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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12A 2D material-based floating gate device with linear synaptic weight update박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 김인수; 박종길; 정연주; 김민경; 박은표; 김태수; 김규태; 장지원; 강기범
2021-01A Comparison Study on Multilayered Barrier Oxide Structure in Charge Trap Flash for Synaptic Operation박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 김인수; 박종길; 정연주; 김민경; 박은표; 성태연
2018-04A Digitally Programmable Cytomorphic Chip for Simulation of Arbitrary Biochemical Reaction Networks김재욱; Sung Sik Woo; Rahul Sarpeshkar
2019-05A Novel Bioelectronic Reporter System in Living Cells Tested with a Synthetic Biological Comparator김재욱; Ji Zeng; Areen Banerjee; Yijie Deng; Tim W. Chapman; Ramez Daniel; Rahul Sarpeshkar
2018-09A Synthetic Microbial Operational Amplifier김재욱; Ji Zeng; Jonathan Teo; Areen Banerjee; Timothy W. Chapman; Rahul Sarpeshkar
2015-08Amyloid-β Oligomers May Impair SNARE-Mediated Exocytosis by Direct Binding to Syntaxin 1a.양유수; 김재욱; 김혜윤; 류나연; 이세진; 김영수; 임혜원; Shin, Yeon-Kyun
2014-10Beta-Amyloid Oligomers Activate Apoptotic BAK Pore for Cytochrome c Release김재욱; 양유수; 송승수; 나정현; 오경준; 정철현; 유연규; 신년균
2019-10Bio-Molecular Circuit Design with Electronic Circuit Software and Cytomorphic Chips김재욱; Jonathan Teo; Sung Sik Woo; Rahul Sarpeshkar
2021-06Design of mid-infrared filter array based on plasmonic metal nanodiscs array and its application to on-chip spectrometer김원목; 이경석; 김인호; 황규원; 김재욱; 박종길; 이화섭; 성태연
2020-12Enhanced analog synaptic behavior of SiNx/a-Si bilayer memristors through Ge implantation송종한; 임원철; 박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 박종길; 정연주; 김건희; 허수만; 박수진; 주병권; 정두석
2018-04Fast and Precise Emulation of Stochastic Biochemical Reaction Networks With Amplified Thermal Noise in Silicon Chips김재욱; Sung Sik Woo; Rahul Sarpeshkar
2020-11Foot Pressure Feedback Pneumatic Orthosis: Implication of Daily Life WAlking Training for Knee Osteoarthritis Patients이종민; 이송주; 김재욱; 문현식; 박신석; 김승종
2021-01Integrated neuromorphic computing networks by artificial spin synapses and spin neurons김재욱; 정연주; 김태윤; 양승모; 신정훈; 문경웅; 장가브리엘; 현다슬; 양정엽; 황찬용; 홍진표
2020-09Intended Gait Speed Prediction via Swing Limb Kinematics Applicable for Patients with Slow Gait이종민; 김재욱; 김예광; 김승종
2021-12Ion beam-assisted solid phase epitaxy of SiGe and its application for analog memristors이경석; 박종극; 김인호; 황규원; 김재욱; 곽준영; 박종길; 정연주; 김건희; 강대철; 주병권
2019-01Markov Chain Hebbian Learning Algorithm With Ternary Synaptic Units김인호; 김재욱; 블라디미르 코르니축; 김구현; DOHUN KIM; HYO CHEON WOO; JIHUN KIM; CHEOL SEONG HWANG; DOO SEOK JEONG
2020-04Nanoformulated Single­Stranded RNA­Based Adjuvant with a Coordinative Amphiphile as an Effective Stabilizer: Inducing Humoral Immune Response by Activation of Antigen­Presenting Cells금교창; 방은경; 박효정; 홍정주; 이상명; 고해리; 곽혜원; 박혜림; 강경원; 김륜호; 류승록; 김그린; 오한슬; 김혜정; 이규리; 김수영; 김재욱; Karim El­Baz; 이혁진; 송만기; 김대진; 남재환
2020-05Practical Method for Predicting Intended Gait Speed via Soleus Surface EMG Signals이종민; 최준호; 김재욱; 정상훈; 김승종
2019-01Reconfigurable Spike Routing Architectures for On-Chip Local Learning In Neuromorphic Systems김인호; 김재욱; 곽준영; 박종길; 블라디미르 코르니축; 김구현; 김도헌; 정두석
2020-07Reversible switching mode change in Ta2O5-based resistive switching memory (ReRAM)박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 박종길; 정연주; 김태윤; 손희락
2021-03Spiking Neural Network (SNN) with memristor synapses having non-linear weight update박종극; 김인호; 이수연; 김재욱; 곽준영; 박종길; 정연주; 허수만; 김태윤
2014-10Switch for the Necroptotic Permeation Pore신년균; 김재욱; 양유수
2015-04Synaptotagmin-1 Is an Antagonist for Munc18-1 in SNARE ZipperingXiaochu Lou; 신재일; 양유수; 김재욱; 신연균