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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-05A calorimetric method for the determination of ethanol using recombinant alcohol dehydrogenase박성우; 김은호; 공광훈; 심은정; 홍민표; 박희중; 김영만
2002-07A comparison of the microstructures of surface melted CU-wire.김영만; 박성우; 김상현; 김택제
2012-05A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact Spots배지훈; 박성우; 김도익; 백문홍; 오상록
2000-12A Study on the comparison of morphology and characteristic analysis for microscopic trace using criminal image capture system(Ⅲ)김동환; 이정필; 임세혁; 박성우; 김영만
2002-07A study on the determination of engine oils by proton induced X-ray emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.박성우; 김재균; 김은호; 김영만; 김영상
2000-01A study on the screening of toxic materials by HPTLC and GC/MS박성우; 장성길; 박유신; 이진훈; 이상기; 유재훈; 김동환; 진광호; 김기욱; 김유나; 노동석
2020-04A Tele-operated Microsurgical Forceps-Driver with a Variable Stiffness Haptic Feedback Master Device오상록; 양성욱; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우; 김기훈
2020-04An experimental study on precision positioning characteristics of shape memory alloy actuator황동현; 박성우
2000-12Analysis of automobile paints by pyrolysis-GC and application of pattern recognition searching program박하선; 손성건; 이진숙; 박준철; 박성우; 김영만; 이연희
2001-09Analysis of toxic materials in plasma by gas chromatography박성우; 박유신; 이진훈; 김유나; 임미애; 이상기; 유재훈; 진광호; 신호상; 노동석
1999-11Application of searching program of analysis of automotive paints using curie point pyrolysis-gas chromatography(I) : blue paints손성건; 박하선; 이진숙; 위상욱; 김영만; 박성우
2001-06Application of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry to automobile paint analysis이연희; 한승희; 윤정현; 김영만; 손성건; 박성우
1999-11Colorimetric methods for the determination of ethanol using hansemula polymorpha alcohol oxidase공광훈; 심은정; 제갈향; 홍민표; 박희중; 김영만; 김은호; 박성우
2000-01Constructing database for drugs and its application to biological sample by HPTLC and GC/MS유영찬; 박성우; 임미애; 백승경; 박세연; 이주선; 노동석
1999-05Database for the identification of automotive paints by microscopic spectrophotometries and Py-GC:II. The analysis of clearcoats & pigments in red, blue white & silver paints손성건; 박하선; 이진숙; 박성우; 이연희; 김영만
2012-10Development of a Low Cost Anthropomorphic Robot Hand with High Capability배지훈; 박성우; 박재한; 백문홍; 김도익; 오상록
2019-09Development of a Surgical-Forceps Driver with an Embedded High-precision Tiny Force Sensor Module오상록; 양성욱; 김기훈; 황동현; 임세혁; 인용석; 정진우; 장남선; 박성우
2001-06Development of portable non-invasive blood alcohol by near infrared spectrophotometry김효진; 김영만; 박성우; 김영운; 김명윤; 마상동
1999-01Disposable type electrochemical ethanol sensor김문환; 유재현; 오현준; 차근식; 남학현; 박성우; 김영만
1987-12Effect of corticosterone on the serotonin receptor binding properties in rat cerebral cortex박성우; 서유헌; 우종인; 박찬웅
2009-09Electrokinetic remediation of contaminated soil with waste-lubricant oils and zinc박성우; 이재영; 양중석; 김경조; 백기태
2009-01Electrolyte conditioning-enhanced electrokinetic remediation of arsenic-contaminated mine tailing백기태; 김도형; 박성우; 류병곤; Tserennyam Bajargal; 양중석
2008-12Feasibility Study on Acid-enhanced Electrokintic Remediation of Zn and Ni-contaminated Soil박성우; 조정민; 류병곤; 김경조; 백기태; 양중석
1999-01Fundamental investigation of non-invasive determination of alcohol in blood by near infrared spectrophotometry장수현; 조창희; 우영아; 김효진; 김영만; 이강봉; 김영운; 박성우
1999-01Identification of automotive paints using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry이연희; 한승희; 윤정현; 김영만; 손성건; 박성우
2000-01Identification of automotive paints using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry이연희; 한승희; 윤정현; 김영만; 손성건; 박성우
2000-12Identification of the soil by image on the polarizing microscope and chemical compound김은호; 김재균; 김명덕; 신윤열; 장성길; 박성우; 김영만
2000-12Microstructure and composition changes of Cu-wire according to heat source김상현; Kyung-Hwa Lee; 김진표; 김윤희; 박성우; 김영도; 한승희; 김영만
2001-02Microstructure and composition changes of Cu-wire according to heat source박성우; 장익수; 김상현; 김윤희; 김영도; 한승희; 김영만
1999-11Microstructure and phase transition of Cu-wire by heat transformation김상현; 정진열; 한승희; 오남렴; 김영도; 김영만; 장익수; 박성우