee
2021-06Mn-Zn ferrite nanoparticles for application in magnetic hyperthermia김소희; Hyung Joon Kim; Sung Wook Hyun; Hyunkyung Choi
2019-07Morphological studies of Pitting corrosion inhibition of sprinkler copper tubes by forming Cu-BTA film on the inner surface of corrosion pits김소희; 강희경
2022-01MoS2 Nanoflake and ZnO Quantum Dot Blended Active Layers on AuPd Nanoparticles for UV Photodetectors김소희; Shusen Lin; Rutuja Mandavkar; Rakesh Kulkarni; Shalmali Burse; Jihoon Lee; Md Ahasan Habib; Ming-Yu Li; Sundar Kunwar
2012-02Novel gas chromatography-electrospray ionization/orbitrap mass spectrometry (GC-ESI/HRMS) for analysis of steroids차은주; 정은숙; 김소희; 김호준; 이강미; 권오승; 이재익
2015-04Optimization of chromatographic conditions for analysis of amino acids using hydrophilic interaction column김희원; 차은주; 김소희; 문명희; 이재익
2015-02Optimization of Silver ion Coordination IonSpray Mass Spectrometry김소희; 차은주; 김희원; 김호준; 이강미; 이재익
2009-12Pharmacokinetics of ipriflavone and its two metabolites, M1 and M5, after the intravenous and oral administration of ipriflavone to rat model of diabetes mellitus induced by streptozotocin이대영; 정혜진; 최영희; 이은지; 김소희; 이인철; 이명걸
2020-10Real-time visualization of Zn metal plating/stripping in aqueous batteries with high areal capacities홍지현; 김소희; 강인영; 이세찬; 김지현; 강기석
2016-02Relationship between chromatographic resolution and amide structure of chiral 2-hydroxy acids as O-(?)-menthoxycarbonylated diastereomeric derivatives for enantiomeric separation on achiral gas chromatography차은주; 김소희; 이강미; 김호준; 김기훈; 권오승; 박기덕; 이재익
2016-04Relationships between structure, ionization profile and sensitivity of exogenous anabolic steroids under electrospray ionization and analysis in human urine using liquid chromatography?tandem mass spectrometry권오승; 이강미; 김호준; 이재익; 차은주; 김소희; 김희원
2015-02Sensitivity of anabolic steroids based on GC-EI/MS, GC-EI/MS/MS, LC-ESI/MS/MS, LC-Ag+CIS/MS/MS and GC-ESI/MS/MS in doping control analysis차은주; 김소희; 김희원; 김호준; 권오승; 이재익
2015-12Sensitivity of GC-EI/MS, GC-EI/MS/MS, LC-ESI/MS/MS, LC-Ag+CIS/MS/MS, and GC-ESI/MS/MS for analysis of anabolic steroids in doping control차은주; 김소희; 김호준; 이강미; 김기훈; 권오승; 이재익
2021-10Significantly improved photo carrier injection by the MoS2/ZnO/HNP hybrid UV photodetector architecture김소희; Rutuja Mandavkar; Rakesh Kulkarni; Shusen Lin; 이지훈