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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10A COMPARISON OF DISTRIBUTION MAPS OF Δ14C IN 2010 AND 2011 IN KOREA박중헌; 홍완; 박규준; 성기석; Lee, K.H.; Kim, Y.E.; 김준곤; 최한우; 김기동; 우형주; Nakanishi, T.
2014-11Accelerator Mass Spectrometry-Based Signal Generation for Thin Layer Chromatography이관호; 유병용; 김준곤; 송종한; 하상수
2017-11Age-dating of the cremated remains and the ink sticks by the accelerator mass spectrometry(AMS)송종한; 김준곤; 김재열; 금보경
2020-10ATP Kinetically Modulates Pathogenic Tau Fibrillations김윤경; 임성수; 허채은; 한종윤; 이지영; 임동준; 이민재; 김준곤
2013-01Calibration curve from AD 1250 to AD 1650 by measurements of tree-rings grown on the Korean peninsula홍완; 박중헌; 박원규; 성기석; 이경희; 박규준; 김영은; 김준곤; 최한우; 김기동; 우형주; N.G. Nam
2015-10Computer simulations for a deceleration and radio frequency quadrupole instrument for accelerator ion beams존일랴드스; 김준곤; 송종한; 유병용
2012-07Control of the Chemical State Change of Sulfur in Solid Compound Targets during High-resolution PIXE Measurements우형주; 최한우; 김기동; 김준곤
2016-04Cu 이온 조사에 따른 CoCrFeNi/Cu 하이엔트로피 합금의 상안정성장혜정; 김준곤; 임종욱; 김진연; 박은수
2015-11Cu 이온빔 조사에 따른 CoCrCuFeNi 하이엔트로피 합금의 표면 손상 연구임종욱; 김진연; 김준곤; 박은수; 장혜정
2015-10Data manipulation for the radiocarbon age-dating at KIST AMS laboratroy김준곤; 존일랴드스; 송종한
1998-08Development and round robin test of Pt-Co alloy thin film standard materials for the quantification of surface compositional analysis김경중; 문대원; 한명섭; 강희재; 김준곤; 한승희; 이중환; 윤선진; 신광수; 김차연; 김태형; 이동석; 김영남; 최홍민; 김경원; 홍태은
2017-11Dose rate effect on the microstructure evolution under heavy ion irradiation장혜정; 김준곤; 김진연; 백성일; Dieter Isheim; David N. Seidman; 박은수
2015-03Efficient Fabrication Method for Nitrogen-vacancy Color Centers for a Biomarker석재권; 이재용; 김준곤; 송종한
2018-02Enhanced efficiency of crystalline Si solar cells based on kerfless-thin wafers with nanohole arrays김원목; 송종한; 이택성; 박종극; 김인호; 정두석; 이도권; 김준곤; 최경진; 김혜연; 이현승; 석재권; 주병권
2019-11Fabrication of gas ionization chamber for heavy ion spectroscopy(I)송종한; 임원철; 김준곤; 일랴드스 존; 김재열
2018-09Fabrication of Silicon-Vacancy Color Centers in Nanodiamonds by using Si-Ion Implantation송종한; 임원철; 김준곤; 일랴드스 존; 김혜연; 김형권; 이재용; 석재권
2017-03Fabrication of thin diamond membranes by using hot implantation and ion-cut methods문성욱; 송종한; 임원철; 김준곤; 일랴드스 존; 윤지원; 석재권; 김형권; 이재용
2018-07Investigation of an irradiation induced recrystallization in the CrFeCoNiCu high entropy alloy via precession electron diffraction장혜정; 김준곤; 김진연; 윤국노; 박은수
1990-08Ion Beam Mixing of Pd/Cu Thin Films송종한; 김수길; 채근화; 김상옥; 황정남; 김준곤; 우형주; 이임렬; R.J. Smith
2020-02Ion implantation studies on zinc ferrite thin film investigated using various synchrotron radiation based techniques임원철; 채근화; 원성옥; 김준곤; Jitendra Pal Singh; 이상설
2015-10Irradiation induced defects in FCC high entropy composite alloy김진연; 임종욱; 유승조; 김준곤; 박은수; 장혜정
2016-08Large area carbon membrane splitting from single diamond bulk substrate by using carbon and hydrogen co-implantation문성욱; 송종한; 임원철; 김준곤; 윤지원; 석재권; 이재용
2017-08Measurement scheme and its data manipulation for the C-14 age-dating송종한; 김준곤; 일랴드스 존
2015-10Microdose Clinical Study for Human Using KIST AMS이관호; 이기수; 송종한; 김준곤; 김화숙; Howard Lee; 조주연; 유병용
2015-10Microdose stMicordose study for in vivo Toxicokinetics of β-carboline Using AMS: New strategy to Food Toxicology오민석; 이관호; 김준곤; 곽은영; 유병용; 박현미
2015-06Microdosing/Microtracing Studies in Human Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry(AMS)박현미; 이관호; 김준곤; 송종한; Joo-Youn Cho; 유병용
2013-03Overview of the KoRIA Facility for Rare Isotope BeamsJ.K. Ahn; B.H. Choi; S.H. Hwang; S.H. Kim; C.H. Lee; H.S. Lee; J.Y. Park; S.Y. Ryu; I.-K. Yoo; S.Y. Yu; S.I. Bak; J.-S. Chai; H.J. Choi; Jang Min Han; S.-W. Hong; D. Jeong; Y. Kadi; D.Y. Kim; J.T. Kim; B.N. Lee; S.D. Lee; V.K. Manchanda; J.H. Oh; J.A. Park; T.-S. Park; H. Sakai; J.W. Shin; S.W. Shin; H.S. Song; C. Tenreiro; Z. Tong; Y.K. Yang; Y.H. Yeon; Y. Blumenfeld; B.-G. Cheon; C. I. Choi; D. Y. Jang; B. H. Kang; Y. K. Kim; M. S. Ryu; M.-K. Cheoun; E. J. Ha; C. Y. Ryu; D. Cho; B. Hong; G. Jhang; E. Joo; Kyong Sei Lee; K. S. Sim; Y. S. Cho; J. H. Ha; Jae Min Han; I. G. Kim; C. W. Lee; Y.-O. Lee; B. H. Oh; S. H. Park; T. Y. Song; E. M. Choi; M. S. Choi; S. K. Lee; S. Choi; T. K. Choi; Y. S. Choi; D. L. Kim; K. H. Chung; D. U. Kim; S. K. Ko; K. O. Lee; Y. Y. Lee; W. Namkung; H. J. Seo; W. J. Yi; I. S. Hahn; A. Kim; W. Hong; G. D. Kim; 김준곤; H. J. Woo; C. H. Hyun; J. Jang; S. Kim; H.-R. Yang; D. Jeon; S.-H. Kim; S.-C. Jeong; H. S. Kang; E. J. Kim; H.-Ch. Kim; J. W. Kim; W. Kim; Y. Oh; M. Kwon; Y. K. Kwon; C. S. Lee; J. H. Lee; C. C. Yun; B. Y. Lee; H. J. Lee; Y. S. Lee; W.-Y. Park; H.-S. Lee; K. H. Park; Kang Seog Lee; S. D. Lee; S. H. Lee; V. K. Manchanda; C. B. Moon; S. Nam; B. G. Yu; J. A. Nolen; B. Y. Park; H. Sakai; Y. Yano; P. Sigg; W. Y. So; B. J. Suh; C. Tenreiro; R. E. Tribble; D. H. Yu
2017-01Progress report of the innovated KIST ion beam facility유병용; 송종한; 임원철; 채근화; 김준곤; 일랴드스 존
2017-11Quantitative measurement of radiation induced recrystallization in CrFeCoNiCu high entropy alloy after heavy ion irradiation장혜정; 김준곤; 임종욱; 김진연; 박은수; 김도향
2018-04Radiation-induced continuous dynamic recrystallization in CrFeCoNiCu high-entropy alloy장혜정; 김준곤; 임종욱; 김진연; 박은수; 김도향