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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06A ferroelectric photocatalyst for enhancing hydrogen evolution: polarized particulate suspension박상백; 이찬우; 강민규; 김상현; Hae Jin Kim; Ji Eon Kwon; 박수영; 강종윤; 홍국선; 남기태
2000-01Analysis of chemical structure of fluoro-containing copolyamic acid methyl esters and its effect on the thermal imidization process박승구; 박수영; 이철주
2008-08Biocompatible and AIEE Active Red Nanoparticles for Bioimaging임창근; 김세훈; 김광명; 권익찬; 안철희; 박수영
1995-01Characteristics of heterojunction consisting of plasma polymerized thiophene and n-type silicon김낙중; 신동호; 이신두; 이기풍; 박수영; 최동훈
1991-01Charge transfer complexes of poly[4-phenyl-2,6-(p-phenoxy)-quinoline] with electron acceptors and their photoconductivity.김낙중; 김유중; 김경아; 박수영
2016-07Chromogenesis-based Resonance Raman molecular sensor for reactive oxygen species김세훈; 허정윤; 임창근; Alexander Baev; Andrey N. Kuzmin; 박수영; Paras N. Prasad
2007-05Cleavage-induced fluorescence change via hydrophilicity control: A new strategy for biological application임창근; 이진성; 하태환; 권익찬; 안철희; 박수영
2011-09Concentration and pH-modulated dual fluorescence in self-assembled nanoparticles of phototautomerizable biopolymeric amphiphile임창근; 서장원; 김세훈; 권익찬; 안철희; 박수영
1997-10Control of the mechanical properties of interfacially polymerized thin films and their effect on reverse osmosis performance노일준; 김재진; 유종훈; 박수영
2021-09Designing Nonfullerene Acceptors with Oligo(Ethylene Glycol) Side Chains: Unraveling the Origin of Increased Open-Circuit Voltage and Balanced Charge Carrier Mobilities권지언; Junjie Cui; 박정화; 김동원; 최민우; 정혜연; 권오규; 박수영
2000-01Direct polymerization of aromatic diacid dimethyl esters with aromatic diamines. II. Control of copolyimide chemical structure박승구; 박수영; 이철주
2019-07Dual-Color Fluorescent Nanoparticles Showing Perfect Color-Specific Photoswitching for Bioimaging and Super-Resolution Microscopy김세훈; 김도진; 정근수; 권지언; 박현종; 이서경; 박수영
2009-12Dye-Condensed Biopolymeric Hybrids: Chromophoric Aggregation and Self-Assembly toward Fluorescent Bionanoparticles for Near Infrared Bioimaging임창근; 김세훈; 권익찬; 안철희; 박수영
2010-03Dye-Condensed Polymeric Hybrids: Chromophoric Self-Assembly toward Fluorescently Glowing Nanoparticles for Bioimaging임창근; 이용덕; 김세훈; 권익찬; 안철희; 박수영
2021-01Effect of Alkyl Chain Lengths of Highly Crystalline Nonfullerene Acceptors on Open-Circuit Voltage of All-Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells권지언; 김재훈; 김진홍; 김동원; 유치현; 권오규; 이창희; 박수영; 박정화
2004-05Effects of Pressure and Temperature on the Kinetics of L-Lactide Polymerization in Supercritical Chlorodifluoromethane백지원; 김수현; 박수영; 이윤우; 김영하
2021-10Effects of substituents on the intermolecular interaction, morphology, and charge transport of novel bis-lactam-based molecules권지언; 김수연; 김진홍; 최민우; 박수영
1998-01Effects of the polyamide molecular structure on the performance of reverse osmosis membranes노일준; 박수영; 김재진; 김창근
2001-12Electrical properties of Cobalt contact to p-GaN김제원; 원종학; 박수영; 김성일; 최인훈
1999-01Electro-optical properties of thermally stable self-crosslinkable copolymer with glycidyl methacrylate unitsTaek Seung Lee; 이재완; 최동훈; 박수영; 김낙중
1995-01Enhancement of optical nonlinearity in a guest-host system by nematic ordering김낙중; 박병주; 엄상영; 이신두; 최동훈; 박수영
2015-03Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Dynamics of Oxadiazole-based Dyes김진용; 김세훈; 박수영; 주태하
2016-01Fluorogenic nanoreactor assembly with boosted sensing kinetics for timely imaging of cellular hydrogen peroxide안대로; 이상엽; 김세훈; 김영선; 허정윤; 이용덕; 임창근; 조홍준; 맹준호; 방준하; 박수영
2003-10High molecular weight poly(L-lactide) and its microsphere synthesized in supercritical chlorodifluoromethane백지원; 김수현; 박수영; 이윤우; 김영하
2021-11Highly persistent triphenylamine-based catholyte for durable organic redox flow batteries권지언; 권기윤; 이규남; 유재균; 이세찬; 김지현; 김영수; 박수영; 강기석
2016-04Highly Sensitive and Selective Fluorescent Probe for Ascorbic Acid with a Broad Detection Range through Dual-Quenching and Bimodal Action of Nitronyl-Nitroxide김세훈; 권지언; 최민우; 서장원; 신승훈; 남해림; 박수영
2003-12Kinetic and mechanistic studies of L-Lactide polymerization in supercritical chlorodifluoromethane백지원; 김수현; 박수영; 이윤우; 김영하
2002-11Kinetic and mechanistic studies of L-Lactide polymerization in supercritical fluids백지원; 김수현; 박수영; 임종성; 김영하; 이윤우
2002-03Mechanical properties and reverse osmosis performance of interfacially polymerized polyamide thin films노일준; 김재진; 박수영
1990-01Mechanism and kinetics of organosilicon plasma polymerization김낙중; 박수영