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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-11A Two-DOF Impact Actuator for Haptic Interaction박재영; 김상윤; 손부건; 이용헌; 최현웅; 이우찬
2018-11A Wearable Hand Haptic Interface to Provide Skin Stretch Feedback to the Dorsum of a Hand오용환; 박재영; 최현웅; 손부건; 김상윤
2017-06Adaptive Vibrotactile Flow Rendering of 2.5D Surface Features on Touch Screen with Multiple Fingertip Interfaces오용환; 박재영; 김재하
2007-05Asymmetric Intermixing in a Co-Al Thin Film System: An Investigation using Coaxial Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy황현미; 박재영; 정석근; J. Lee; 황정남; 김상필; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재
2006-01Atomic arrangement of Al-induced clusters on Si(001) surface at high temperature서정화; 박재영; 정선교; 유경화; 황정남; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화
2006-05Atomic scale understanding on intermixing behavior of thin metal multilayer김상필; 박재영; 이승철; 이광렬; 정용재; 황정남
2003-02Atomic structure of Cs grown on Si(001)(2×1) surface by coaxial impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy김주영; 박재영; 서정화; 황정남; 김성수; 최대선; 강희재; 채근화
2003-03Atomic structure of Cs layer grown on Si(001)(2×1) surface at room temperature김주영; 박재영; 서정화; 황정남; 강희재; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화
1999-09Batch-fabricated microinductors with electroplated magnetically anisotropic and laminated alloy cores박재영; 한석희; Mark G. Allen
2017-06Compensation of Perceived Hardness of a Virtual Object with Cutaneous Feedback오용환; 박재영; 김재하; Hong Z. Tan
2020-08Continuous Skin-Stretch Feedback for Rendering 3D Vector Information박재영; 한일환
2020-08Design of a Parallel Haptic Device with Gravity Compensation by using its System Weight오용환; 박재영; 허성문; 박재흥
2019-07Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease through Detection of Tau Protein in Human Blood Using Ultrasensitive Nano-Gap Sensor: From CSF to Blood강지윤; 이수현; 이이재; 박재영; 서보겸; 서혜원; 조수현; 서상원
2021-07Dipole-assisted carrier transport in bis(trifluoromethane) sulfonamide-treated O-ReS2 field-effect transistor이수현; 박재영; 박병호; 유상혁; 김태경; 전용태; 김종민; 강건욱; 전성찬
2018-10Effect of Cutaneous Feedback on the Perceived Hardness of a Virtual Object오용환; 박재영; Hong Z. Tan
2020-01Effect of Cutaneous Feedback on the Perception of Virtual Object Weight during Manipulation박재영; 한일환; 손부건; 이우찬
2019-07Effect of Haptic Feedback on the Perceived Size of a Virtual Object박재영; 한일환; 이우찬
2019-04Fully Asymmetric Remote Collaboration System안상철; 황재인; 박재영; 권진욱
1998-02Fully integrated micromachined inductors with electroplated anisotropic magnetic cores박재영; 한석희; William P. Taylor; Mark G. Allen
2013-09Functionalization of nanomaterials by non-thermal large area atmospheric pressure plasmas: application to flexible dye-sensitized solar cells정희수; 박재영; 유은상; 한길상; 정현석; 고민재; 박상후; 최원호
2018-07Ga-doped Cu/H-nanozeolite-Y catalyst for selective hydrogenation and hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived chemicals김승민; Deepak Verma; Rizki Insyani; Handi Setiadi Cahyadi; 박재영; 조재민; 배종욱; 김재훈
2018-10Haptic Feedback to the Palm and Fingers for Improved Tactile Perception of Large Objects박재영; 손부건
2020-10Haptic Glove Using Tendon-Driven Soft Robotic Mechanism박재영; 백시연; 박신석
2017-01Haptic Perception of Edge Sharpness in Real and Virtual Environments박재영; W.R. Provancher; Hong Z. Tan
2009-07High performance piezoelectric MEMS energy harvester based on D33 mode of PZT thin film on buffer-layer with PbTIO3 inter-layer박종철; 이덕현; 박재영; 장영수; 이윤표
2005-05Initial adsorption structure of ethylene on Si(001) surface at room temperature서정화; 박재영; 황정남; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화
2004-09Ion scattering spectroscopy study of Si(001)c(4X4)-C surface reconstruction박재영; 서정화; 김주영; 황정남; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화
2010-12Modeling and Characterization of Piezoelectric d(33)-Mode MEMS Energy Harvester박종철; 박재영; 이윤표
2020-03Multi-Fingertip Vibrotactile Array Interface for 3D Virtual Interaction박정민; 박재영; 한일환; 백시연
2006-07One-Dimensional Ordered Structure of C2H4 on a Si(001) Surface서정화; 박재영; 황정남; 유경화; 김성수; 최대선; 채근화