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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Acoustic Emission Testing and Ib-Value Analysis of Ultraviolet Light-Irradiated Fiber Composites나원진; 정도연
2021-11Acoustic emission testing and structural health monitoring on CFRP나원진; 정도연
2021-04b-value analysis of carbon fiber reinforced composite나원진; 정도연
2012-11Carbon nanotube film interlayer for strain and damage sensing in composites during dynamic compressive loading나원진; Amanda S. Wu; 유웅열; Jun-Hyung Byun; Tsu-Wei Chou
2019-04Change in b-value by fracture modes in FRP나원진; 정도연
2014-05Characterizations of STF-treated aramid fabrics using picture frame test나원진; 안현철; 한성진; Philip Harrison; 박종규; 정의경; 유웅열
2019-04Control of Braid Pattern on Every Side of a Braided Composite Part Produced by Asymmetrical Braiding Process나원진; Ali Fouladi; Reza Jafari Nedoushan; Jalil Hajrasouliha; Mohammad Sheikhzadeh; 김용민; 유웅열
2021-01Effect of propagation distance on acoustic emission of carbon fiber/epoxy composites나원진; 정도연; 이병선; 유웅열
2021-04Effect of Ultraviolet Irradiation on the Material Properties and Acoustic Emission of a Fiber-reinforced Composite나원진; 정도연; Yoshihiro Mizutani; Akira Todoroki
2019-12Effects of UV irradiation induced degradation of woven GFRP on b-value나원진; 정도연
2020-08Evaluation of acoustic emission signal through analysis of band Ibvalues in CFRP나원진; 정도연
2014-08In situ monitoring of structural changes in nonwoven mats under tensile loading using X-ray computer tomography나원진; 전승렬; 최영옥; 이명규; 김현이; 유웅열
2015-10In-situ damage sensing of woven composites using carbon nanotube conductive networks나원진; 변준형; 이명규; 유웅열
2021-06Investigation of Ib-Values for Determining Fracture Modes in Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials by Acoustic Emission나원진; 정도연; Woong-Ryeol Yu
2021-06Investigation of water absorption and mechanical behavior of carbon fiber-reinforced composites cured at room temperature나원진; 김은정; Woong-Ryeol Yu
2021-01Method for characterizing the rate-dependent behavior of aramid fibers coated with shear thickening fluids나원진; 한성진; 안현철; 유웅열
2022-02New b-value parameter for quantitatively monitoring the structural health of carbon fiber-reinforced composites나원진; 정도연; Woong-Ryeol Yu; Hyunchul Ahn
2020-07Origami-inspired Reforming Method for Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics via Simple Thermal Stitching유재상; 이민욱; 나원진; 김용탁; 유기현
2021-06Post-Forming Method of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Using Stitching Technique유재상; 이민욱; 나원진; 김용탁; 유기현
2018-11Prediction of braid pattern on arbitrary-shaped mandrels나원진; 유웅열
2021-06Prediction of tensile strength of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites via uncertainty modeling using machine learning나원진; Jaehyuk Choi; Woong-Ryeol Yu
2014-01Prediction of the braid pattern on arbitrary-shaped mandrels using the minimum path condition나원진; 전승렬; 안현철; 이준석; 강현민; 유웅열
2017-03Prediction of the tensile strength of unidirectional carbon fiber composites considering the interfacial shear strength나원진; 이근성; 성민창; 한흥남; 유웅열
2016-07Shear behavior of a shear thickening fluid-impregnated aramid fabrics at high shear rate나원진; 안현철; 한성진; Philip Harrison; 박종규; 정의경; 유웅열
2019-05Tensile strength of CFRP considering their interfacial shear strength나원진
2015-05Theoretical and experimental study of braid pattern in mandrels with arbitrary cross-sections나원진; Jalil Hajrasouliha; Reza Jafari Nedoushan; Mohammad Sheikhzadeh; 유웅열
2020-12Use of acoustic emission b(Ib)-values to quantify damage in composites나원진; 정도연; 유웅열
2018-03X-ray computed tomography observation of multiple fiber fracture in unidirectional CFRP under tensile loading나원진; 권동일; 유웅열
2020-11-27그래핀 및 탄소나노혼 복합체에 전이금속 산화물이 코팅된 고밀도 전이금속-그래핀 및 탄소나노혼 복합체 및 그 제조방법김민국; 김지훈; 나원진; 양철민; 유재상
2022-04-14우수한 열전도성, 축열성 및 난연성을 갖는 난방용 건축재용 탄소 복합 소재 및 이의 제조 방법김남렬; 김민국; 김수경; 김지훈; 나원진; 박형범; 양철민; 유재상; 이민욱; 이윤선