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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-03A route to high sensitivity and rapid response Nb2O5-based gas sensors: TiO2 doping, surface embossing, and voltage optimization문희규; 장호원; 김진상; 박형호; 윤석진
2009-12A study on the structural and mechanical properties of ordered mesoporous Al2O3 film하태정; 박형호; 윤석진; 김진상
2017-12A two-step synthesis process of thermoelectric alloys for the separate control of carrier density and mobility현도빈; 김진상; 김동익; 백승협; 김성근; 임상순; 김병규; 박형호
2018-03All villi-like metal oxide nanostructures-based chemiresistive electronic nose for an exhaled breath analyzer김진상; 이석; 강종윤; 이택진; 백승협; 김철기; 심영석; 한수덕; 문희규; 정영모; 정우석; 박정한; 박형호
2019-11Atomic layer deposition of SnO2 thin films using tetraethyltin and H2O2김진상; 백승협; 김성근; 김광천; 임상순; 백인환; 박형호
2013-08Attenuation of Near-field Electromagnetic Waves of Graphene Nanosheets Through Numerical Analysis of a Microstrip Line이창민; 박형호; 김상우
2013-10Attenuation of Near-field Electromagnetic Waves of Silver Mesh through Numerical Analysis of a Microstrip Line이창민; 김상우; 박형호
2001-02Cation diffusion characteristics in MgO-doped LiNbO₃ during Ti diffusion김령한; 박형호; 주기태
2016-07Chemiresistive Electronic Nose toward Detection of Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath김진상; 이석; 강종윤; 이택진; 김철기; 심영석; 한수덕; 정영모; 신범주; 문희규; 전승찬; 박형호
2014-02Chemiresistive Sensor Array Based on Semiconducting Metal Oxides for Environmental Monitoring문희규; 한수덕; 강민규; 정우석; 장호원; 유광수; 박형호; 강종윤
2009-09CO sensing properties of macroporous TiO2 thin film enhanced surface activity by using colloidal template문희규; 장호원; 박형호; 김진상; 윤석진
2010-04CO sensing properties of TiO2-doped Nb2O5 thin film gas sensor by rf co-sputtering문희규; 장호원; 김진상; 박형호; 윤석진
2020-07Combined hot extrusion and spark plasma sintering method for producing highly textured thermoelectric Bi2Te3 alloys김진상; 원성옥; 김동익; 백승협; 김성근; 이병현; 신준철; 임상순; 정성진; 김병규; 박형호
1999-12Crystallization and ferroelectric behavior of sputter deposited PZT using a target containing excess Pb and O contents하순목; 김도현; 박형호; 김태송
2005-04Development of Sol-Gel Precursor System for Direct-Patternable PZT Ferroelectric Films Containing La as a Dopant배상우; 황재섭; 김우식; 박형호; 김태송
2006-04Direct-Patterned PZT Microcantilever Using Photosensitive Sol-Gel Method강기윤; 박형호; 윤대성; 김태송
2011-05Effect of Composition on Thermoelectric Properties in PbTe-Bi2Te3 Composites임주혁; 정규호; 김효정; 박형호; 박찬; 김진상
1998-11Effect of excess Pb and O content on the ferroelectric properties of sputter deposited Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3/Pt system박형호; 진일섭; 김도현; 김태송
2013-11Effect of Mechanical Deformation on Thermoelectric Properties of p-Type (Bi0.225Sb0.775)2Te3 Alloys정성진; 김성근; 박형호; 현도빈; 백승협; 김진상
2010-10Effect of porosity on the Seebeck coefficient of mesoporous TiO2 thin films하태정; 박형호; 정신영; 윤석진; 김진상; 장호원
2016-04Effect of spark plasma sintering conditions on the thermoelectric properties of (Bi0.25Sb0.75)2Te3 alloys임상순; 김주헌; 권범진; 김성근; 박형호; 이기석; 백정민; 최원준; 김동익; 현도빈; 김진상; 백승협
2019-05Effects of compression and controlled selenization on powder-fabricated Cu (In,Ga)Se2 thin films박종구; 이승용; 조소혜; 안학영; 박보인; 송봉근; 박형호; 주병권
2008-09Effects of UV-irradiation during photochemical metal-organic deposition on the electric and ferroelectric properties of direct-patternable Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 films박형호; 하태정; 박형호; 김태송; Hill Ross H.
2008-03Electric and ferroelectric properties of PZT/SBT multilayer films prepared by photochemical metal-organic deposition박형호; 박형호; 김태송; Hill, Ross H.
2005-04Electrical Properties of Screen Printed PZT Thick Films Treated with Photo-sensitive And Diol Based Sols for Cantilever Based Biochip박재홍; 손진호; 윤대성; 김태송; 박형호; 김환
2004-04Electrical properties of screen printed PZT thick films treated with photo-sensitive and diol based sols for cantilever based biochip박재홍; 손진호; 윤대성; 김태송; 박형호; 김환
2011-05Embossed TiO2 Thin Films with Tailored Links between Hollow Hemispheres: Synthesis and Gas-Sensing Properties문희규; 심영석; Dong Su; 박형호; 윤석진; 장호원
2020-08Enhanced thermal stability of Bi2Te3-based alloys via interface engineering with atomic layer deposition김진상; 백승협; 김성근; 김광천; 임상순; 전한솔; 김주영; 강전연; 박형호
2013-10Extremely Sensitive and Selective NO Probe Based on Villi-like WO3 Nanostructures for Application to Exhaled Breath Analyzers문희규; 최유림; 심영석; 최권일; 이종흔; 김진상; 윤석진; 박형호; 강종윤; 장호원
2008-02Fabrication and Characterization of Direct-Patternable PZT Film Prepared by Photochemical Metal-Organic Deposition박형호; 박형호; 김태송; Ross H. Hill