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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-084 Pole lorents force type self-bearing motor김승종; Keisuke Abe; Hideki Kanebako; Yohji Okada
2001-124 Pole lorents force type self-bearing motorYohji Okada; Keisuke Abe; Hideki Kanebako; 김승종
2002-014-pole Lorentz force type self-bearing motor with a new winding configuration김승종; Yohji Okada
2011-06A Controller for the Compensation of the Time-delay in the Hybrid Thrust Active Magnetic Bearing이종민; 김우연; 강민수; 김승종
2003-09A fuzzy expert system based on hybrid database for fault diagnosis of industrial turbomachinery.백두진; 이용복; 김승종; 김창호; 장건희
2003-08A fuzzy expert system for fault diagnosis of rotating machinery백두진; 이용복; 김승종; 김창호; 곽현덕; 장건희
2001-09A hybrid knowledge-based expert system for rotating machinery이용복; 이태욱; 김승종; 김창호; 임윤철
2002-08A Lorentz force type self-bearing motor with new 4-pole winding configuration김승종; Keisuke Abe; Hideki Kanebako; Yohji Okada; 이종원
2003-06A Lorentz force type self-bearing motor with new 4-pole winding configuration.김승종; Keisuke Abe; Hideki Kanebako; Yohji Okada; Chong-Won Lee
2010-05A Measurement Method of Electromagnetic Force Delay in Ferromagnetic Material김우연; 강민수; 이종민; 배용채; 김승종
2014-09A Method for Predicting Personalized Pelvic Motion based on Body Meta-Features for Gait Rehabilitation Robot신성열; 홍지수; 전창묵; 김승종; 김창환
2015-10A Methodology to Control Walking Speed of Robotic Gait Rehabilitation System Using Feasibility-Guaranteed Trajectories정찬열; 최준호; 박신석; 김승종
2006-08A novel design of high responsive variable stiffness joints for dependable manipuator윤승국; 강성철; 김문상; 김승종; 현명욱; 유정훈
2005-07A Novel Design of High Responsive Variable Stiffness Joints for Dependable Manipulator윤승국; 강성철; 김승종; 김문상; 이종원
2014-05A Novel Two-dimensional Locomotion Scheme of a Micro-robot with Only a Uniform Magnetic Field김진수; 김승종
2008-10A PM-type Linear Motor Capable of Self Magnetic Levitation김우연; 김승종; 이종민; 정성종
2009-06A practical mascot-type face robot design methodology for effective emotion expression오경균; 정찬열; 김승종
2006-08A Self-bearing Motor Whose Rotor is Passively Levitated곽호성; 김승종
2006-08A Self-bearing motor with a passively levitated rotor곽호성; 김승종
2004-07A small damper using composite operational modes of MR fluid김승종; 조창현; 이종민; 황요하; 김문상
2001-11A small disk-type hybrid self-bearing motor김승종; Yohji Okada
2004-05A Small MR Brake for Force Feedback Devices김승종; 조창현; 이종민; 황요하; 김문상
2000-06A study on disc type hybrid ABM self-bearing motorTatsunori SHIMONISHI; 김승종; Hideki KANEBAKO; Yohji OKADA
2001-09An axial-type self-bearing motor for small vertical axial-flow pump김승종; Yohji Okada
2006-08An Effective Way to Combine Radial and Axial Magnetic Bearings in a Unit김하용; 김승종
2003-01Application of hidden markov model using AR coefficients to machine diagnosis이종민; 황요하; 김승종; 송창섭
2002-07Application of muffler techniques to reduce noise of cement factory raw mill stack황요하; 이종민; 김승종; 우창호
1999-07Auto-balancing and runout identification in active magnetic bearing system using the LMS algrorithm김승종; 김하용; 이종원
2010-03Automatic Emotional Expression of a Face Robot by Using a Reactive Behaviour Decision Model오경균; 장명수; 김승종
2012-10Automatic Generation of Face Robot Motion using Vision-based Recognition Data이정우; 정찬열; 김진수; 문요한; 박신석; 김승종