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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08A layer-by-layer assembled MoS 2 thin film as an efficient platform for laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry analysis of small molecules김영관; Li-Sheng Wang; Ryan Landis; Chang Soo Kim; Richard W. Vachet; Vincent M. Rotello
2019-03A seed-mediated growth of gold nanoparticles inside carbon nanotube fibers for fabrication of multifunctional nanohybrid fibers with enhanced mechanical and electrical properties이동수; 김승민; 정현수; 김영관; 박준범; 박민; 김영진; 백슬기; 노희석; 김형준; 이중희
2019-12Analysis of an insertion efficiency of solvents for sulfur-doped reduced graphene oxide sheets using molecular dynamics simulations구본철; 유남호; 유재상; 오유나; 김영관; 김연직
2020-09Analysis of the effect of organic solvent-sheet interfacial interaction on the exfoliation of sulfur-doped reduced graphene oxide sheets in a solvent system using molecular dynamics simulations구본철; 유남호; 유재상; 정하나; 진정운; 오유나; 최회길; 김영관; 김연직
2019-09Bio-Inspired Incorporation of Functionalized Graphene Oxide into Carbon Nanotube Fibers for Their Efficient Mechanical Reinforcement양철민; 김승민; 정현수; 김영관; 박준범; 김영진; 한상우; 양범주
2017-09Carbon nanosheets by the graphenization of ungraphitizable isotropic pitch molecules이성호; 황준연; 김영관; 조한익; 박종래; 이재선
2007-10Crystal structure of the tRNA-specific adenosine deaminase from Streptococcus pyogenes이원호; 김영관; 남기현; 아밋; 이은혜; 김은경; 전영호; 정재준; 황광연
2019-07Direct spinning and densification method for high-performance carbon nanotube fibers이헌수; 김승민; 정현수; 박준범; 이동명; 이재근; 정연수; 김영관; 박종래
2017-10Eco-Friendly Reduction of Graphene Oxide by Polyphenol Extracts김영관; 고수현
2017-11Eco-friendly reduction of graphene oxide by using seaweed extracts김영관; 홍유림; 이승현
2018-11Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Urushiol@Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers김영관; 윤철준; 김경수
2019-02Enhancement of the modulus of compression of calcium silicate hydrates via covalent synthesis of CNT and silica fume김영관; 양범주; 김영진; 김광목; 서준호; 이행기
2018-11Fabrication of Covalently Linked Nanocomposites Composed of Aramid Nanofibers and Graphene Oxide to Improve Mechanical Properties김영관; 채아리; 고동연
2019-12Fabrication of Layered Composite Film using Eco-friendly Reduced Graphene Oxide구본철; 김영관; 최민식; 류성우
2021-03Fabrication of sustainable and multifunctional TiO2@carbon nanotube nanocomposite fibers김승민; 윤철준; 이성현; 권유빈; 김경수; 이건홍; 김영관
2018-11Fabrication of UV-Protective Nanohybrid Fiber Composed of TiO2 and Carbon Nanotube김영관; 윤철준; 김경수
2017-08Facile and controllable fabrication of multifunctional nanohybrid films composed of reduced graphene oxide and titanium dioxide through layer-by-layer assembly김영관; 장홍제; 강경태
2017-09Facile One-Pot Photosynthesis of Stable Ag@Graphene Oxide Nanocolloid Core@Shell Nanoparticles with Sustainable Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Property under Harsh Conditions김영관; 김성찬; 조성표; 장홍제; 허현; 홍병희; 민달희
2016-08Facile synthesis of cationic gold nanoparticles with controlled size and surface plasmon resonance김영관; Ryan F. Landis; Shuaidong Huo; Chang Soo Kim; Richard W. Vachet; Vincent M. Rotello
2011-05Facile Synthesis of Monodispersed Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Ultralarge Pores and Their Application in Gene Delivery김미희; 나희경; 김영관; 류수련; 조해성; 이경은; 전혜성; 류령; 민달희
2017-10Fast and scalable synthesis of reduce graphene oxide by Couette-Taylor flow구본철; 유남호; 유재상; 김영관; 남기호
2019-03Graphene oxide-based NET strategy for enhanced colorimetric sensing of miRNA김영관; 이지언; 이상우; 윤석주; 김우근
2020-07Green, fast, and scalable production of reduced graphene oxide via Taylor vortex flow구본철; 유남호; 유재상; 남기호; 김의중; Myeong Hee Jeon; Tae-Rin Lee; 김영관; Ji Won Suk
2018-07High-throughput chemical screening to discover new regulators of microRNA expression in living cells by using graphene-based biosensor김영관; 유수윤; 임예지; 박일수; 나희경; 이지언; 원철희; 홍승우; 김성원; 전누리; 민달희; Hongje Jang
2019-03Hydrothermal Galvanic-Replacement-Tethered Synthesis of Ir?Ag?IrO2 Nanoplates for Computed Tomography-Guided Multiwavelength Potent Thermodynamic Cancer Therapy김영관; 김영진; 임경혜; 강성훈; 민달희; 장홍제
2019-01Immobilization of Phenol-Containing Molecules on Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold via Surface Chemistry김영관; 김영진; 황혜정; 최인성; 여운석
2018-12Influences of carboxyl functionalization of intercalators on exfoliation of graphite oxide: a molecular dynamics simulation구본철; 유남호; 유재상; 김영관; 홍현기; 정하나; 최회길; 오유나; 신의섭
2017-06Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometric Analysis and Applications of Carbon Nanomaterials김영관
2019-03Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry-based compositional analysis of Au-Ag nanoplates synthesized by galvanic replacement and their application for small molecule analysis김영관; 강경리; 김형준; 강경태; 장홍제
2017-11Laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometric analysis and applications of carbon nanomaterials김영관