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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-123D Printed Hierarchical Gyroid Structure with Embedded Photocatalyst TiO2 Nanoparticles문명운; 조원진; 이혜빈; 윤범준
2014-073D printed tactile pattern formation on paper with thermal reflow method조원진; 김도현; 이정심; 이헌주; 문명운
2016-043D printing technology introduced in elementary classroom for the visually impaired students이헌주; 문명운; 조원진; 이장희; 레이첼 아리안토; 이혜빈
2015-124D Printing Technology: A Review이헌주; 문명운; 조원진; 권오창; 최진
2015-01A Bendable Li-Ion Battery with a Nano-Hairy Electrode: Direct Integration Scheme on the Polymer Substrate정민석; 서종현; 문명운; 최장욱; 주영창; 최인석
2018-01A Hierarchically Porous Carbon Fabric for Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors이수연; 문명운; 김상훈; 허가현; 전승렬; 윤선미; 조성원; Jiao Yuan; Aiying Wang
2009-11A measurement of elastic moduli for tungsten films on polymer substrate using wrinkling analysis문명운; 한준현
2013-09Adhesion behavior of mouse liver cancer cells on nanostructured superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic surfaces고태준; 김은경; So Nagashima; 오규환; 이광렬; 김소연; 문명운
2010-10Adhesion behavior of non-specific cells on wrinkled, dual-scaled diamond-like carbon (DLC) superhydrophobic surfaceYudi Rahmawan; 강도현; 이광렬; 문명운; 서갑양
2008-05Aging Effect on Diamond-like Carbon Films Treated with N2 and O2 plasma이진우; 김해리; 문명운; 김종국; 이광렬; 김석삼
2009-06An angled nano-tunnel fabricated on poly(methyl methacrylate) by a focused ion beamEun Kyu Her; Hee-Suk Chung; 문명운; Kyu Hwan Oh
2002-05An experimental study of the influence of imperfections on the buckling of compressed thin films문명운; 정진원; 이광렬; 오규환; R. Wang; A.G. Evans
2002-10An Study of Influence of Imperfections on the Delamination of Diamond-like Carbon Films문명운; 이광렬; 정진원; 오규환
2009-06Anti-biofouling Coating by Wrinkled, Dual-roughness Structures of Diamond-like Carbon (DLC)Y. Rahmawan; K.-J. Jang; 문명운; 이광렬; K.-Y. Suh
2012-10Atomistic simulations of diamond-like carbon growth조민웅; 문명운; 이광렬
2009-06Biocompatible PEG Grafting on DLC-coated Nitinol Alloy for Vascular Stents신홍섭; 박귀덕; 김지흥; 김재진; 한동근; 문명운; 이광렬; 신지훈
2012-09Bioinspired steel surfaces with extreme wettability contrast허은규; 고태준; 이광렬; 오규환; 문명운
2008-05Blood compatibility of zwitterionic PEG grafted on Nitinol-Au for peripheral arterial stent신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운; 이광렬; 김지흥; 한동근
2008-04Blood compatible surface modification using Zwitterionic PEG신홍섭; 박귀덕; 문명운; 이광렬; 김지흥; 한동근
2004-05Buckle Delamination on Patterned Substrates문명운; 이광렬; 오규환; J. W. Hutchinson
2020-03Capillary rise in superhydrophilic rough channels, Journal of Fluid Mechanics문명운; 김정철; Ho-Young Kim
2018-04Carbon-encapsulated metal nanoparticles deposited by plasma enhanced magnetron sputtering문명운; Wei Dai
2020-10Clogged water bridges for fog harvesting문명운; 이상엽; 김성진; 조혜성; 이창제; 박지혜
2019-11Clogging-enhanced fog harvesting on the hole pattern문명운; 이상엽; 김성진; 조혜성; 박지혜; 이창제
2011-03Comparison of diamond-like carbon-coated nitinol stents with or without polyethylene glycol grafting and uncoated nitinol stents in a canine iliac artery model김지형; 신지훈; 신동호; 문명운; 박귀덕; 김태형; 신경민; 원유형; 한동근; 이광렬
2013-07Composite oxygen-barrier coating on a polypropylene food container김성진; 송은경; 조경식; 윤태경; 문명운; 이광렬
2011-05Compressive dynamic scission of carbon nanotubes under sonication: fracture by atomic ejectionHuck Beng Chew; 문명운; 이광렬; Kyung-Suk Kim
2021-04Conductive PEDOT:PSS on surface-functionalized chitosan biopolymers for stretchable skin-like electronics문명운; 김민석; Zeno Rizqi Ramadhan; 한주원; 홍주희; 박성빈; 김정하; Anky Fitrian Wibowo; A. Prameswati; 김석윤; 이종희; 김소연; 임동찬; 김용현
2007-05Controlled Formation of nanoscale Wrinkling Patterns on Polymers using Focused Ion Beam문명운; 이상훈; 선정윤; 오규환; A. Vaziri; JW Hutchinson
2017-02Copper circuit patterning on polymer using selective surface modification and electroless plating문명운; 고태준; 박상진; 윤주일; 오규환; 한준현