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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-03A control of redeox reactivity of polypyrrole by electrolytes.김정엽; D. Y. Kim; J. K. Kim; J. Y. Lee; H. W. Rhee
1996-01A green light-emitting diode with a copolymer of an alternating structure.김영철; 김정엽; 조현남; D. Y. Kim; J. Y. Lee
1999-01A light-emitting copolymer with an electron transporting unit김재경; 유재웅; 홍재민; 조현남; 김동영; 김정엽
1995-09A new conductive polymer substrate for liquid crystal display cells.김정엽; 김영철; 김동영; J. Y. Lee
1993-01A polymer humidity sensor.김정엽; L. S. Hwang; J. M. Ko; 이희우
1996-01A polypyrrole solution in chloroform.이준영; 김동영; 김정엽; 김상용; 송기태
1995-01A spectroscopic study of PPy on thermal treatment.김정엽
1994-05A study on intermediate state of PPy in redox reaction.김정엽
1997-01A study on multiple melting of isotactic polypropylene김영철; W. Ahn; 김정엽
1985-08A study on the mesophase formation from a pitch.김영철; 김정엽
1985-10A study on the preparation and its optical characteristics of GRIN rod for plastic optical fiber.김정엽; 한동근; 임승순
1999-01An alternating copolymer consisting of light emitting and electron transporting units김재경; 유재웅; 홍재민; 조현남; 김동영; 김정엽
1997-01An alternating copolymer for a blue light-emitting diode김재경; 조현남; 김정엽; S. I. Hong; 김동영
1963-01Analysis of gas hydrocarbons by gas-liquid partition chromatography.김정엽; 성좌경; 노익삼
1996-10Anisotropy of the stretch-oriented PPy film cast from the chloroform solution.김정엽; 김동영; 이준영; 송기태; 양남철; 이주성; 김상용
1996-11Band gap control of emissive polymers for light emitting diodes.김정엽
1997-01Blue and green light emission from new soluble alternating copolymers조현남; 김동영; 김영철; 이준영; 김정엽
2000-10Blue light emitting polymers김동영; 조현남; 김정엽
1994-07Characteristics and transport properties of polyaniline free standing films prepared by controlled processing.김정엽; S. K. Jeong; J. S. Suh; E. J. Oh; Y. W. Park; A. G. MacDiarmid
1995-01Characteristics of a complex of ethylene oxide-phosphate copolymer with LiClO//4 as a polymer electrolyte.김정엽; D. Y. Kim; J. K. Kim
1994-07Characteristics of a complex of ethylene oxide-phosphate copolymer with LiClO//4 as a polymer electrolyte.김정엽; D. Y. Kim; J. K. Kim; H. N. Cho
1997-01Characteristics of an emissive polymer blend on LED김동영; J. K. Kim; 조현남; 김정엽
1996-08Characteristics of deprotonated polypyrrole.김정엽; 김동영; 이준영
1993-08Characteristics of LC dispered in polymer matrix.김정엽
1994-01Characteristics of liquid crystal dispersed in polymer matrix김영철; 김정엽; D. Y. Kim; W. Ahn
1996-08Characteristics of polypyrrole as a liquid crystal alignment layer.김정엽; 김동영; 김영철; 이준영
1996-03Characterization of polypyrrole films by impedance spectroscopy.김정엽; 이희우; 송민규; 박정준
1994-11Charge transport mechanisms in PPy on redox reaction.김정엽
1999-01Comparison of electronic transport properties of soluble polypyrrole and soluble polyaniline doped with dodecylbenzene-sulfonic acidA. N. Aleshin; 이광희; 이준영; 김동영; 김정엽
1984-08Compatibility of poly(butylene-terephthalate) and poly(vinyl chloride).김정엽; Y. S. Kim; D. Y. Kim; S. S. Yang