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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-07A feasibility study of geophysical survey methods for the evaluation of landfill stabilization조동행; 박대원; 김수철
2002-11A study on calcium removal in liner paper whitewater and variation of paper quality이원권; 신응배; 박대원; 손성섭; 이상봉
2001-05BAF 공법을 이용한 염색폐수 처리시 제올라이트 매질의 질소제거 효과에 관한 연구장원석; 박대원; 홍석원
-Butanol production by Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum with food waste주동훈; Lee, Sun Mi; Youngsoon Um; 박대원; CHUNG, YUNCHUL; Byoung-In Sang
2003-02Chlamydomonas reinhardtii를 이용한 암반응에서의 수소 및 유기물 생산 최적화공경택; 심상준; 박대원; 김미선; 박태현
2005-03Chlamydomonas reinhardtii명반응 증식 특성 및 암반응에서 수소 생산박대원; 공경택; 김동건; 김지성; 박호일; 조경숙
1994-02Dechlorination of PCE using cometabolism of anaerobic microorganisms.박대원; 정진영; 정윤철
2003-12Development of Catalytic Electrode in Capable of Activating Chemical Oxidation of Nitrite and Biological Reduction of Nitrate전성진; 신인호; 상병인; 박대원; 박두현
2001-11Effect of nitrogen, phosphorous and algae removal for raw water treatment by flyash and slag as filter media장원석; 박대원; 김동건
1998-01Effects of initial concentration and nutrients in treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils using a slurry-phase bioreactor김수철; 남궁완; 박대원
-Effects of pre-treatment of waste activated sludge on hydrogen production박대원; 김동건; Kim, Ji-Seong; Kim Dong-Im; Lee, Yun Jie; 유명진; Byoung-In Sang
1997-01Effects of solids content and mixing speed in treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils using a bioreactor김수철; 남궁완; 박대원
2004-04Electrochemical treatment of strong nitrogenous wastewater박대원; 정도원; 조한상
-Enhancement of hydrogen production from waste activated sludgeKIM DONG KUN; Kim, Ji-Seong; Kim Dong-Im; 박대원; Byoung-In Sang
2000-11Landfill stabilization using an in situ composting process김수철; 박대원; 남궁완
1996-01Nitrite accumulation and removal in a sequencing batch reactor박대원; 정진영; 정윤철
2004-06Pilot-scale investigation of two-step biofiltration for municipal wastewater treatment이원권; 배우근; 박대원
2001-02Removal of natural organic matter by powdered activated carbon addition in coagulation porcess명복태; 심상준; 박대원
2001-08Removal of NOM using biological rope media sedimentation tank심상준; 강연석; 김우식; 박대원
1997-01Sequential environment 를 이용한 생물학적 폐수처리박대원; 정윤철
1998-01Textile wastewater treatment by BAF process using zeolite media장원석; 윤태일; 박대원
1995-05The effect of microorganism concentration on the performance of sequencing batch reactor.박대원; 정진영; 정윤철; 윤운영
2003-08The growth characteristics of Spirulina platensis in cylindrical photobioreactor김용상; 박호일; 김동건; 박대원
2001-10Treatment of nitrogen and organic compounds in wastewater using electrochemical method정도원; 조한상; 박대원; 주재백; 손태원
1996-01Treatment of organic wasterwater containing chromium by using AUBF.박대원; 정진영; 정윤철
1997-12Treatment of wastewater containing copper by electro-extraction손성호; 정도원; 박대원
2000-02Treatment of wastewater containing cyanide by electro-oxidation손성호; 정도원; 주재백; 조원일; 박대원
1996-01Use of microorganism producing polymer to upgrade activated sludge process박대원; 장원석; 안대희; 정윤철
2002-12고정상 생물막 공법을 이용한 상수원수 전처리에 대한 연구박대원; 김동건; 장원석; 고창일
1997-10-28마노메타와 광섬유를 이용한 미세압력계측 방법 및 장치이임걸; 박대원; 신평균; 조재철