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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-08A Micro Tribotester for MEMS Elements김충현; 안효석
2006-06Air supply system for the fuel cell of a mobile robot김충현; 이용복
2012-12Analysis of Fluid Flow Characteristics Around Rolling Element in Ball Bearings조준현; 김충현
1999-06Analysis of tooth contact stress of gerotor hydraulic motors김충현; 김두인; 안효석; 정태형
2000-02Behavior of reciprocating dry sliding wear of plastics against steel김충현; 안효석; 정태형
1996-01Cavity design for injection molded gears by the compensation method of design parameters.이성철; 김충현; 권오관; 허용정
2000-01Cavity design method for injection-molded spur gears김충현; 이성철; 안효석; 정태형
2014-12Center of Pressure of a Human Body using Force Sensing Resistor박철; 박신석; 김충현
2016-01Ceo2-covered nanofiber for highly effieient removal of phosphorous from acqueous solution고영건; 도태구; 전영상; 김충현; 최웅수; 김재용
2013-04CFD Analysis of Flow on the Rolling Element in Water Lubricated Ball Bearings조준현; 김충현
2013-08CFD-Based Flow Analysis of Rolling Elements in Water-Lubricated Ball Bearings조준현; 김충현
2020-04Classification of Selective Attention within Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials from Dry Electrodes using Mutual Information-based Spatio-Spectral Feature Selection김충현; 김형민; 이송주; 김근태; 이재형
2021-03Classification of Standing and Walking States Using Ground Reaction Forces김충현; 박지수; 구상모
2001-10Comparison of the tribological behaviors of various organic molecular films김두인; 안효석; 김충현; V. Tsukruk
2001-06Comparison of the tribological behaviors of various organic molecular films김두인; 안효석; 김충현; V. Tsukruk
2006-09Confirmation of heavy metal ions in used lubricating oil from a passenger car using chelating self-assembled monolayer고영건; 김충현
2019-10Core/shell hybrid fiber with aminated PAN and Fe2O3 as a high capacity adsorbent for phosphate ions최웅수; 김충현; 도태구; 정영균; 전영상; 고영건
2002-10Development of a precision friction tester김충현; 안효석
2012-08Development of Cryogenic Test Rig for Ball-Bearing and Evaluation of the Performance of the Prototype Ball-Bearing of Turbo pump조준현; 임윤철; 이성철; 김충현
2011-06Development of fall detection system by estimating the amount of impact and the status of torso posture of the elderly김충현; 이영재; 이필재; 이정환
2014-07Development of Femoral Bone Model of Human Body for Simulation of Side Falls박지수; 구상모; 김충현
2006-10Durability improvement method for plastic spur gears김충현
2016-11Effect of Focal Muscle Vibration on Calf Muscle Spasticity: A Proof-of-Concept Study김충현; 전창묵; 서한길; 오병모; 이자호; 박철
2009-06Electrorheological properties of aminated polyacrylonitrile susupension최웅수; 김충현
2014-08Evaluating the Differential Electrophysiological Effects of the Focal Vibrator on the Tendon and Muscle Belly in Healthy People이강표; 조영; 범재원; 전창묵; 김충현; 오병모
2009-10Evaluation of Oil Bearing Supported Rotors Coupled by Flexible Coupling김충현; 이경수; 이용복
2002-09Experimental study for the durability enhancement of plastic spur gear김충현; 안효석; 정태형
1999-06Fabrication of Cr2O3/Mo composite powders and tribological properties of plasma-sprayed coatings여인웅; 안효석; 김충현
2019-12Fall?Detection Algorithm Using Plantar Pressure and Acceleration Data김충현; 박지수; 이창민; 박신석
2017-12Fluid Flow Analysis for Friction Torque around Rolling Element in Ball Bearings김충현; Jun Hyeon Jo