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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-022D Single-Crystalline Copper Nanoplates as a Conductive Filler for Electronic Ink Applications김태욱; 이동수; 이상현; 문병준; 배수강; 이승기; 한지윤; 이진원; 최철종; 왕건욱
2015-04A Facile Strategy for Preparing Self-Healing Agarose Microcapsule이승민; 손다빈; 노호균; 박미나; 김태욱; 배수강; 이상현
2017-08A graphene superficial layer for advanced electroforming process이상현; 배수강; 이승민; 노호균; 박미나; 하준석
2016-07A graphene superficial layer for the advanced electroforming process김태욱; 이상현; 배수강; 박미나; 노호균; 이승민; Jun-Seok Ha
2016-10A novel method for graded doping in graphene using microfluidic channels김태욱; 이상현; 배수강; 박미나; Yeonho Ihm
2015-04Active control of all-fibre graphene devices with electrical gating이은정; 최선영; 정환성; 박남훈; 임웅빈; 김미혜; 박재구; 손수연; 배수강; 김상진; 이관일; 안영환; 안광준; 홍병희; 박지용; Fabian Rotermund; 염동일
2017-01An All-Organic Composite System for Resistive Change Memory via the Self-Assembly of Plastic-Crystalline Molecules김태욱; 이동수; 이상현; 배수강; 이상아; 차안나; 왕건욱
2013-08Balancing light absorptivity and carrier conductivity of graphene quantum dots for high-efficiency bulk heterojunction solar cells김정규; 박명진; 김상진; Dong Hwan Wang; Sung Pyo Cho; 배수강; 박종혁; 홍병희
2017-06Boosting the terahertz nonlinearity of graphene by orientation disorder배수강; I H Baek; J M Hamm; K J Ahn; B J Kang; S S Oh; S Y Choi; B H Hong; D-I Yeom; B Min; O Hess; Y U Jeong; F Rotermund
2018-04Broadband characterization of charge carrier transfer of hybrid graphene-deoxyribonucleic acid junctions김재헌; 김철기; 서민아; 최재빈; 배수강; 임채현; 정영모; 김영준; 이상훈; 손주혁; 최종호; Robert H. Blick
2014-02Carrier transport of Quantum Dot LED with Low-Work Function PEIE Polymer이규승; 손동익; 손수연; 신동헌; 배수강; 최원국
2018-09Coherence in defect evolution data for the ion beam irradiated graphene이동수; 배수강; 한지윤; 여순목
2021-12Compacted Laser-Induced Graphene with Bamboo-Like Carbon Nanotubes for Transformable Capacitive Energy Storage Electrodes배수강; 김남동; 박미나; 임민지; 박성웅; 최광훈; 형석기; 김승일; 김태욱; 이상현; 박지원; 이재현; 이승기
2016-08Diamond films and structures grown from carbon nanosheets and polymer composites이성호; 조한익; 이동수; 배수강; Stepan Potocky; Tibor Izak; Marian Varga; Zdenek Remes; Alexander Kromka
2019-10Direct Synthesis of a Self-Assembled WSe2/MoS2 Heterostructure Array and its Optoelectrical Properties배수강; 이승기; Jae-Bok Lee; Yi Rang Lim; Ajit K. Katiyar; Wooseok Song; Jongsun Lim; Tae-Wook Kim; Jong-Hyun Ahn
2014-05Eco-friendly Emissive ZnO-graphene QD for bluish-white light-emitting diodes손동익; 배수강; 이상현; 문병준
2020-10Effect of sorted, homogeneous electronic grade single-walled carbon nanotube on the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness이동수; 배수강; 이승기; 김남동; 주용호; 이상석; 고재형; 유일환; 김태욱; 최재원
2015-02Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Inverted Polymer Solar Cells utilizaing Multi-functonal Quantumdots Monolayer문병준; 이규승; 이상현; 배수강; 손동익
2015-08Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Utilizing Multifunctional CdSe Quantum Dots Monolayer문병준; 배수강; 이상현; 황준연; 이연진; 손동익
2015-01Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Inverted Polymer Solar Cells Utilizing Multifunctional Quantum-Dot Monolayers문병준; 조성재; 이규승; 배수강; 이상현; 황준연; Basavaraj Angadi; 이연진; 박민; 손동익
2016-01Enhanced Photovoltaic Performance of Inverted Polymer Solar Cells utilizing Versatile Chemically Functionalized ZnO@graphene Quantum dot Monolayer문병준; 이규승; 심재호; 박수형; 김세호; 배수강; 박민; 이창렬; 최원국; 이연진; 황준연; 손동익
2014-05Enhanced Ultraviolet Photovoltaic cells utilizing Conjugated ZnO Quantum Dots and Carbon Nanomaterials손동익; 이상현; 배수강; 문병준
2018-05Enhancement of Adsorption Performance for Organic Molecules by Combined Effect of Intermolecular Interaction and Morphology in Porous rGO-Incorporated Hydrogels김태욱; 이상현; 정용채; 문병준; 배수강; 이승민; Hyun Jung Lee; Jong Hyeok Park
2015-01Fabrication of spray-printed organic non-volatile memory devices forlow cost electronic applications차안나; 지용성; 이상아; 노용영; 나석인; 배수강; 이상현; 김태욱
2016-03Facile and Purification-Free Synthesis of Nitrogenated Amphiphilic Graphitic Carbon Dots박민; 김태욱; 이상현; 문병준; 배수강; 오예린; 김상진; 신동헌
2022-03Fast and complete recovery of TMDs-decorated rGO fiber gas sensors at room temperature배수강; 신동헌; 최용석; 박상윤; 여창수; 박용열; 송준성; 이승기; 김태욱; 홍병희
2016-10Formation of ZnO nano-network on the surface of CVD graphene김태욱; 이상현; 배수강; 김상진; 손다빈; Jae-Wook Kang
2020-05Graphene assisted terahertz metamaterials for sensitive bio-sensing김철기; 서민아; 배수강; 이상훈; 최종호; 김진수; 박규환
2015-01Graphene Q-switched Yb: KYW planar waveguide laser김준완; 최선영; Shanmungam Aravazhi; Markus Pollnau; Uwe Griebner; Valentin Petrov; 배수강; 안광준; 염동일; Fabian Rotermund
2016-04Graphene quantum dots as a highly efficient solution-processed charge trapping medium for organic nano-floating gate memory김태욱; 이동수; 이상현; 문병준; 배수강; 차안나; 이상아; Yongsung Ji; Juhan Kim; Myung Woo Lee; Jung Sang Suh; Gunuk Wang